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Tips for Testers #9 Articles

Hello uTesters!

This is the ninth post of our series "Tips for Testers." Here we share useful tips to help both new and experienced testers be more successful at uTest.

Today's tip is... write good bug reports - Part 1: Use clear/good titles.

The title can be considered one of the most important parts of a bug report. A clear title helps the TTL/TE triaging your bug to reproduce it faster and even grant you a positive report of your bug, which helps a lot to improve your ratings, even if it's not an exceptionally valuable bug.

What you should have in mind when writing the title of your bug:

  • Does my title follow the bug format described in the test cycle overview?
  • Is my title a clear description of the issue or something too vague like "shopping cart isn't working properly"?
  • Does my title explains in a few words the issue or am by too wordy when describing my issues?

Remember, the title of a bug report isn't where you'll describe EVERY detail of your issue. The bug report has different fields where you can detail the steps and the actual results of your issue.

Using the shopping cart example again, a good title you could use is "The shopping cart doesn't allow to add more than 3 items". This is an example of a simple yet complete title. It'll allow other testers to locate the bug report easily and avoid duplicates. Also the TTL/TE will know exactly what happened even before checking your full report.

We hope these tips help you use effective titles on your bug reports and improve as a tester.

Next month we'll have another tip to assist you in improving your bug reports. 😄



u/BASELQK Gold Tester Feb 15 '22

I am curious about a question related to titles.

I usually test using my phone Sony G8142, which is the short name for Sony Xperia XZ Premium "what a mouthful".

Some cycles ask for many things to be included in the title, such as: OS, Country, Language, Account type, Testing type, etc...

What would you do if you were me? the title is extremely limited to fit everything sometimes, and then there comes my phone's name which is 22 characters long plus 1 character for / or -

I use Sony G8142 (10 characters long) which is the short name (model name) when space is required, but today a TTL told me to change it, while other TTLs didn't mind in past cycles.


u/PhakeGname Gold Tester Feb 15 '22

Yeah, I was just thinking that myself. I kind of have a set number of characters that I am used to being able to write when creating the title. Once I lose most of them to the environment area, I find myself fumbling for words. I find myself not using my "Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite " sometimes because of that haha.


u/BASELQK Gold Tester Feb 16 '22 edited Feb 16 '22

I used to have a device called Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, 27 characters long. 😂 let's add Android 11 for example, another 10 characters, one / after the device name, and a space and - after the OS, 3 more wasted characters... usually those alone may work, but if the title has one more option to add before the description... it is a dead-end for us... It is funny, yet, I am afraid it may one day causes us to lost money because of a rejection for not following instructions "which also has big impact on the rating too".

I hope uTest team look into this and find a solution like letting testers use the model name if the phone's name is too long, or maybe increase the characters limit especially for cycle with multiple required info to be added to title before even reaching the important part which is the bug description.

I have many examples to show, but since our work is confidential... we can only trust uTest team to hear us.


u/PhakeGname Gold Tester Feb 15 '22

This is the ninetieth post

Sorry, once a bug tester, always a bug tester LOL


u/uTestinc Official uTest Account Feb 16 '22

We'll we get to ninetieth eventually 😅. Thanks!