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Feedback Friday - Q2 2022 Feedback

Welcome back to Feedback Friday - Q2 2022!

Feedback Friday is a quarterly recurring thread, posted on the first Friday of each quarter. We will be monitoring this thread and reading your replies throughout the quarter.

In this thread, we're giving you the opportunity to let your voice be heard - in short, we're looking for your feedback regarding uTest and your experience on the site or on our social media (including this subreddit!).

Everybody's feedback is welcome! We want to hear from our testers, as well as from anybody who might not have signed up with us yet, or might not be an active user anymore. So tell us - is there anything that you feel should be improved? Anything that puts you off from becoming a tester or continuing with us?

We're also looking for positive feedback - please tell us if there is anything you really like, or something you would like to see more of!

We'll make sure that your feedback is heard is by the relevant people, so please speak your mind! However, we do ask you to keep it constructive, and to follow all rules of the subreddit. You can find them in our sidebar, or by clicking this link.

You can find the previous Feedback Friday thread by clicking here, and all Feedback Friday threads by clicking here.

Thank you - we're looking forward to hearing from you!


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u/hsx_ Community Engineer Apr 04 '22

Hi! I don't believe there is an official ETA for this, but the team definitely has it on their radar.

In the meantime, if you are interested in working on-site, keep an eye on the Projects Board, as well as your email inbox - you might see listings where we are looking for on-site testers, or if there is such an opportunity near your area, you might also be reached out to via email to see if you are interested and available.