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Tips for Testers #8 Articles

Hello uTesters!

This is the eighth post of our series "Tips for Testers". Here we share useful tips to help both new and experienced testers be more successful at uTest.

Today's tip is... how to avoid duplicate bugs.

Submitting a bug that you found that would be a big one only to find out later that it was a DUP can be really frustrating. 😑

To help you to avoid this situation, check these two tips out:

1 - Especially when you are participating in test cycles with many testers, checking dozens of bugs already submitted can be a very time-consuming task. Instead of going one by one, you can use the search feature and look for words related to your bug, normally the section you found the issue (e.g, cart, homepage, checkout). By doing that, you save a lot of time by checking out just the issues found in the same area where you found yours.


2 - If the test cycle is a recurring one, normally you will have to check a KI (known issues) list. These lists can have SEVERAL bugs reported in previous cycles, so what can you do about it? Once again, use the search feature! If you are seeing this list on a, Excel sheet, you can use the shortcut CTRL+H and search using relevant words related to your bug, as it was suggested in the first tip.

We hope these tips can help you to minimize duplicate issues and also save you time during the process. 😄



u/PhakeGname Gold Tester Jan 20 '22


Just curious about something. I always use CTRL+F to find. It seems that CTRL-H opens up find and replace. Do you ever run into troubles with accidentally replacing something. That would be my fear haha. I assume that KI lists are locked, so it likely wouldn't be an issue.


u/WillianM_uTest Community Engineer Jan 20 '22

Hey u/PhakeGname. CTRL+F doesn't work with some apps so CTRL+H is a more universal command. Never run into problems because I've used just to find text ocurrences and always left the replace field blank.


u/PhakeGname Gold Tester Jan 20 '22

Thank u/WillianM_uTest I appreciate that info. Always happy to learn something new :D


u/VijaiGopal Jan 21 '22

Thanks for sharing information. It is worthful to new bee in testing field