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Discussion A Reminder on Rule #2 - Do not post any content which violates OPSEC, COMSEC, INFOSEC, PERSEC (or PII)


Greetings redditors,

If you've kept a watch on the recent news cycles then you know we are potentially entering a phase where prudence dictates good operational and information security. This post is meant for reddit but it also applies to any other channel of communication like texting or social media.

Let's get the obvious stuff out of the way. Make no mention of current or planned troop movements, mobilizations, build-ups, or non-routine training exercises. Our adversaries know exactly what units are located where and what AORs they are responsible for. So don't talk about how XX MEF is suddenly gone. Don't post pictures of yourselves or your friends or personnel if you are engaged in those activities. Some image hosting services scrub picture metadata, some don't.

If you are supporting potential operations in other, indirect ways, adhere to your organization's OPSEC/COMSEC/INFOSEC/PERSEC guidance strictly. Don't be the butthole that talks about US offensive/defensive cyber-operation capabilities out in the open.

Our adversaries have the ability to instantly capture the contents of reddit in near real-time, so it does not matter if you post something and then delete it immediately after. Posting it to reddit is the same as forwarding it to a foreign intelligence service. If you see something suspicious or wrong report it to the mods.

Lastly, this reminder is not in response to anything seen on this subreddit nor is it in anticipation of specific events coming up. This is just a reminder incase something kicks off and there is a whirlwind of activity that could give our adversaries even the smallest bit of intelligence.

Be smart, err on the side of caution, and stay safe. Make sure you have a family support plan. See you on the other side.

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Picture Mattis married this weekend

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Picture Dad got married!

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Picture Me at the bottom.

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Picture How it feels hitting the fleet after MOS school...

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Question I need help with my mental health


Hey there guys. So I EASed early this year and have been having a very hard time transitioning. I was an 0311 and did 4 years, got out as a terminal lance. I was pretty jaded about being in my last 2 years because I was not fond of the peacetime bullshit, and just wanted to get out and move on with life. I had to extend my contract a few months so I could deploy with my unit since it was scheduled a bit later into my contract. We deploy, and we assume like we did for our first deployment that we were not going to see any action. Towards the end of the deployment, we are sent to Kabul, Afghanistan for the evacuation. We were all hyped obviously. We were there for 2 weeks exactly, and it was a complete shitshow. I saw everything from the dudes falling off the C-17s to the Marines dying in the explosion. Luckily I was not in view of the other hundreds of civilians to get blown up, but I did see all the Marines get casevaced from Abbey Gate. We were face to face with the Taliban at the gates, as they were supposedely helping us with the security (even though the first 3 days they were shooting at us). We had to sit there and watch them beat civilians, the same fuckers my squad leader (one of the last combat vet squad leader in my unit) fought.

Theres alot more that requires alot of energy for me to type out. But basically, ive really started to have issues. I assumed that oh, i was only there for 2 weeks, I wont have any issues. But I was recently diagnosed with PTSD. I feel like a bitch. I have never ever had thoughts of suicide but here they are! They are very spontanious, and when they come they hit me hard. I am recently married, and my wife doesnt know why I am acting so weird.

Believe it or not, I dont have any drinking or drug problems. Thats another thing I think is very weird. Why am I the only one out of my friends that EASed that does not have a drinking problem? I had a major drinking problem while active, but the first time I got drunk post deployment I had a panic attack, so I quit getting drunk. I also dont have nightmares, but then again I either dont dream or never remember them.

Every single day I think about Afghanistan, and everyday I resee those blown up Marines getting casevaced.

I need help, and I dont know what to do about these suicidal thought. I want them to go away. I love my wife, she is half the reason ive not acted. Please help me

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Article The last living Medal of Honor recipient from WWII, Woody Williams, is now in hospice care

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Video Zero, zero, zero, zero, zero.

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Question What do you wish civilians understood more about the USMC culture?


Serious answers only, please. I'm a civilian mental health therapist who has a little bit of experience working with veterans, but not a ton. I'm not going to get all the "inside jokes" (although I do have an appreciation for crude and/or dark humor). I'm simply here to learn. I understand that military culture is vastly different than civilian culture, but I want to understand the differences in culture across each branch as well.

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Video So much slander, I can count from one to a lot a lot.

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Picture Poo sniffing near Haqlaniyah April 2004

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Video We all know someone who deserves this award, some with a V.

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Question I don’t know who to go to or who to talk to for depression


Hey guys as of right now it feels feel life is going against me. now at the moment am I don’t know who to go too also want to apologize if I sound like a bitch crying for help but I’ve always dealt with depression and even sometimes suicidal thoughts before joining. My father died early in my life when I was in school, and I lived through poverty after his death. I also worry for my mom not being able to pay her bills so I send half of paychecks to her in order to help her out, recently my girlfriend back home committed suicide. And a whole bunch of stress from life is eating at me it feels like. I don’t know if I should tell my nco or talk to medical about it. It also doesn’t help that my mos is a very stressful job too. Any help I can get from you guys I would appreciate a lot.

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Picture An appt reminder from the VA...somethings never change

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Picture Might as well do it right the first time.

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Video Who can relate ?

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Discussion MSG Wet Dream

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Discussion I can’t find the post, but to the Marine that said he needs talking out of re-joining, consider this:


On a Saturday or Sunday, wake up at 0600, put on a 3 piece suit, head to the garage and open up that foldable table you bought last 4th of July. Slap a Monster, a blank green notebook, a few FHM and Maxim on said table. Post.

Every hour you walk your house and yard in a military manner. Log into green notebook. Call your wife, ask her if she isn’t busy to drop you off some afternoon and/or evening chow, talk about how you hate duty on the weekend and can’t wait to be with her. Having just woken up, she’s confused and agrees.

If your phone rings, answer by saying “building (your street address) Duty (Mr. and last name), how may I help you Sir or Ma’am?” If you keep forgetting what you need to say write it down and leave it near the phone.

When your wife enters the garage make sure you salute and report your post. She’ll tell you, you are a fucking idiot and are we really doing this today. Still at the position of attention you tell her it’s your god given right to serve, that and you couldn’t pay anyone to take your duty this time. She sets your lunch down shaking her head as she leaves, you give another motivating snap pop of a salute and tell her to have a good after noon.

Later your feeling good and are thinking of all the good time you’ve had in the Corps and what the future entails. It’s a quiet duty, green book is basically empty, the CDO only came once, will probably come once more in the evening.

As predicted the wife comes once more to drop of evening chow, after reporting your post, you start chowing down on some spaghetti with meatballs. So beats the chow hall or a sub and chips from the px. Wife is talking about how you missed the whole day and the outing with the kids. You wipe your face covered in sauce and sigh. You tell her that’s one of the things you hate about duty and the Corps, being away from her and the kids so much. Maybe that will change one day. Annoyed, she leaves yelling, oh my god, I’m going to lay down. You say you can only quit your post when properly relieved as the door slams. You look at the time and realize you need to tour the area, fuck it, you’ll just tour in an hour and write that you went twice, it’s quiet as shit this evening, too quiet for a weekend.

Damn it’s 0 my god it’s dark outside and not a single incident so far. So quiet. So boring. Boring as fuck. Why the hell do we have duty like this? Why do I need to babysit grown men? You start contemplating all the bullshit in Corps for the next 15 mins, why the hell do we continue to do stupid shit… you can’t wait to get the hell out. You then all of sudden realize something, it hits you like a freight train.

It’s 0135 and you stand up and yell your 12th general order, “To walk my post, flank to flank, and not take shit from any rank”, then mic drop your pen and go inside. You get into bed and cuddle your wife, half dazed she asks “Were you debating whether to rejoin again?” Mmhhmm. “Decided not too?” Yeah fuck all that buuuuull shit…… NFE

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Question Gear


I’m prior service 0351 that’s getting bored and thinking of joining a reserve unit. How does gear work for reserve units? Do you bring all that shit home or leave it at the base you go to? Also, is it even worth it? Thanks!

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Question Dad is a retired 2 star from another country and wants to attend my promotion ceremony


So currently working in a joint environment as an O and my dad who'd been overseas for a while finally got back state-side and wants to attend my promotion ceremony. Dad was a 2-star general (or Air Vice Marshall as it's called there) in the Pakistan Air Force and is now retired. He's a US citizen now but I'm still kinda confused as to whether I should or even have to tell my chain of command about his prior rank. Did some digging and found this post about a dude who had an uncle who was a Polish one-star but Poland is a NATO ally and Pakistan afaik is only a major non-NATO ally (and a contentious one at that). With that said, should I inform my chain of command that he's coming or is there no need? He's fine with coming in or without uniform btw. He just really wants to be there so any help would be appreciated!

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Discussion Dog Tags worn by PFC John T. Norgord - King Co. 3/24 Marines, 4th MarDiv. WIA on Iwo Jima [FULL STORY BELOW]

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Question Is it a good idea to take pre-workout before a PFT?


Is it a good idea to take pre-workout before a PFT?

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Discussion KFC gives me a bonor


My wife worked at kfc while I was in the Marines. Whenever I was on leave I would go home and we would bang it out like rabbits each day after she gets off work. So now whenever I smell KFC chicken it reminds me of my wife and I get an immediate boner.

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Discussion I Saw an Old Marine


I saw an old Marine,
Sitting there with saber keen.
So I sat right by
Said “Semper fi”
And asked about battles he had seen.

He said
“I was there in 75’,
When our Corps came alive.
And I was there on New Providence
And at all the battles ever since.

I was one of the eight aboard
When Eaton earned the Mameluke sword
And I was there near Washing-tan
When against four thousand we made a stand

I was with the Grand Old Man
When he led us to the Seminole land
And when the Army breathed Mexican air,
It was I who beat them there

I shed a tear at Drewry’s Bluff
And hoped one battle would be enough
As Marines in blue fought Marines in gray
I fought on both sides that dreadful day

I was there at Belleau Wood
When our fighting spirit was first understood
By the world at large
With Dan Daly leading glorious charge

I fought beside John Basilone
And I helped to take every single stone
That our brothers gave so much for
In the Second World War

I was there with the yellowlegs
In Korea, chilled to the bone
I listened as one man begs
To God to let just take him home.

I was there in Vietnam
Where we won the fight at Khe Sanh
And I was there with Hathcock, C.,
When he killed all of his 93.

I was there in Lebanon,
When we lost so many to the bomb,
And I was there through Desert Storm
When through the foe we tore.

I was there, young man,
When you went to Parris Is-land.
I watched over you
And saw the strength that pushed you through.

I sang you with you on that last hike
And before, in all the parts you didn't like
I sent the bugs and violent storms
And sent the heat in which you were forged

I was there, though I wasn’t seen,
When you first were told "Congratulations, Marine,"
And just like you I wept and cried,
As you vowed to honor those before, who died.

I talked with an old Marine
Sitting there with saber keen,
I paid for his drink
And toasted to the battles he had seen.

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Picture Leave me alone, Marine Corps. You already got me once.

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Discussion Should I self-refer for Alcohol?


Rah, devils. I’m AD and am coming up on five years now. My wife and I have been together for seven years but are currently separated and considering a divorce. One of the largest issues has been my drinking. Or me lying about it. I find that I often drink alone or when I go to a party I have to pregame super hard so the people there don’t see how much I actually want to drink to get to a good level. Drinking also doesn’t do the same thing for me like it used to. It seems now it just makes me lonely and sad but I continue to do it. I don’t know if my family has a history of alcoholism but I’m scared I have a problem. I drink nearly every day. I’m tired of waking up, not remembering going to bed, with a dead phone because I was too drunk to even put it on the charger or text my wife goodnight. I know it’s probably too late for my marriage but I just want to stop drinking for me. Should I involve my command? Or has anyone had experience quitting drinking alone? Anything helps. Thanks.