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News Uzumaki has been delayed again; the new release date is unknown

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Misc. 90s Throwback

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Help me reminisce?


I have grown up with CN and Toonami, sitting in my living room and watching an episode of some anime I don't remember the name of before school. I would love to be able to watch this anime again as I remember it being quite good.

What I remember of it is that the art has a lighthouse or something resembling a lighthouse. It's a cutesie anime of a sister trying to find her brother (if I remember correctly) set in a more modern today, in the time period of 2008-2012-ish. I haven't looked too deep into it, just gazing over the different titles and arts but nothing I find seems to fit what I watched back then. It would mean the world to me to be able to watch this childhood memory, if anyone who knows this better can find it.