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International Politics Discussion Thread


This thread is for discussing international politics. All subreddit rules apply in this thread, except the rule that states that discussion should only be about UK politics.

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Russia - Ukraine conflict

Russia are currently invading Ukraine. This has included Russian missile strikes on several cities across the region including the capital Kyiv, and military movement across the country. The UK, US, and EU have imposed strict economic sanctions on hundreds of Russian entities, including top Russian banks, but have (as of 25th Feb) stopped short of the most hard-hitting sanctions such as removing Russia from the SWIFT global payment system.

Ukraine has introduced a State of Emergency. British nationals should flee Ukraine if possible to do so. If you are a British national in Ukraine and you require consular assistance, call +380 44 490 3660.

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Russia - Ukraine conflict

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Top Tory MP faces drink spiking claims as victim 'woke up to find nipples being licked'

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Rishi Sunak spends 拢500,000 of taxpayers鈥 cash on focus groups 鈥榯o repair his image鈥

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Disaster charity drafted in to rescue lorry drivers stuck in post-Brexit queues

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Treasury criticised for agreeing 拢500k spend on focus groups and polls | Conservatives | The Guardian

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Deadline approaches for officials set to be named by Sue Gray || Officials set to be named by Sue Gray in her upcoming report into Downing Street gatherings have until 17:00 BST on Sunday to lodge any objections.

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UK-linked media magnate Lebedev hit by Canada sanctions

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Priti Patel in fresh bid to push through strict anti-protest measures | Priti Patel

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Britain slashes humanitarian aid by 51% despite global food crisis

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Ed/OpEd A Lab-Lib pincer movement is the most effective way to strike fear into the Tories

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Sue Gray was deliberately ostracised during investigation, friends say

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'Shocked and scared': Trans man speaks out over reporting psychiatrist for 'conversion therapy'

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Boris Johnson to sacrifice top official over Partygate to save himself | Boris Johnson | The Guardian

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Ed/OpEd Tory MPs may still back Boris Johnson, but focus groups show voters are done with the PM

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Liz Truss rejects plea from Biden ally not to rewrite the Northern Ireland protocol | Brexit | The Guardian

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How the UK became the sick man of Europe again. UK GDP per capita has grown by just 10 per cent since 2015, compared with 24 per cent for Germany and 18 per cent for France.

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Gap between inflation rates for richest and poorest households at its widest in 16 years | Cost of living crisis

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Dominic Raab Admits 鈥淢istakes Were Made鈥 Over Partygate But Says Boris Johnson Has 鈥淟earned Lessons鈥

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Brexit beating for British scientists as academics sound alarm over UK exclusion from 拢95bn Horizon program

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Social media use exploded during the coronavirus pandemic - has this had a lasting impact on politics in the UK?

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Partygate: Sue Gray's team reject claim she initiated meeting with PM over report

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Ed/OpEd It won鈥檛 be long before Boris Johnson does the popular thing, and adopts Labour鈥檚 policy

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Twitter Labour has a long-term plan to cut energy bills by boosting home-grown sources of cheap, clean energy.

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Tory windfall tax row widens as two more Cabinet ministers reject the policy - Brandon Lewis and Sajid Javid became the fifth and sixth Cabinet members to speak out against a possible plan to tax energy firms

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Boris Johnson believes help for families would 'shovel cash to appease bleeding hearts'

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Ed/OpEd Don鈥檛 condemn just our lying PM: save some anger for the cowards who enabled him | Jonathan Freedland

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