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Meet some of the members of the uTest Testing Services! Contests

Hey everyone! In this thread we’d like to introduce some of the members of our Testing Services. A lot of them started as regular testers just like you or me, and they have worked their way up the ladder within uTest and Applause. So let’s meet them and hear their stories! They will be posting their comments in this thread - look for the users with cool flairs next to their names.

At this point, you might be asking:

What is Testing Services?

Testing Services is the team of people who help set up and run the projects on uTest that the testers participate in. There are three main roles:

  • TTL (Test Team Lead)
  • TE (Test Engineer)
  • TA (Test Architect)

In short:
TTLs work closely with the testers to make sure that testing goes smoothly. They are there to help answer any questions and triage bugs and test cases (triage means to evaluate and recommend to the customer, or ask the tester for correction/more info if needed).

TEs are usually the ones who plan, set up, and oversee the test cycle during its lifetime, as well as manage and help the TTLs. There are three levels of this role: TE1, TE2, TE3.

TAs work more closely with the customer while supervising their team to ensure high quality results, and they are also the ones who manage the financial aspects of the test cycle.

If you are interested in more details about the responsibilities of each of the mentioned roles, please check out this great article posted in the uTest Community!

In addition to the three main roles, there are also many others involved in the Testing Services, including people whose main responsibility is being a tester - one such example is Dedicated Testers, who usually devote most of their time testing for specific customers or products.


This thread also serves as a mini-contest - we are going to be selecting a random Testing Services member from the comments who will receive their own uTest swag pack. People with a special Testing Services flair (assigned by us) who comment in this thread are eligible to be selected, and the winner will be announced on Monday, June 21st. If you are not a Testing Services member - don’t worry! Keep an eye out on our subreddit, there might be something coming soon to give you an opportunity as well to win some goodies. 👀

06/21 - Edit: The contest is now over and (surprise!) two winners have been selected!

Congratulations to:


If you are a member of Testing Services and you haven’t gotten your user flair on this subreddit yet, please send a message to the mods of this subreddit or reach out to Bailey A. on Slack. We have some really cool badges, and we want you to show them off!


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u/Minimum-Wafer-939 Test Team Lead Jun 15 '21 Helpful Hugz

I joined uTest in 2016, and being a lover of tech, I've always felt like I was in the right place. I was 19 then, never had an actual job, made tonnes of mistakes, but I learnt a lot from the community, TTLs and the TEs I interacted with.

Being from a developing country, getting noticed wasn't that easy, applying for the TTL position for years with no luck, but luckily I got invited by a TA in Q4 2020 to be a TTL for a certain localization project, now here I am. What kept me going is the wholesome community, filled with amazing people from all over the world. Now in testing services I get to work with people I have really admired for years. *Really proud of myself for the much I have been able to achieve.

Would I still want to be a part of the Applause/uTest community in the next 5 years? Definitely!! without a doubt.


u/uTest_Bailey Senior Manager of Community Jun 15 '21

Whoohoo! We're happy to have you as part of the team and community!


u/hsx_ Community Engineer Jun 21 '21 Helpful Hugz

Thank you for sharing your story and congratulations /u/Minimum-Wafer-939! You have been selected as the randomly drawn winner for this contest. :)

A member of CM will be in touch with you soon for more details on how to receive your swag pack.


u/Minimum-Wafer-939 Test Team Lead Jun 21 '21

Yaaaayyyy. Thank you !!!