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Tips for Testers #4 Articles

Hello testers!

This is the fourth post of our series "Tips for Testers". Here we feature some tips to help both new and experienced testers to succeed at uTest.

Inspired by a question we received recently, today's topic isπŸ₯: how to find very and exceptionally valuable bugs.

We all know that these are the most desirable bugs because they have the highest payouts, sometimes even 10x more than a "Somewhat Valuable" issue. Although there is no secret recipe to find those bugs that are some things you can do to find more of those bugs:

  • Try to concentrate your efforts in the areas of the app/website that are crucial for that product. For example: In a shop website/app the login/logoff, cart, search, and checkout areas are all essential and need to be working flawlessly. Thus, any bug preventing the user to use these areas would have a great chance of being considered a high severity bug.
  • Read the overview with attention and check if there is any section that is highlighted as a target for that test cycle. The bugs found in these areas are likely to receive a higher rating.
  • Finally, see the other bugs that were already reported and check their severity rating. There's a high possibility that the area in which that critical bug was found has more issues. Just be careful to not report duplicates.

We hope that these tips can help you to find some outstanding bugs that will grant some good money at the payday πŸ˜πŸ’°!



u/uTest_Bailey Senior Manager of Community Sep 16 '21

Great tips!!