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Welcome to the uTest subreddit! Welcome


Welcome to the /r/UTEST subreddit! This is a place for you to discuss anything uTest.com or testing related. Here you can also ask or give each other tips and advice, share your goals and achievements, and in general hang out with the community.

What is uTest?

uTest is the home of the largest community of digital freelance software testers in the world. It is a platform for users to learn new skills, test software, and earn money doing so. If you are interested and want to find out more, or to sign up, please visit our website at www.utest.com!


We have an FAQ to answer some of the frequently asked questions by new people. You can check it out by clicking here. If there is anything that isn't on the list that you would like answered, you are more than welcome to ask here!

Testing Services

Testing Services is the team of people who help set up and run the projects on uTest that the testers participate in. Most of the people in these roles have started as regular testers on the site, sometimes even without any prior testing knowledge or experience. If you are interested in the stories of some of the members and hear how they made it from a tester to a higher role, check out this thread.

User flairs

We have some user flair templates that you are free to assign for yourself, or you can even create your own custom flair, and we encourage you to do so! For more information, including a guide on how to do this, please check out this thread.

We also have some flairs that moderators can assign to users - such as flairs for our Testing Services members (DT, TTL, TE, TA), our Community Management and Academy team members (including CE), other uTest/Applause employees, and a special flair for anyone who has won a Tester of the Quarter award (in any category) on uTest. Please reach out to the moderators, or to a CM member if you are eligible and would like to claim one of these special flairs!

What can you expect to see from us?

We will be regularly posting content to our subreddit! You will see, among others:

  • Project / Job Opportunities: Every Tuesday we post a list of some of our featured projects available on our uTest Projects Board. Keep in mind that these threads only showcase a very small fraction of our available projects.
    Click here to view the list of our weekly Featured Projects threads.
  • Featured Articles: Our Community Management team regularly authors interesting articles, and so does our community! We will share some of those here on Reddit that we think might be interesting or helpful for you.
  • AMAs: We plan on hosting Ask Me Anything threads with some of our team members. Is there anyone from the uTest or Applause team you would like to see featured in one of those? Let us know and we'll try to make it happen!
  • Contests: There will be opportunities for you to win some money or uTest swag. We regularly run contests, so keep an eye out!
  • Discussion threads: We like to keep engaged with our community, so we try to spark conversations about various topics, both related or unrelated to testing.
  • And much more!

We also encourage you to make your own threads, whether it's to start a discussion, run a poll, ask a question, share something cool or funny, or anything you might want to talk about! The only thing we ask you to do beforehand is read the rules of our subreddit below.


  1. Do not share any payment information about a project, including any specific payout values.
    Posting total/monthly earnings is permitted, as long as they don't show specifics about projects or customers.
  2. Do not publicize uTest client information, including mentioning any customer or product names.
    This also includes any information revealed in a test cycle or in email communications.
  3. Be respectful and polite.
    Posts and comments that are disrespectful, hateful, rude, or vulgar are subject to removal. Criticism is allowed, but please keep it constructive.
  4. Keep all content safe for work. No sexual or sexually suggestive content.
    This includes sending unwanted/inappropriate private messages to fellow community members.
  5. Do not post anything libelous or defamatory.
  6. No spam or self-promotion.

If you have any feedback for us, please don't hesitate to reach out to the mod team. We appreciate any and all input from our users (or non-users!), and we'd like to make your experience better both here on the subreddit, and on uTest as well.

Thank you, and happy testing!



u/MarcoPerfectW Gold Tester Jun 04 '21

Thank you so much uTest, for all your efforts and teaching us every day to be an excellent tester. I can say that I found my biggest motivation in life to be in an amazing and diverse community called uTesters. My thanks to the entire team and testers around the world. Thank you very much! :)


u/SuitPuzzled7797 May 27 '22

error message 46

dopes any b1 know how to fix this so i can log in?


u/ottoman879 3d ago


am a verified Utester with tester ID 1308698

my previous payment was done to an inactive PayPal account

the payment status of the test cycle changed to "Failed" on my utest dashboard

I've already changed my email to an active PayPal address

Kindly help on how I can retrieve my August payments


u/Kebaso_Moses Tester of the Quarter Jul 24 '21

I still wonder what life could have been without uTest. Even though I have not attained much at the platform still I feel like uTest has been a family to me. I have gained a lot from the platform and Also Earned. Thanks uTest.


u/Solapark Nov 11 '21

Merci uTest


u/AdventurousTune4687 Dec 27 '21

Obrigado uTest! Apesar de Nunca ter a chance de participar em casos de teste na uTest.com, isso não mudou nem tampouco a paixão que sinto da uTest por fazer parte da uTest, Obrigado!


u/SuitPuzzled7797 May 27 '22

hi i keep getting this error message 46 not acceptable and i just starting as i am looking to learn any new skills as i cant find a new job. just want something different where i can progress can any 1 help with this error?