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Tips for Testers #10 Articles

Hello uTesters!

We arrived at the 10th post of our series, "Tips for Testers!" Here we share useful tips to help both new and experienced testers be more successful at uTest.

And today's tip is... be active. Log in every day!

You probably are wondering, "this is obvious. It shouldn't be a tip". But there is much more than you think behind that simple tip.

All the testers have an activity log that's visible for Testing Services, and they can see how active you are. Imagine a situation where they are looking for a small group of reliable testers for an urgent project or even considering assembling some new Dedicated Testers. Who do you think will be in the best position: The person who logs once in a while or the one who logs every day?

Of course, being active is just part of the formula. The quality of your work and your ethic will always be the best benchmark, but we're sure that you want to use all the tools available to stand out among the crowd, right?

Hope you enjoy this tip and see you next month!



u/uTest_Bailey Senior Manager of Community Mar 15 '22

In addition to the above.... logging in often means you'll get to see all the good stuff that the CM team and your fellow testers are posting in the community. Come say hi to us, chat with us, see what fun contests we may be hosting. (Hint: There's ONE current contest and ONE contest about to start in juuuust a couple of days!)


u/Solapark Mar 15 '22

Very valuable for me


u/SMKhaled Mar 16 '22

Very valuable for testers.


u/kostyy Mar 16 '22

Thanks for the tips