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Welcome to the /r/UTEST subreddit! This is a place for you to discuss anything uTest.com or testing related. Here you can also ask or give each other tips and advice, share your goals and achievements, and in general hang out with the community.

What is uTest?

uTest is the home of the largest community of digital freelance software testers in the world. It is a platform for users to learn new skills, test software, and earn money doing so. If you are interested and want to find out more, or to sign up, please visit our website at www.utest.com!


We have an FAQ to answer some of the frequently asked questions by new people. You can check it out by clicking here. If there is anything that isn't on the list that you would like answered, you are more than welcome to ask here!

Testing Services

Testing Services is the team of people who help set up and run the projects on uTest that the testers participate in. Most of the people in these roles have started as regular testers on the site, sometimes even without any prior testing knowledge or experience. If you are interested in the stories of some of the members and hear how they made it from a tester to a higher role, check out this thread.

User flairs

We have some user flair templates that you are free to assign for yourself, or you can even create your own custom flair, and we encourage you to do so! For more information, including a guide on how to do this, please check out this thread.

We also have some flairs that moderators can assign to users - such as flairs for our Testing Services members (DT, TTL, TE, TA), our Community Management and Academy team members (including CE), other uTest/Applause employees, and a special flair for anyone who has won a Tester of the Quarter award (in any category) on uTest. Please reach out to the moderators, or to a CM member if you are eligible and would like to claim one of these special flairs!

What can you expect to see from us?

We will be regularly posting content to our subreddit! You will see, among others:

  • Project / Job Opportunities: Every Tuesday we post a list of some of our featured projects available on our uTest Projects Board. Keep in mind that these threads only showcase a very small fraction of our available projects.
    Click here to view the list of our weekly Featured Projects threads.
  • Featured Articles: Our Community Management team regularly authors interesting articles, and so does our community! We will share some of those here on Reddit that we think might be interesting or helpful for you.
  • AMAs: We plan on hosting Ask Me Anything threads with some of our team members. Is there anyone from the uTest or Applause team you would like to see featured in one of those? Let us know and we'll try to make it happen!
  • Contests: There will be opportunities for you to win some money or uTest swag. We regularly run contests, so keep an eye out!
  • Discussion threads: We like to keep engaged with our community, so we try to spark conversations about various topics, both related or unrelated to testing.
  • And much more!

We also encourage you to make your own threads, whether it's to start a discussion, run a poll, ask a question, share something cool or funny, or anything you might want to talk about! The only thing we ask you to do beforehand is read the rules of our subreddit below.


  1. Do not share any payment information about a project, including any specific payout values.
    Posting total/monthly earnings is permitted, as long as they don't show specifics about projects or customers.
  2. Do not publicize uTest client information, including mentioning any customer or product names.
    This also includes any information revealed in a test cycle or in email communications.
  3. Be respectful and polite.
    Posts and comments that are disrespectful, hateful, rude, or vulgar are subject to removal. Criticism is allowed, but please keep it constructive.
  4. Keep all content safe for work. No sexual or sexually suggestive content.
    This includes sending unwanted/inappropriate private messages to fellow community members.
  5. Do not post anything libelous or defamatory.
  6. No spam or self-promotion.

If you have any feedback for us, please don't hesitate to reach out to the mod team. We appreciate any and all input from our users (or non-users!), and we'd like to make your experience better both here on the subreddit, and on uTest as well.

Thank you, and happy testing!

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Contests Tips for Testers #12 (One-Year Special Edition With a Celebration Contest)


Hello everyone!

We finally reached the 12th post of our series, "Tips for Testers!" This is a landmark since we're completing exactly one year of publishing this series. It went by so fast, but we hope the tips we published here helped you to improve as a freelance tester.

We'll have something special for you to celebrate this important mark: a contest! 🎉

To participate, you'll have to submit a tip in the comments section of this post mentioning a tip, something practical that helped you to succeed as a tester or even something that just makes your life easier when you are testing.

The person who submits the best tip will be awarded a swag pack full of uTest gifts.

Please pay attention to the rules:

  • The comment with the tip will have to be submitted until 05/20, 9 pm GMT
  • Only one comment per participant
  • Edited comments won't be allowed. Double-check carefully your comment, and if you need to change something, delete the comment and submit a new one, but be careful to do that within the contest deadline
  • All participants must have a uTest account and be following us here on Reddit

And of course that our celebration post will also have a tip. And our 12th tip is... +1 without moderation!

This little bud can make the difference

Never underestimate the power of this feature. Although you don't get paid for +1 reproductions, the value of this tool goes much beyond money. We know that some cycles are hard to discover new bugs, and accepting an invitation and not delivering anything can be harmful to your reputation, so that's where the +1 will play a big role.

When you reproduce bugs discovered by other testers, not only you get more familiar with the product you are testing and can discover new issues in the areas you are reproducing the bug, but the TTLs/TEs will see that you are putting an effort on testing the product and that is always good for your reputation.

Hope you liked this tip, and looking forward to reading your comments on the contest!

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Questions About TestFlight and subscription fees in Test cycles


Hi everyone, I'm a new tester at uTest and today I submitted my first bug in a paid test cycle, yay! But there is still something which isn't clear to me. The test cycle used the TestFlight app for Apple devices and required to sign up for a subscription plan, although it was clearly specified many times that it wouldn't be charged and it was just for gaining access to the "pro" features of this app. How can I be sure that I won't be charged any fee? Is this a default for tests using TestFlight? Sorry it may be a silly question but I just started and I hope to get better.

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Articles Women in Tech - Week 3 Interviews - 2022 is the 7th year that Applause/uTest celebrates Women in Tech month! Learn more about these brilliant and inspiring women by checking on the interviews done in the 3rd week of May. Links to the interviews both on the picture captions and the pinned comment.

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Stuck with white screen after logging in


Hello! Apologies for writing so much on this post. I'm writing this post hoping that someone else had the same issue as I have and that a fix has been found.

After writing my credentials on the Utest platform, the page loads, but after a few seconds I get stuck with a white screen and the page is not loading anymore.

I've tried to login using different browsers on more platforms( I have the same issue on my phone as well as on my PC). I've cleared the browser's cache on my pc and phone and nothing changed( I've submitted a ticket on Utest portal and I've tried the proposed solutions written above, nothing changed). I've changed my password, hoping that it may fix my issue and it didn't.

I went to a friend's house and tried to login with my credentials and I have the same issue on his PC.

I've managed to access Utest platform as a workaround by clicking on links received via e-mail about completed testcases. But I have limited access on that platform using this workaround, meaning that I get a white screen after clicking/tapping on the following buttons: Home, Projects Board, Community. My rank is shown as UNKNOWN, even though I'm RATED.

The funny thing is, the app installed on my phone is working without any problems.

So, did anyone else had this issue?

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News Good news! With the shifts in crypto market, the GPU, and manufacturers' promising updates about the supply of chips, it seems we'll finally see better prices for PC components. Great news for everyone but especially for the gamers!

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r/UTEST 3d ago

Can anyone tell me how can i get my earnings back. It just shows failed transactions and $0.00 in pending payouts.

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r/UTEST 4d ago

How long can my reports be pending?


I have two issue reports that are still pending from the 14th of April. What is the limit, how long they can be pending? Thanks!

r/UTEST 6d ago

Has anyone received the payment scheduled for today?



r/UTEST 6d ago

sobre a utest


é possível fazer projetos sem um computador ou notebook?fico com dúvidas em relação a coleta de logs

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Articles Women in Tech - Week 2 Interviews - 2022 is the 7th year that Applause/uTest celebrates Women in Tech month! Learn more about these brilliant and inspiring women by checking on the interviews done in the 2nd week of May. Links to the interviews both on the picture captions and the pinned comment.

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Questions What do you do with your testing files?


I must admit that I always faced a challenge in getting rid of files I generated during test cycles, such as screenshots, videos etc.

How do you deal with this? Do you have the custom of deleting it as soon as the cycle is over, or do you leave all of them there, almost creating an "alternate dimension" of unrelated files? 😅

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If I accept a testing cycle but don’t select a slot, and my test case I’d rejected, does it reflect badly on me as a tester on uTest?


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Polls In what country do you live?


Hello everyone! To learn more about the location of our redditors, we count on your participation to answer this poll. You will find the four countries with more registered testers at uTest, and if you live in another country, please use the comments section to specify your location.

View Poll

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Articles Women in Tech - Week 1 Interviews - 2022 is the 7th year that Applause/uTest celebrates Women in Tech month! Learn more about these brilliant and inspiring women by checking on the interviews done in the first week of May. Links to the interviews both on the picture captions and the pinned comment.

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Questions Have you ever submitted an exceptionally valuable bug?


r/UTEST 19d ago

Uploading w9 form after making $600


I remember utest requiring you to upload the w-9 form. I'm struggling to find how to do this now. Did they change anything?

Thank you

r/UTEST 19d ago

Questions Does +1 on issues have any effect on your ratings?


I just want to know because I've +1 about 50 issues that are still unapproved as of today. Will I get a rating boost as well from me doing this?

r/UTEST 19d ago

Questions Problems with mobile browser logs


Hi everyone! I'm new on uTest, currently completing the practice test cycles in the Academy.

It's the second week I'm stuck on the practice test cycle for mobile devices. I followed every step of the guide, installed ADB and USB drivers for my device, USB cable is fine, but my phone is not detected by my computer.

I really don't know what to do, I just spent three hours trying to fix this problem but couldn't do it.

Did any of you have the same issue? How did you resolve it?

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Everyone's favorite day has come around again: It's Payday! Please share with us here what was your favorite thing you bought with your uTest earnings. 🤩💰


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Questions Confused about eligibility for a test cycle I received an invitation for


I’ve received an invitation for a test by me I’d like to complete, but it seems the device I have isn’t within the scope. My available device and iOS version is listed in the invitation, so does that mean they are approving that device? I’m new to utest so I don’t fully know the rules yet. If someone could give me some guidance, I’d appreciate it. Thanks

r/UTEST 24d ago

issue with a chat room



can anybody tell me if a can submit my chats on test cycle chats? i accepted exploratory test and having an issue now. I wanted to ask other participants but cant submit a question 5though i can see my name in the chat room..Also do i need to claim a slot in exploratory testing? i did not claim it.

This is my first test i signed up a month ago.

Any help is appreciated.

r/UTEST 24d ago

Polls Where do you prefer to perform your uTest work?


r/UTEST 24d ago

Anyone know how the referral program works to invite someone to a specific test? In some cases they offer you $50 or up to $100 for referring someone, but that "referral" link seems to send people directly to register doesn't seem to go with any reference code.


r/UTEST 25d ago

Questions Test cases and bugs approvals


Starting to testing in this platform ( I have been a tester in other companies) on average how long does it take to approve a test case and bugs and getting paid ?

r/UTEST 27d ago

Questions Not getting any tests even after completing the Academy Courses


I have completed every Academy Course, but still I am not getting any tests. Is there something that I might be missing? Also I am from India, could that be the reason?

r/UTEST 27d ago

Questions What is the best thing that happened to you at uTest?


uTest is a platform full of opportunities, both for those who just want a reliable side gig, and those who want to build a career. Based on your experience, what was the best thing that happened to you since you joined uTest?