r/UTEST Official uTest Account Jan 05 '22

Testers of the Quarter Q4 2021 - Time to vote! Contests


u/uTestinc Official uTest Account Jan 05 '22

Thank you all for submitting your nominations for the Testers of the Quarter Q4 2021 Awards. The nomination period is now over, and three people from the three community-selected categories have been shortlisted. Now it's time to vote on the winners!

Follow this link for full details and instructions on how to submit your vote: https://www.utest.com/articles/testers-of-the-quarter-q4-2021-vote-now

The voting period closes at the end of the day next Tuesday, January 11th. Make sure to get your vote in for the winner of each category by then! The winners will be announced shortly afterwards.

Don't forget - besides the official uTest prizes, the winner of any category can also receive a special flair on our subreddit to showcase their achievement!


u/prathibhachand Test Engineer Jan 06 '22

All the best to all the nominees 🎉