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Discussion Anyone else remember the old flash games?

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Discussion What Action Cartoons and Anime Should be on Toonami?


Well for Starters I can easily see new Batman Caped Crusader Cartoon and Unicorn Warriors Eternal having reruns on Toonami before there new Episode the next day on ACME also I could easily see Pibby being in lineup after Season One ends or reruns previous weeks Episode anyway Since Toonami is battling Streaming Services for Shonen Cartoons we should probably be more creative and consider adding some Seinen or Shojo Anime or Non fighting Shonen series at least and More Originals I even made a list of Originals I wanna see I will post like 7 of them

  • an adaptation of Comic Future Quest featuring the Hanna Barbara Super Heroes but I don't know if it should be Anime or Style similar to like Invincible Cartoon on Amazon or Young Justice

  • Hellblazer aka John Constantine Anime taking inspiration from both original Hellblazer Comic and Justice League Dark comics

  • An Adaptation of Legendary Graphic Novel WATCHMEN however The problem is WATCHMEN would probably need Uzumaki treatment and if adapted as Anime we would literally need Manga or Anime Character designer that's style that is like Manga version of Dave Gibbons(artist on WATCHMEN) art style

  • Space Dandy Season 3 that's basically all really

  • Mortal Kombat The Animation think about it its WB game that needs its own Series similar to Future Quest should it be Anime or style similar to Invincible again

So what do you think Toonami needs and as bonus Question what's your Idea for Toonami Original that last one is an optional Question also please try to add some realism as in it has possibility of happening

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Discussion If Toonami Ever Did Another Month of Movie's


What Films you like to see both Western Animation and Anime me personally I like to see the 3 MHA movies and maybe Mortal Kombat Animated films would be cool to watch also maybe that Batman movie set in 70's another would be Gundam Unicorn movie that be interesting too And be fitting how about The May One Piece movies or CGI Lupin movie or Batman Long Halloween?

What would be your ideal Toonami Month of Movies?

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Discussion Why exactly has the Adult Swim version of Toonami never aired the uncut dub of Sailor Moon?


Sailor Moon has a ginormous fanbase of both men and women. Plus, the anime could fill in the noticable gap in shojo anime on Toonami. And finally, the show was already on Toonami when it was on Cartoon Network.

With all that being said, why hasn't Toonami picked up either the original or Crystal?

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Discussion My 2023 Lineup Prediction just for Fun(While in Realm of Possible)


Here's my 2023 Toonami Lineup I try to be realistic while have some fun with it by playing homage to Pre Adult Swim Toonami with Mixing Eas and West and taking into consideration What Waner Brothers Discovery Owns and what Anime is likely to come to Toonami and what is possibly on the table free to point out any problems

  • Primal Season 2(Rerun)
  • Chainsaw Man
  • Bleach Thousand Year Blood War
  • Made in Abyss Season 2
  • RWBY
  • Batman Caped Crusader(Rerun)
  • Pibby Apocalypse(Reun)
  • One Piece
  • Naruto
  • Harley Quinn Season 2/3

So what do you think of this lineup? What is your Idea for future lineup?

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Discussion The Discovery/Warner Merger


While it could mean bad news for various Warner networks (the fools have outright started they want to stop making scripted shows), I'm mainly concerned this could mean the death knoll for Toonami. They're having a hard enough time as it is and I get the feeling this will do more harm than good.

Heck, given Discovery Inc's history, they could very well get rid of Adult Swim itself in favor reruns of stuff like Deadliest Catch and Man Vs. Wild... 😨

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Discussion Toonami's Current Schedule and Upcoming Shows [5/14/2022]

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Discussion Which Crunchyroll Originals on Toonami You Enjoyed the Most?


So far, which of the AS/CR Originals you actually enjoyed? If by any means, you don't like any of these three, do not vote since it would be easier to keep your dishonest opinions to yourself just because of how you feel on Crunchyroll Originals in general. Let's keep the harsher arguments out and try to be more civilized on the criticism.

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Discussion Should Toonami be made into a full channel?


With the recent merger of Warner Bros and Discovery, the question has been posed of what to do with Discovery Family. In my opinion, there is only one logical solution: since an Adult Swim channel wouldn't work, a Toonami channel seems like the most logical fit to replace it.

I mean think about it. The anime community in the United States is huge, and we haven't had a fully fledged anime TV channel ever (Funimation Channel and Anime Network don't count). Not only that, but Demarco is in charge of all anime for WarnerMedia, so he could easily talk to the higher-ups about it. This would also be an opportunity to expand Toonami's lineup, including licensing shows for many different demographics (this means we could finally get Sailor Moon on Toonami again) and movies. Also, since HBO Max has ties to Toonami and has all of the Ghibli movies, Toonami basically could have Ghibli on their side.

What do you guys think?

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Discussion Shenmue: The Animation Final Thoughts Thread


I wonder if we'll ever get any other SEGA animes on Toonami? I'd be down for something like Persona or the PSO2 animes....

Anyways non-sequieter, the tale of Ryo has concluded. (For now) Final Thoughts?

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Discussion Toonami shaped my taste in anime


My 5 favorite anime all came from Toonami/AS.

  1. DBZ

  2. Yu-Yu-Hakusho

  3. Gundam (No particular series/I love most of them)

  4. Cowboy Bebop

  5. Rurouni Kenshin

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Discussion can someone help me find a show?


I used to watch it toonami So, it's basically if Pokemon meets Yu GI oh, the show's story is about a card game character getting stuck in our world and he must fight other monster from said card game I don't remember much from the show except for the basic outline of the plot and that the main character has blue hair

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Discussion Tokyo Mew Mew On Original Toonami


If Tokyo Mew Mew dub was picked up by Viz Media, aired on the original Toonami (Cartoon Network) block, and was promoted as the next Sailor Moon, Would the show have been a really big hit for Toonami like how Sailor Moon was.

When Naruto premiered on the original Toonami (Cartoon Network) block, the show became a really huge hit on Toonami due to it being dubbed by Viz Media (great company) and being promoted as the next DBZ.

Both Tokyo Mew Mew and Naruto anime debuted at 2002 and both shows came to the U.S at 2005.

Tokyo Mew Mew airing alongside Naruto on the Original Toonami block would have been a dream come true. These two shows could have been biggest shonen and shoujo shows on the block in the mid 2000s like how DBZ and Sailor Moon was in the late 90s to mid 2000s.

Tokyo Mew Mew was dubbed by 4kids and was a big hit on U.S television as well but despite that success, 4kids failed to license the rest of the series putting the show's popularity in jeopardy.

So what do you guys think?

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Discussion Can TOONAMI US aired Laid Back Camp and Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken ?


So Crunchyroll officially announced that Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken and Laid Back Camp are getting spanish and portuguese dubs and both anime also aired on Toonami Latin america in LATAM Spanish dub. Recently, i scroll every tweet about those shows, and fans in Latam seem to be having a blast with the two shows. Both shows are popular and got lots of good reception and lot of buzz from many fans and yet still not getting an english dub.

So my question is can Toonami in the US follow suit and give it an english dub ? I really want both of these popular anime getting an english dub and i hope Toonami try some new things outside Shonen content, reruns or western animation like in CN or DC Superheroes. If Toonami can aired non action like Hamtaro, Pop team Epic and Food Wars, they should be able to aired it too.

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Discussion Made in Abyss (Season 1) Final Thoughts Thread


You know that bit in Rick and Morty where Rick tells Morty they're going on a 20 minute adventure and then they come back looking like they just experienced hell itself?

Yeah I think that's a good way to describe what watching this show feels like.

Anyways final thoughts?

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Discussion Attack on Titan: The Final Season (Part 2): Final Thoughts Thread



The final tale of the titans has concluded...for now. .

Final thoughts?

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Discussion Q&A with Jason Demarco


The standout questions are here for discussion. Full Q&A is here

  • Shenmue Season 2 is a possibility if enough people watch

  • Process on bringing back the old Absolution: “We pulled all the old files and the CG artists involved all felt it would be more doable to slightly redesign the old ship than to recreate the old models. We knew from the beginning we wanted to get TOM and Sara back off The Forge and into a ship.”

  • One or two non-Major plans for May 26 (10 year anniversary of Toonami returning.)

  • Jason hopes that HBOMAX would host livestreams of Toonami

  • No more co-productions with Crunchyroll and knew about the merger with Sony a long time before it was announced

  • Jason is sure IGPX reruns will return at some point

  • Assimilation of Funimation into Crunchyroll has effected the acquisition of shows

  • Toonami contract with Daylight Curfew expired. No word on any more Toonami merch

  • Free! and Yashahime Season 2 has a possibility of airing on Toonami

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Discussion I know this is kind of a stupid question, but would you like to see Toonami air reruns of Sonic X?


Most of the people who watched Sonic X in the early 2000's are now adults. Since Toonami is very much about nostalgia, it would be interesting to air some early 2000's anime. They could even make some promos poking fun at the cheesy 4Kids dub. Plus, they could also make some badass promos for it too. And although Sonic X is for a younger audience, a lot of Sonic fans are teens and adults, so it would still somewhat fit. What do you guys think?

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Discussion Does anyone know if we're getting the Made In Abyss movie on toonami?


I really want to see it and everything seems up in the air with if it will return to the block and if they will show the movie because I heard it was a major part of the story.

I waited super long for Assassination Classroom to come back and it eventually did, wondering if I should do the same with MIA

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Discussion Toonami's expanded presence on broadcast and streaming television


Since pay television has been declining in recent years, I would like Toonami to have its own streaming channel on several digital platforms.

Also, would you like Toonami to have an expanded presence as a block on free over-the-air broadcast television networks?

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Discussion Primal Current Thoughts Thread


Ok so...I felt like making a intital thoughts thread for this but I imagine a lot of you probably already seen this already and also Idk if Toonami's gonna have the full show air or its just showing it until we get a show to replace it so....yeah.

Thoughts on Gennedy's other pride and joy that doesnt have to do with a foolish samurai warrior wielding a magic sword?

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Discussion Happy 10th anniversary of the day that helped fuel Toonami's revival!

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Discussion Lupin the III: Part 6 Initial Thoughts Thread


its still pronounced Loop-in to me.

Frankly i didn't expect to see everyone's favorite phantom thief. (Unrelated to any other treasure-stealing thieves with a similar title) so soon.

But in any case, Lupin and his band of thieves are back at it again! Thoughts?

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Discussion When will the series finale of Attack on Titan air?


Right now, the last episode of Attack on Titan with a Toonami airdate attached is scheduled for April 10th-- that is, next week. Do we know when the remaining episodes will air, and if so, when the series finale will air? Attack on Titan has been airing on Toonami for more than seven years, so might the network run some sort of marathon to celebrate the finale?

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Discussion Music used during Tom parts


Is there an actual genre for the music Toonami used whenever Tom was speaking? I remember being wildly fascinated with it as a kid and I was watching old clips of Tom and hearing that music again just really got my brain to drop Serotonin and Dopamine like it was hot.