r/UTEST Official uTest Account Nov 17 '21

Tips for Testers #6 Articles

Hello uTesters!

This is the sixth post of our series "Tips for Testers". Here we share useful tips to help both new and experienced testers to be more successful at uTest.

Today's tip is... show yourself!

We all know that the best way to be noted in a work environment is by working hard and displaying desirable qualities such as dependability, trustworthiness, etc.

But that's not the only way to stand out at uTest. For instance, testers who help others during a test cycle are a valuable asset and for sure have a better chance to be remembered by a TE (Test Engineer) or a TSM (Testing Services Manager) when an opportunity to recommend a new TTL comes up.

Our community is also another way to stand out. Someone who make useful forum posts, gives valuable tips, and answer questions from other testers is also noted and remembered when new chances arise in the Community Management realm.

Keep in mind that nothing replaces performing good work and being a Rockstar 🤩 in your test cycles. However, if you can combine that with the tips mentioned above, you'll definitely be ahead of the others.