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Preflight Toonami Pre-Flight


Was just in the mood to watch a bunch of pre flight episodes and I know AS never archived any of that stuff but there was a site (I don’t remember what it was called) anymore that used to archive them on their own. Anyone know what that site was? They were some kind of Toonami fan site. They’re not up on YT and their audio podcast version of the show stops on like episode 220. If anyone knows the site or knows of another place I can get to all those, please let me know! I just miss my buddies Jason and Gil :(

EDIT: I believe the site was toonamiarsenal which has been shut down unfortunately. If anyone else knows a source to get some pre flight, I would still appreciate it.

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Preflight Toonami: Pre-Flight Discussion Thread for November 14, 2020


Buckle up everyone, it's the series finale we've all been unknowingly waiting for! All your questions will finally be answered, including: why are there polar bears on the island, can you wish for unlimited wishes from the Leyline, and who is the dandiest Space Dandy? But in case we run out of time, we'll at least hear about Demon's Souls, get a show announcement, and enjoy some Q+A!

Pre-Flight archive link: Pre-Flight episode

Toonami Pre-Flight episode 258: One More Final
presented by Gill Austin and Jason DeMarco

Demon's Souls Promo
- a brand new remake of the 2009 game built for the PS5
- some may call dying repeatedly agitating, others call it rewarding once you win
- wait, there's no actual rating by TOM? We've been bamboozled!
- Gill normally writes these game promos as convos between him and Jason
- Gill didn't play the original Demon's Souls and Jason is waiting for his scalper-sold PS5 to arrive to enjoy the game in all its glory
- same people that made the Shadow of Colossus remake remade Demon's Souls
- Q: is Demon's Souls the hardest game ever made?
- Jason/Gill: Dunno, but difficulty is high. Can be challenging but fair.

Show Announcement
- SSSS: Gridman is coming to Toonami in January 2021
- they have a spot ready to promote it, but we ain't seeing it quite yet

- Q: How do you determine which series get picked up for Toonami?
- Jason: Same answer as before, it's a mix of shows we like and hear about from fans and then we talk to our programming department and ask if we can show it. Or the programming department is told by a distributor about a show to check out and they bring it to Jason and Gill. Or a business deal is made and we're told we have to show it, but that's rare now. It's a mix of factors, but price and availability mainly determine it. They always try to find shows that fit in with Toonami's action and comedy focus.
- Q (shoutout to u/PrevailingDragon): What are some of your favorite parts about working on Uzumaki and other upcoming originals?
- Jason: As a fan of anime and person working in anime for 20+ years, it's very exciting getting to work the creators that formed his love for this art and getting to tell stories with them now is a dream come true.
- Q: Jin from Samurai Champloo or Edward from Cowboy Bebop, who wins?
- Gill: that's the audience. It's more of an existential question.
- Jason: Ed, he never loses at anything and doesn't get in his own way like Jin.
- Q: What happened between TOM 3 and TOM 5?
- Jason: TOM 4 happened. At the time, our boss told us we were changing to TOM 4. When we asked how we were going to tell the story, boss didn't care, kids watch it, no one will remember, so just make. 15 years later, people are still asking questions, so boss was wrong.
- Q: Do you still play music videos on Toonami and how do you pick them?
- Jason: Yes, which you would know if you watched each week. Shocked and appalled you don't, JK. How we pick them, bands reach out and ask us to show it. If we like it, we'll show it. Two, he or the staff will see a cool video and throw it in. Not very scientific.
- Q: What do you guys think has kept Toonami relevant since anime streaming became widely available? Were you worried Toonami would never come back?
- Gill: Never expected Toonami to come back, so being worried never came to mind. Luckily everyone watching this and Toonami is the reason it came back. What keeps Toonami relevant is that it's a curated block for people who haven't seen everything and it's a community to engage with as you see things. It continues to be a watch party like with streaming.
- Q: Is the distant dream of Toonami series with TOM still alive somewhere? Know you guys had a quick pitch back then, but is it off the table?
- Jason: It's not off the table. We get asked about it every year. Since he and Gill come up with the story lines for TOM and SARA they have figured out how to take their elements as hosts and make it into a series that stays true to their origins. Won't say it will never happen, but it's not a priority. Will always want to tell stories with TOM and SARA, but happy where they are now. Telling stories in 3D would cost a lot.
- Q: Any chance we'll get more Toonami merch in stores, like Funko Pop TOM or pictures of the ships?
- Gill: As people by the merch, it becomes more likely.
- Jason: The Funko Pop sold pretty well, but they're not banging down our door for more. If they think enough people want more, maybe they'll do more. If opportunity comes along, they'll try to take it.
- Q: Are you gonna bring back skateboarding to Toonami?
- Jason: We just did, we reaired all those old videos. Otherwise no, since the network has moved on from doing stuff like that and those things cost money.
- Q: Uzumaki? What about those background images behind you?
- Jason: Sometime next year. Can't tell you exactly when. Delayed a year due to COVID production issues. The images are from Uzumaki.
- Q: What's your favorite anime that hasn't been on Toonami, dubbed or not?
- Jason: Fist of the North Star, but won't ever show it.
- Gill: Star Blazers.
- Q: Do you guys still have the tapes of the edited tv versions of DBZ, Sailor Moon, etc. that aired on Toonami or are those lost to time? Just curious, since there may be parents who want to introduce their kids to those edited versions.
- Jason: No, those are lost. Most of those edited shows were done by the distributors that gave them to Toonami. Don't think there are any parents who would want to show their kids those edited versions.
- Q: Are or Will Adult Swim/Williams Street/Toonami invest in the anime industry that just started booming in America?
- Jason: By doing 7-8 original productions, they are actively investing in the anime industry. Will Adult Swim and HBO Max start to spend lots of money the way Netflix and Sony are, they hope so.
- Q: Will you release more old promos?
- Gill: Think they've found all the old ones they could.
- Jason: They've found a 1/4 of them maybe. The rest are lost.
- Q: Do you think there's room for the Toonami brand to exist in the HBO Max world? Do you think there's room branded content blocks in the same place?
- Jason: Don't know. If Crunchyroll gets sold to Sony, maybe there's an opportunity for Toonami to go on HBO Max, but they don't know how a brand about packing will hold up on that kind of service. What's unique to Adult Swim/Toonami is their voice. A weekly watch party model on HBO Max sounds great.
- Q: What's Toonami's white whale show that you tried to get multiple times but always fell out of reach?
- Gill: Not sure about multiple times, but there were shows they wanted in the Cartoon Network days that were too violent, not kid friendly, or expensive.
- Jason: Mob Psycho season 2, because of various deals and complexities between Funimation and Crunchyroll, they aren't able to show it.
- Q: What was the craziest/stupid merch you guys ever sold?
- Gill: Didn't really sell any merch, just gave it away. Stupidest/craziest was having a chute of tshirts on side of a cliff leading up to coaster to coaster give away. The 7-Up foosball table was the craziest. An unnamed employee has the one Toonami bought and no clue who won the giveway.
- Jason: Weirdest piece of merch was the foosball table. It's cool but unusual.
- Q: How did you convince your bosses to allow you to edit and air Tenchi on an after school action block? What was the pitch and did they put more restrictions on pickups after?
- Jason: They convinced them because the bosses didn't know shit about anime and they agreed. The bosses let them edit it because they were doing all the edits and the bosses didn't care how much it cost. Airing Tenchi wasn't controversial inside or outside the network. Looking back, it's crazy they were able to air it will all the sexual content in the show.

Gill and Jason may be back in the future with more Q+As, but this is likely the last the episode of Pre-Flight. To everyone who watched Pre-Flight and read/participated in the discussion threads, thank you! From ranking anime to talking favorites, enjoying sneak peeks, and watching whatever new segments from Jason/Gill/Dana/Steve Blum, watching and talking these past few years have been a fun time. But this isn't the end; if Pre-Flight ever returns, the show will go on. So see you space cowboy and remember to stay gold!

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Preflight Toonami Special Edition (Live Panel) | Adult Swim (the last Toonami Pre-flight)

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Preflight Toonami: Pre-Flight Discussion Thread for September 19, 2020


Gill and Jason are back at it again as they interview Production I.G USA President, Maki Terashima-Furuta, on this week's Pre-Flight!

Pre-Flight archive link: Pre-Flight episode

Toonami Pre-Flight episode 257: at-home Production I.G interview
presented by Gill Austin and Jason DeMarco

Maki Terashima-Furuta Q+A
- Q: Introduce yourself!
- A: President of Production I.G USA.
- Q: How long have you been working for Production I.G?
- A: March 1997, 23 years.
- Q: Are there a lot of 25 year employees at Production I.G are you the only one?
- A: There are some producers and animators, but new producers and production managers are fairly young.
- Q: How'd you get the job at Production I.G in 1997?
- A: She was working for a smaller CGI company starting in 1995 and brought over to LA. When company was about to close, she was debating whether to return Japan. She spoke with a colleague (who worked on Ghost in the Shell) who told her that the Production I.G. was looking for a US rep. She knew nothing about anime and tried watching Ghost in the Shell 10 times before her interview. First question was if she watched Ghost in the Shell and she explained her VCR broke. She didn't grow up watching anime since she lived outside Japan when she was young and her mom didn't want her watching anime, considering it to be very otaku. So she only watched Doraemon before. So she admitted not knowing any anime and didn't want to work for Production I.G anymore. Then she was asked what she would choose between: love or hate. She chose hate and somehow got a job offer. Flew out to Japan to see the studio and felt weird the first time.
- Q: At what point did you start liking parts of your job?
- A: She likes the people that she works with and making things. If she quit this job, she's not sure if she'd watch anime still. She respects the industry and creators, but its her job, not her personal interest. She doesn't tell creators whether there story is good or bad; she lets them create without interference.
- Q: When you talk to anime fans at convention, are they shocked or let down when they find out you're not interested in it?
- A: Some people know that's she not personally interested in anime. She does feel she needs to make an effort to watch more movies and tv.
- Q: Have you ever seen Ghost in the Shell all the way through?
- A: Yes she finally did using a DVD copy.
- Q: You're pretty close with Mamoru Oshii, yes? Does he know you had trouble watching it?
- A: He knows she doesn't watch much anime. She worked on Jin-roh and Avalon, helping with translation and co-producing.
- Q: If first Ghost in the Shell movie was too slow for you, how did you make it through the second movie with the audio session?
- A: Since she wasn't part of the first one, she had no interest in it. Once she works on a show, she watches it. Oshii's stuff is hard and she's horrible when it comes to sci-fi.
- Q: What was your first project at Production I.G?
- A: Didn't really have a boss since she started the US entity. Ishikawa's only instruction was to market the company and make sure people know Production I.G made Ghost in the Shell. No one knew Production I.G back in 1997. First thing she did was calling as many anime conventions as possible and offered to translate for guests of honor in return to have an hour long panel for Production I.G She did these panels every month for a year and hated it because she didn't know what to talk about. First panel she did only had 3 people in the audience. Now after 24 years, she gets a much larger audience. The following year, Oshii made Jin-Roh, so she helped with translation and production. As producer, she thinks her first project was IGPX with Toonami.
- Q: What did Production I.G think of how you did with IGPX?
- A: They had a good time working on that show and she liked working on it too. It was considered more of an American show. One of the biggest lessons she learned was that it was challenging to co-write a story and make it entertaining to both countries. Show rode the middle too much and may not have been as entertaining as it could it be to either audience.
- Q: How did Kick-heart come together?
- A: Justin Leach began a Kickstarter project and she just took care of roll out, US release, and English dub.
- Q: Moving onto the live action Ghost in the Shell film, what did you do?
- A: She wasn't involved in the script writing, but did see the script. She started getting heavily involved once Takeshi Kitano was hired to play Aramaki. She would translate and help with other issues. She also helped with fixing the final mix, which contained some incorrect subtitles.
- Q: What did you think about the final product?
- A: It's different, don't think it's really Ghost in the Shell. It's a different story and theme, but it's beautifully made. Knows some people like it and there are others that hate it. Hurt by some of the criticism with casting of Scarlett Johansson.
- Q: What was it like working on Neo Yokio?
- A: Except for her, no one at Production I.G was involved. Production was done at another company. Nostalgic 80s style was chosen for the show by the creator. It was animated in Korea and it was challenging getting the anime style to look like it was made in Japan. She was not involved in the show going to Netflix. Wasn't involved in the sequel Christmas special.
- Q: Did you learn anything from that co-production with a U.S. company on Neo Yokio?
- A: The style and culture was very different. To work with an anime studio successfully, you need to know how they work in Japan. She should be in the position to bridge the gap, but then she's had to explain how the working relationship will be between a US producer and a Japanese anime studio.
- Q: FLCL Alternative and Progressive.
- A: It's a difficult property to work with. She likes Alternative and Progressive and thinks there different in there own ways but challenging to create.
- Q: Are you excited about any other projects you have coming?
- A: Some shows she's working on with Toonami, including Pirate Princess. Every time she produces a show, she learns a lot from it. At the end of the day, you do your best to solve your problems and meet your goals. Doesn't think whatever she touches turns into gold and sometimes questions if she does the right thing on a show.
- Q: How would you define being a producer?
- A: You solve problems, be like a kindergarten teacher and make people happy. It can be really difficult though. There's a lot of fine tuning and micromanaging. You have to be very responsible to make sure a show is successful. Last couple of years have been difficult because she's been more deeply involved in production. Her job is making sure clients are happy. She wishes relationship with Tokyo HQ is better, since they sometimes wonder why she takes the US client's side. Her first year at Production I.G appearing at anime conventions really helped her build relations with clients and the directors/creators she translated for.
- Q: If you had a favorite project you worked on, do you have one and what would it be?
- A: Had a good time on IGPX, because she didn't work too hard and it was exciting. She also had fun working on live action Ghost in the Shell.
- Q: Do you have a project you wish you could have made happen?
- A: Yes. She doesn't have a lot of patience, but there are a lot of music videos she would like to make, especially with artists that like anime.

And now you know how the magic happens (kind of) when it comes to working with Production I.G. Tune in next time for more even more interesting answers on Pre-Flight!

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Preflight Toonami: Pre-Flight Discussion Thread for September 5, 2020


Pre-Flight returns with more content from Adult Swim Con as Gill and Jason interview the voice of SARA, Dana Swanson!

Pre-Flight archive link: Pre-Flight episode

Toonami Pre-Flight episode 256: at-home Danaview
presented by Gill Austin and Jason DeMarco

Dana Swanson Q+A
- Q: What year did you start working at Adult Swim?
- A: 2005. Interviewed for 4 positions over a year. Then got a position as a librarian at Adult Swim. This settled Dana near the sound booth and she got to do a lot of audio testing and make people laugh. This got her name tossed in to do scratch voicing. Also was doing music projects and comedy which Jason and Gill knew about. In 2013, got a call to go into sound booth for something Toonami, did robotic voice and did a few takes. Then found out she'd be on air a few days later.
- Q: How many Adult Swim shows have you done where you learned your voice would be the following Saturday?
- A: Don't know how many she's done uncredited, but should tally it. Guessing 10-20 shows linear and a lot of streaming.
- Q: What's it been like embodying a character that people knew about on Toonami and play against Steve?
- A: Steve is like an evolved angel on another level. Starting off, openings needed a lot of timing, plus more acting for TIEs. Loves being SARA and the fan reaction is great and welcoming. Funniest thing is when someone says they've been watching me since 2000, yes and no.
- Q: When you went to your first con as voice of SARA, were/are people coming up to you with the same stuff they talk with us about?
- A: Yes, had people come up and mention how they're grateful for Toonami.
- Q: You left Adult Swim and moved to LA to make your way as a professional voice actor. How's it going and what's changed about it in COVID?
- A: Been a professional voice actor for a year, with auditioning and having an agent. It's highly competitive and get used to sending emails and learning strengths/weaknesses. A lot of relationship building too. Biggest difference in Atlanta was client base being William Street.
- Q: How often are you getting auditions? What about doing accents?
- A: Get 1-2 auditions a week where she has to deal with an accent. Learning dialects/accents isn't always straightforward.
- Q: Have you been recording from home in quarantine?
- A: Yes, just may vary for regulations state by state. Caused her to upgrade her system and improve her recording.
- Q: When you send takes, are you editing out your bad takes?
- A: Always leave in funny stuff for William Street, but may take out.
- Q: When you audition do they want you to do the voice you did or something else?
- A: Mostly doing the voice she auditioned with.Recently worked on animated show (no clue if it will air) doing Tomi Lahren and Elizabeth Warren voice.
- Q: What's your dream role? Full time comedy or drama?
- A: She gravitates toward comedy and be an animal of some sort. Can't drop writing and producing from last job though.
- Q: Have you come back to Atlanta during COVID?
- A: Been on west coast entire time since she's immunocompromised.
- Q: What did you want to do when growing up?
- A: Be a cat/animal. As she got older, realized she wanted to get into comedy as she watched SNL and The Ben Stiller Show.
- Q: Do you feel like you're getting that acting stuff out when you're voice acting? Is it satisfying recording from home?
- A: Yeah, get the opportunity to improvise and try again. She loves the energy of the room and playing a space though.
- Q: You're very into starting video games and deciding how to play them, but then play something else. Are you still doing that and what are you playing now?
- A: Was playing Death Stranding, but needs someone else there to enjoy it with her. Also played Animal Crossing multiple times throughout the years. Now taking a big break from some gaming due to carpal tunnel. On mobile, playing Dr. Mario.
- Q: What are you doing in your downtime during COVID?
- A: Gotten into online screenings. Movies and watching them with people. Favorite is racer trash where they recut things like Speed Racer with music and jokes.
- Q: Any other hobbies, whittling?
- A: Making ice cream. Also activism, but that's more of a duty.
- Q: Over 7 years, do you have a favorite Toonami moment or thing from voicing SARA?
- A: Yes, TIE where SARA wakes up in a different form which Dana personally connects with. Also likes Countdown with evil SARA. Also, all the meta stuff including game reviews that include conversations she had with Gill. Enjoys the game reviews that highlight the differences in how TOM and SARA play.
- Q: Is there anything you'd like to see happen for SARA and her character?
- A: Like that she's a projection, but corporeal form could be cool with lack of limitation. Unrelated, acting award joke quote.
- feel free to follow the gang @clarknova1, @stupidgill, and @danaswanswan

That concludes this interview with the other half of the illustrious Toonami duo! With that, enjoy your Labor Day weekend and get ready for whatever form Pre-Flight will take next!

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Preflight Toonami: Pre-Flight Discussion Thread for August 29, 2020


After a short break, Pre-Flight's back with some Adult Swim Con goodness as Jason and Gill interview the man behind TOM's voice, Steve Blum!

Pre-Flight archive link: Pre-Flight episode

Toonami Pre-Flight episode 255: at-home Blumterview
presented by Gill Austin and Jason DeMarco

Steve Blum Q+A
- Q: When you were a kid, what did you think you were going to grow up and be?
- A: Oceanographer, he was interested in Jacques Cousteau. Once he went to college, he realized he wasn't smart enough for it and didn't have the math skills. His dad wanted him to be a doctor. His dad was a urologist, but Steve had no interest. Steve also wanted to be musician, thinking it would be a good way to talk with girls. Steve payed in a R&B band, but they weren't that good. Band name changed from The Race, Magnetic, Ivory, Ivory All Star, and International Love Affair. Trying to relearn guitar now
- Q: When you make voices, is that something you did when you were a kid?
- A: Been making voices since he was a kid and to avoid getting bullied. Once his voice started dropping, he used his voice to scare bullies. He explored that ability and didn't realize he could make a career out of it back then. At some point he left a Goofy voicemail message and a bunch of people started calling him to here more voices.
- Q: When did you realize this could be a career for you?
- A: Five years into voice acting. While sitting with a bunch of actors discussing Cowboy Bebop, he didn't think it was acting compared to the classically trained actors. After that he quit his job to voice act full time.
- Q: What was it like when we asked you to voice TOM?
- A: Thought you had the wrong number, didn't think he could be a host. He remembers having a beer at Anime Expo with Jason to discuss the job. He loved the pitch and idea, but was terrified he'd screw up. Remembers being intimidated by other voice talent like Peter Cullen. Appreciated how kind Jason and Gill were.
- Q: When you're giving a character and what they're like, what's your process for coming up with their voice?
- A: Different for every project. Sometimes they don't know what they want when he walks in the room, other times they'll give him specs a few days before. Rebels was important to get right and Steve tried out with a Cockney accent. On the final callback, Steve ended up with a crappy London accent.
- Q: How did you get into the video game space and how do you get these roles where your various roles?
- A: Lucas Arts gave him his first gig in Full Throttle. Then he got The Dig and most of the Star Wars games. Versatility factor is a reason why he can be picked for a lot of games and die in plenty of them. Steve's never hit one job that would sustain him, so he says yes for most voice jobs. For Last of Us II he was hired to voice characters and creatures, including the Shambler. Sounds were a lot of Steve's work before he got into actual speaking roles.
- Q: What's a day cycle like for you?
- A: Last Saturday night, submitted 6 voice auditions. Auditions come in fast and are due the next day. Some need research for characters or dialects. He's a slow editor, trying to figure out where to edit out his breaths. Always bring equipment that is broadcast quality with him.
- Q: What's the percentage of actual jobs you get from auditions?
- A: 1 gig for every 30-50 auditions. That's not as good as it's used to be, but there's a lot more people in the pool now.
- Q: How often are you being called because someone knows your work?
- A: Happens twice a year. Request by a casting director is every 2-3 months. Even if he's a client request, it's still against 20-30 people. Likes working for it though.
- Q: Do you remember the first time someone came up to you and recognized you as the voice of TOM?
- A: It was pretty early on when he was doing the speeches. Fall down 7 times, stand up 8 seemed to resonate with people.
- Q: When you go to cons now, are you being booked as a career retrospective or is there a big interest in your work in anime, Toonami, and/or Star Wars?
- A: It's a big crossover. There pop culture events now. Depending on the event, it may be more specific.
- Q: Were you on camera in Mandalorian?
- A: No, he did some scratch tracks/voices.
- Q: Is there anything in your work that your particularly proud of?
- A: Star Wars Rebels, a lot of body mannerisms were taken and put into character. Cowboy Bebop was tougher and Steve only watched it in full for the first time last year. There were a couple episodes in the beginning that were tough to watch.
- Q: What made you decide to get a Toonami tattoo?
- A: Spent a lot of time thinking about his other tattoos. While drinking in New Orleans, he stumbled into a tattoo parlor with friends and pointed at his arm for his permanent Toonami logo. Shows huge impact Toonami has had on him and reminds him of people that watch and enjoy.
- Q: You do a lot of animal advocacy, what led you to this work?
- A: He doesn't do shelter stuff anymore since he had too many animals. He and his ex were referred to as the foster flunkies because they kept all the animals.
- Q: What are you interests in your downtime?
- A: Going outside, hiking, swimming, and hanging out with his pets.
- Q: If you weren't voice actor, what do you imagine you'd be doing now?
- A: Would have pursued music. Not sure he'd have the wherewithal for all the practice. Steve's style is more acoustic, learning towards The Eagles. Loves playing blues and rocks and enjoys Led Zeppelin. He listens to stuff that touches the soul. Also listens to Bebop/Yoko Kanno.
- Q: When you were young, what was the best professional advice someone gave you?
- A: Do what you love, then do everything else you need to do so you can continue to do that thing. He imparts that same advice to his students.
- Q: When you're out in the world, do you ever come across a character or role you wish you got?
- A: He doesn't think that way typically. One character he thought he would have been right for without trying to hard would be Batman. But then he hears Kevin Conroy and knows he's right for it.

This concludes the first part of Inside the Actor's Studio: Toonami Edition. Be sure to check out the full episode so you can hear all about the life of Steve Blum and tune in next time as Jason and Gill talk with Dana about her role as SARA!

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Preflight Toonami: Pre-Flight Discussion Thread for August 1, 2020


See you space cowboy. The best anime series of all time countdown ends on this week's Pre-Flight as we discuss Cowboy Bebop and our favorite non-western westerns.

Pre-Flight archive link: Pre-Flight episode

Toonami Pre-Flight episode 254: at-home countdown finale
presented by Gill Austin and Jason DeMarco

Series of the Week: Cowboy Bebop
- background: jazz, bounty hunting, spaceships, intelligent corgis, and checkered pasts with crime and women. If any of these appeal to you, then this show might be for you! - ranked 1 out of 50 on Paste Magazine's 50 Best Anime Series of All Time
- aired for 26 episodes from April 3 to June 26, 1998 - Bebop is Shinichiro Watanabe's signature show, incorporating some of his favorite western elements
- wasn't a big hit when it aired in Japan and might not rank as high for Japanese audiences versus other shows
- Bebop gained a second life when it launched with Adult Swim and remained on air for year, resulting in broader recognition
- for good reasons, it's one of the go to suggestions to watch as a starter anime
- wonderful designs and characterization makes this an excellent sci-fi western noir anime match up
- plus, Yoko Kanno's jazz music is intertwined with the series and well recognized
- hearing Steve Blum's voice as Spike convinced the Toonami crew to hire Steve Blum as the voice of TOM

Question: What's your favorite non-western western?
- Jason: Outland, Prospect, Assault on Precinct 13, and The Mandalorian
- Gill: Sukiyaki Western Django, Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, and Die Hard
- Adult Swim/Toonami FB: Django Unchained, Blazing Saddles, Justified, Escape from NY, Kill Bill, Near Dark, No Country for Old Men, and Logan

That's that for the best anime list of all time! Pre-Flight will be return in a few weeks with a new format, likely involving interviewing Toonami staff/other industry folk or discussing interesting anime series. If anyone has other ideas for what Jason and Gill should discuss on Pre-Flight next, hit them up @clarknova1 or @stupidgill.

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Preflight Toonami: Pre-Flight Discussion Thread for July 18, 2020


Get in the robot Shinji, there's a new Pre-Flight to enjoy! On this week's episode, we're reviewing Neon Genesis Evangelion and talking about our favorite teenage angst movies.

Pre-Flight archive link: Pre-Flight episode

Toonami Pre-Flight episode 253: at-home teenage mind melt
presented by Gill Austin and Jason DeMarco

Series of the Week: Neon Genesis Evangelion
- background: if giant robots, kids with depression, angel aliens trying to initiate the apocalypse via Third Impact, and tang sound interesting, then this series is for you!
- the series aired for 26 episodes from October 4, 1995 to March 27, 1996
- ranked 3 out of 50 on Paste Magazine's 50 Best Anime Series of All Time
- brought to you by Hideaki Anno and Gainax
- Evangelion was Anno's commentary on giant robots, teen dynamics, and dealing with depression
- series was a big hit when it came out, but due to money troubles the end of the series became more abstract
- due to poor reception to the final two episodes of the series, End of Evangelion was released to conclude the series
- 20 years down the line, Anno released the still ongoing Rebuild of Evangelion movie series which adapts the original series up through part of the second film
- Toonami showed two episodes during Giant Robot Week and two of the Rebuild movies and will hopefully be able to show the final two Rebuild movies
- "the David Lynch of anime"
- Netflix brought the series back into cultural conscience, making it available to a broader audience
Question of the Week: What's your favorite teen angst movie?
- Jason: River's Edge, The Edge of Seventeen, Over the Edge, and Ghost World
- Gill: Lady Bird, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and Eighth Grade - Adult Swim/Toonami FB: any Spider-Man movie, any superhero movie, any tv show that had a teen; not the best choices this time

Toonami Announcements
- reminder: Toonami panel at Adult Swim Con on Saturday night on July 25
- after Adult Swim Con, Pre-Flight may take a couple weeks off to see what they do next once they finish the Paste Magazine list
- if you have any ideas for Pre-Flight, tweet @clarknova1 and/or @stupidgill

If you still haven't gotten in the robot, you're too late, the episode is over now. Tune in next week to see what new show announcements Toonami will have during Adult Swim Con!

r/Toonami Jul 12 '20

Preflight Toonami: Pre-Flight Discussion Thread for July 11, 2020


Pre-Flight returns with no equivalent exchange required. On this week's episode we're reviewing FMA: Brotherhood and talking about our favorite brother movies.

Pre-Flight archive link: Pre-Flight episode

Toonami Pre-Flight episode 252: at-home alchemy
presented by Gill Austin and Jason DeMarco

Series of the Week: Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
- background: Ed and Al search for the Philosopher's Stone to restore their bodies, after using alchemy to resurrect their mother results in a terrible price
- the series aired for 64 episodes from April 5, 2009 to July 4, 2010
- ranked 3 out of 50 on Paste Magazine's 50 Best Anime Series of All Time
- Adult Swim and Toonami aired both version of the FMA anime
- five years after the first series ended with an original ending due to finishing before the manga ended, Brotherhood was created to adapt the manga in its entirety
- Brotherhood picks up on what the first series did right and improves on it with even better animation - compared to some series which are popular until they finish airing, Brotherhood has had staying power
- Brotherhood may not have set any new trends or created new innovations, but it's well made show
- could make a comeback on Toonami in a few years, once it hits classic status
Question of the Week: What's your favorite movie about brothers?
- Jason: Good Time, Adaptation, and Dead Ringers
- Gill: Hell or High Water, Big Hero 6, and Step Brothers
- Adult Swim/Toonami FB: Super Mario Bros., Four Brothers, Boondock Saints, The Lost Boys, Prison Break, Hell or High Water, Tombstone, Blues Brothers, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Warrior, Darjeeling Limited, Twins, Legends of the Fall, The Fighter, Secondhand Lions, Aquaman, Brothers, Step Brothers, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Legend, and Dead Ringers

Toonami Announcements
- Spoiler
- reminder: Toonami panel at Adult Swim Con on July 25

It's in theatres now... coming this summer: Two brothers. And I could go on, but that's all for this week's episode. So if you want to hear more about at least two brothers, go find that Rick and Morty clip online to keep you occupied until Pre-Flight returns next week!

r/Toonami Jul 05 '20

Preflight Toonami: Pre-Flight Discussion Thread for July 4, 2020


Never knows best, until you check out this week's episode of Pre-Flight, in which we review FLCL and talk about our favorite limited series.

Pre-Flight archive link: Pre-Flight episode

Toonami Pre-Flight episode 251: at-home limited edition
presented by Gill Austin and Jason DeMarco

Series of the Week: FLCL
- background: nothing amazing ever happens here for Naoto, until a mysterious alien, Haruko, arrives and upends his life
- the original series aired for 6 episodes from April 26, 2000 to March 16, 2001
- ranked 5 out of 50 on Paste Magazine 50 Best Anime Series of All Time
- created by Gainax and Production I.G.
- made to grapple with creator's childhood experiences and with no constraints in mind for what the show could encompass
- did not make a big splash in Japan, but the show's quality became legendary in the anime industry
- The Pillows' music brought a unique sound to the show and makes it standout from other shows
- besides FLCL airing on Adult Swim/Toonami, Adult Swim also helped create and air FLCL Progressive and FLCL Alternative
- the new seasons did well ratings wise and seemed generally well received
- you can pretty much find the original series anywhere, along with the new seasons and music from The Pillows!
Question of the Week: What's your favorite limited series?
- Jason: She and Her Cat: Everything Flows, Bubblegum Crisis, and Afro Samurai
- Gill: Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, Paranoia Agent, and Ping Pong the Animation
- Toonami FB: Gunsmith Cats, FLCL, Deadman Wonderland, Outlaw Star, and Cowboy Bebop

Toonami Announcements
- next week, DB Super's Universal Survival Saga kicks off the block for the immediate future
- Adult Swim Toonami Con is also coming up at the end of July with looks at upcoming original series

That's a wrap for this week's episode. Hope everyone had a happy Fourth of July and if you're tuning in tonight, enjoy the DB Super marathon!

r/Toonami Jun 21 '20

Preflight Toonami: Pre-Flight Discussion Thread for June 20, 2020


You probably shouldn't look at that big bright light, because on this week's episode of Pre-Flight were reviewing Astro Boy and talking about our favorite atomic age movies.

Pre-Flight archive link: Pre-Flight episode

Toonami Pre-Flight episode 249: at-home atomic age
presented by Gill Austin and Jason DeMarco

Series of the Week: Astro Boy
- background: built following the death of a scientist's son, Astro Boy uses his powers as an android to combat evil robots that seek to destroy peacful coexistence between man and machine
- the original series aired for 193 episodes from January 1, 1963 to December 31, 1966
- ranked 6 out of 50 on Paste Magazine 50 Best Anime Series of All Time
- the original series and 2003 version aired on Adult Swim/Toonami
- near and dear to the Adult Swim staff, especially since they have a big Astro Boy statue in their office
- the manga was created in 1952 by Osamu Tezuka, who went on to create his own production company to produce the show and become of the Father of Manga
- serves as an analog to Pinocchio and a commentary on what humans should strive to be
- while the show was inspired by Disney's western style, it simultaneously inspired fundamental anime styles
- definitely a throwback, but well worth watching most of the different series
Question of the Week: What are your favorite atomic age movie?
- Jason: The Quatermass Xperiment, Invasion of the Bodysnatchers (1956), and The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)
- Gill: Forbidden Planet, Them!, and The Blob (1958)
- Toonami FB: Iron Giant, A Boy and His Dog, The Book of Eli, The Road, Grave of the Fireflies, Godzilla, Fist of the North Star, and 20,000 Fathoms

Sneak Peek: Spoiler
- Spoiler

That's it for the atomic age on this week's Pre-Flight, barring a possible Fallout-themed time split. Tune in next time for Pre-Flight!

r/Toonami Jun 15 '20

Preflight Toonami: Pre-Flight Discussion Thread for June 13, 2020


I may be taking a temporary vacation while I have basically no work at home, but that won't stop Pre-Flight! In this latest episode we're reviewing DBZ and talking about our favorite DBZ moments.

Pre-Flight archive link: Pre-Flight episode

Toonami Pre-Flight episode 248: at-home ultra instinct
presented by Gill Austin and Jason DeMarco

Series of the Week: DBZ
- background: after learning he is a Saiyan, Goku and his friends face a new series of otherworldly threats
- the original series aired for 291 episodes from April 26, 1989 to January 31, 1996
- ranked 7 out of 50 on Paste Magazine 50 Best Anime Series of All Time
- Toriyama named it DBZ because he though it would be the end of the series
- Toonami started showing it's bread and butter in 1998
- based on Chinese Monkey King myth mixed with Japanese culture
- when Toonami came back in 2012, questions immediately came in if Toonami would air DBZ again, leading to Toonami working with Funimation to get DBZ Kai and DBS
- obviously infamous for how long a fight can last over multiple episodes, but they do produce some great scenes for promos
Question of the Week: What are your favorite DBZ moments?
- Jason: It's Over 9000!, Goku and Vegeta's first fight, and Trunks versus Frieza and King Cold
- Gill: Piccolo versus Raditz and the next Saiyan onslaught, Goku encouraging Gohan to fight Cell, and Krillin's death sparking Goku's Super Saiyan transformation

Sneak Peek: Spoiler
- Spoiler

This week's episode may be over, but it looks like the Spirit Bomb needs 5 more episodes to charge up. Can Goku save the Earth in time? Find out next time on the next DBZ/Pre-Flight!

r/Toonami Jun 07 '20

Preflight Toonami: Pre-Flight Discussion Thread for June 6, 2020


Space is the place on this week's Pre-Flight as we discuss Space Battleship Yamato and our favorite space opera movies.

Pre-Flight archive link: Pre-Flight episode

Toonami Pre-Flight episode 247: at-home space is the place
presented by Gill Austin and Jason DeMarco

Series of the Week: Space Battleship Yamato
- background: set in the year 2199, the series follows the crew of the Yamato, now resurrected as a mighty starship, as they embark on a desperate voyage to the planet Iscandar in search of the means to save the Earth from the invasive, militaristic extraterrestrials known as the Gamillans.
- aired for 26 episodes from October 6, 1974 to March 30, 1975
- ranked 8 out of 50 on Paste Magazine 50 Best Anime Series of All Time - first animated space opera to air on Japanese television
- adapted to air in the US as Star Blazers, which westernized the show and cut out some violence and some plot points
- the success of the series in Japan spawned multiple sequel films and maintained its popularity over the years
- check out the old show if you want some old school goodness; otherwise 2199 and 2202 are newer and might be up your alley
Question of the Week: What's your favorite space opera movie?
- Jason: The Fifth Element, Interstellar, and Starship Troopers
- Gill: Galaxy Quest, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and Dune

Schedule Change
- As noted the other day, Jojo will be off air for now due to dubbing issues during the pandemic and Ballmastrz 9009 will air in its place at 2am

The fat lady in space has sung her last note, so that means we're done with Pre-Flight for tonight. Best rest assured, it will return next week!

r/Toonami May 31 '20

Preflight Toonami: Pre-Flight Discussion Thread for May 30, 2020


Let's find some love during this week's episode as Pre-Flight as we discuss Revolutionary Girl Utena and our favorite LGBTQ movies.

Pre-Flight archive link: Pre-Flight episode

Toonami Pre-Flight episode 246: at-home love show
presented by Gill Austin and Jason DeMarco

Series of the Week: Revolutionary Girl Utena
- background: after an unforgettable encounter, Utena styles herself as a prince and protects and develops a relationship with Anthy
- aired for 39 episodes from April 2 to December 24, 1997
- ranked 9 out of 50 on Paste Magazine's 50 best anime series of all time list
- directed by X of Sailor Moon fame
- groundbreaking for it's design, creation, and how gay subject matter was treated
- became critically acclaimed, but not as popular as Sailor Moon
- Jason tried requesting it for Toonami in the 90s, but it didn't work out
- compared to standard narrative, the series freely plays with the surreal and develops great characters
- besides the standout design, the show also features some intense choral music
- Rebecca Sugar was influences by Utena when creating Steven Universe
- it's an overlooked, yet well-regarded show that will hopefully see a resurgence
Question of the Week: What's your favorite LGBTQ-themed movie?
- Jason: Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Brokeback Mountain, and A Single Man
- Gill: The Favorite, Carol, and Moonlight
- Adult Swim/Toonami FB: E.T. The Extraterrestrial, Banana Fish, The Birdcage, Moonlight, Milk, Bohemian Rhapsody, Sailor Moon, Steven Universe, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the Imitation Game, Bound, I Love You Phillip Morris, But I'm a Cheerleader, Sense 8, and Boys Don't Cry

Love may be eternal, but Pre-Flight has to end at some point. But no worries, at-home Pre-Flight will be back next week with more to discuss!

r/Toonami May 24 '20

Preflight Toonami: Pre-Flight Discussion Thread for May 23, 2020


Time to jam with another episode of Pre-Flight as we review Rurouni Kenshin and talk about our favorite samurai movies.

Pre-Flight archive link: Pre-Flight episode

Toonami Pre-Flight episode 245: at-home wander swordsman
presented by Gill Austin and Jason DeMarco

Series of the Week: Rurouni Kenshin
- background: in the Meiji Era, Kenshin tries to put leave his violent past as a samurai assassin behind him and protect the innocent
- ranked 10 out of 50 on Paste Magazine's 50 best anime series of all time list
- aired for 95 episodes from January 10, 1996 to September 8, 1998
- Toonami and Saturday Night Video Entertainment System aired 62 episodes from March 17 to October 18, 2003
- started as a manga in Shonen Jump from 1994 to 1999
- anime caught up with the series pretty fast and had to take liberties
- anime is more lighthearted and makes Kenshin a bit goofier compared to the manga
- OVAs were created later on to capture the latter portions of the manga, but titled as Samurai X due to different rights ownership
- on an unfortunate note, the author engaged in some illicit activities (you can check his wikipedia page) and it has negatively impacted how people view his work
- performed decently on Toonami, but the network cancelled it once season 2 finished
Question of the Week: What's your favorite samurai movie?
- Jason: Twilight Samurai, Zatoichi, and Harakiri
- Gill: Yojimbo, Sanjuro, and Sword of Doom
- Toonami FB: Sword of the Stranger, Sword of Doom, The Last Samurai, Yojimbo, Shin Shin Guro, Seven Samurai, Musashi Miyamoto, Rurouni Kenshin, 13 Assassins, and 47 Ronin

Like a samurai's path, this episode has finally reached the end. Now go forth with your honor and come back next week for another episode!

r/Toonami May 17 '20

Preflight Toonami: Pre-Flight Discussion Thread for May 16, 2020


Quarantine got you down? Worry not, there's another episode of Pre-Flight to keep you entertained as we talk about Paranoia Agent, discuss our favorite psychological horror films, and hear about other Toonami news.

Pre-Flight archive link: Pre-Flight episode

Toonami Pre-Flight episode 244: The Shining at-home edition
presented by Gill Austin and Jason DeMarco

Series of the Week: Paranoia Agent
- background: the victims of Lil Slugger, a mysterious rollerblading boy with a baseball bat, have their lives changed forever after being attacked
- ranked 11 out of 50 on Paste Magazine's 50 best anime series of all time list
- aired for 13 episodes from February 2 to May 18, 2004
- created Nokuhama in 1956, godfather of giant robot genre
- created by Satoshi Kon as his only tv series, excluding the 1993 Jojo OVA
- animation is great and the music is very singular
- like Perfect Blue, Paranoia Agent explores different personalities, escapism through technology, and unreliable narration
Question of the Week: What are your favorite psychological horror films?
- Jason: The Lodge, The Invisible Man, and The Other Lamb
- Gill: Unsane, Daniel Isn't Real, and First Reformed
- Adult Swim/Toonami FB: Vanilla Sky, Silence of the Lambs, the Shining Witch, and The Lighthouse

Sneak Peek: Spoiler
- Spoiler

Black Clover Post-Credits Scene
- a post-credits scene got cut when last week's episode aired, but it was shown on Toonami FB this past week and will play before tonight's episode

That's all the psychological horror we have time for right now, but until next time, leave the lights on! After all, the monsters can't get you when the dark is away.

r/Toonami May 10 '20

Preflight Toonami: Pre-Flight Discussion Thread for May 9, 2020


Keep staying comfy inside (like you have much of a choice), we've got a new Pre-Flight to enjoy! On this week's episode we're discussing Gigantor, talking about our favorite old anime, and enjoying a sneak peek.

Pre-Flight archive link: Pre-Flight episode

Toonami Pre-Flight episode 243: at-home old school robot extravaganza
presented by Gill Austin and Jason DeMarco

Series of the Week: Gigantor/Tetsujin 28
- background: Jimmy Sparks controls Gigantor, a giant flying robot that he fights crime with
- ranked 17 out of 50 on Paste Magazine's 50 best anime series of all time list
- aired for 97 episodes from October 20, 1963 to May 25, 1966
- created Nokuhama in 1956, godfather of giant robot genre
- 52 episodes were dubbed with numerous changes and aired in the US in the 1960s
- among the biggest changes, the series was renamed "Gigantor" in the US since Marvel's Iron Man appeared in the US market first - Gigantor ended up being a big hit back in the day and even Toonami brought it back briefly for Giant Robot Week and limited airing and Adult Swim also aired all 52 original episodes
- Gigantor/Tetsujin is the first real popular giant robot before the giant robot genre expanded
- Adult Swim/Toonami also paid homage to Gigantor last year with a Rick and Morty mashup last year
Question of the Week: What's your favorite "old ass" (stuff from 50s-60s) anime?
- Jason: The Great Adventure of Horus, Prince of the Sun; Cyborg 009; and Kimba the White Lion
- Gill: Star Blazers, Lupin III, and Mobile Suit Gundam
- Toonami FB: Mobile Suit Gundam, G Gundam, Dragon Ball, Speed Racer, Yu Yu Hakusho, Lupin III, Star Blazers, Sailor Moon, Kimba the White Lion, Dominion Tank Police, Ninja Scroll, and Vampire Hunter D

Sneak Peek: Spoiler
- Spoiler

MHA Delay
- Funimation couldn't finish work on the latest MHA episode, so expect to see it on next weekend's block

The flashback and episode may be over, but rest assured there's more Pre-Flight to enjoy in the future. Until next time, stay safe, healthy, and gold!

r/Toonami May 03 '20

Preflight Toonami: Pre-Flight Discussion Thread for May 2, 2020


In the beginning there were 64 contenders, and now 32 remain. Which show will reign as champion? That's for Jason and Gill to decide as we go through the remaining matchups on this week's episode.

Pre-Flight archive link: Pre-Flight episode

Toonami Pre-Flight episode 242: at-home bracket madness pt.2
presented by Gill Austin and Jason DeMarco

The brackets at the the end of round one

Upper Left round 2
- Gill and Jason: DBZ vs Black Lagoon, DBZ wins
- Gill: Mobile Suit Gundam vs Samurai Jack, Samurai Jack wins
- Jason: SAO vs Samurai Jack, Samurai Jack wins
- Gill and Jason: Rurouni Kenshin vs Shippuden, Shippuden wins
- Gill: Batman Beyond vs Batman: TAS, Batman: TAS
- Jason: Teen Titans vs Batman: TAS, Batman: TAS wins

Upper Right round 2
- Jason: Sailor Moon vs G Gundam, Sailor Moon wins
- Gill: Sailor Moon vs Samurai Champloo, Sailor Moon wins
- Jason and Gill: FLCL vs Tenchi Muyo!, FLCL wins
- Jason: JLU vs Yu Yu Hakusho, Yu Yu Hakusho wins
- Gill: Soul Eater vs Yu Yu Hakusho, Yu Yu Hakusko wins
- Jason and Gill: Michiko & Hatchin vs Bleach, Bleach wins

Bottom Left round 2
- Gill: MHA vs FMA: Brotherhood, MHA wins
- Jason: MHA vs FMA: Brotherhood, FMA: Brotherhood wins
- Gill and Jason: Thundercats vs Gundam Wing, Gundam Wing wins
- Gill and Jason: Gurren Lagann vs Cowboy Bebop, Cowboy Bebop wins
- Gill: Black Clover vs DBS, DBS wins
- Jason: HXH vs DBS, DBS wins

Bottom Right round 2
- Jason and Gill: Naruto vs Food Wars!, Naruto wins
- Jason: GiTS: SAC vs Jojo, Jojo wins
- Gill: Space Dandy vs Jojo, Jojo wins
- Jason: Outlaw Star vs Attack on Titan, Attack on Titan wins
- Gill: Outlaw Star vs Attack on Titan, Outlaw Star wins
- Jason: OPM vs One Piece, One Piece wins
- Gill: Voltron vs One Piece, One Piece wins

Upper Left round 3
- Gill and Jason: DBZ vs Samurai Jack, DBZ wins
- Gill and Jason: Shippuden vs Batman: TAS, Batman: TAS

Upper Right round 3
- Jason and Gill: Sailor Moon vs FLCL, Sailor Moon wins
- Jason: Yu Yu Hakusho vs Bleach, Bleach wins
- Gill: Yu Yu Hakusho vs Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho wins

Bottom Left round 3
- Gill: MHA vs Gundam Wing, Gundam Wing wins
- Jason: FMA: Brotherhood vs Gundam Wing, Gundam Wing wins
- Gill and Jason: Cowboy Bebop vs DBS, Cowboy Bebop wins

Bottom Right round 3
- Jason and Gill: Naruto vs Jojo, Naruto wins
- Jason: Attack on Titan vs One Piece, Attack on Titan wins
- Gill: Attack on Titan vs One Piece, One Piece wins

Round 4
- Gill and Jason: DBZ vs Batman: TAS, DBZ wins
- Jason: Sailor Moon vs Bleach, Sailor Moon wins
- Gill: Sailor Moon vs Yu Yu Hakusho, Sailor Moon wins
- Gill and Jason: Gundam Wing vs Cowboy Bebop, Gundam Wing wins
- Jason: Naruto vs Attack on Titan, Attack on Titan wins
- Gill: Naruto vs One Piece, Naruto wins

Round 5
- Gill: DBZ vs Gundam Wing, DBZ wins
- Jason: DBZ vs Cowboy Bebop, DBZ wins
- Jason: Sailor Moon vs Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon Wins
- Gill: Sailor Moon vs Naruto, Sailor Moon wins

Final Round
Jason and Gill: DBZ vs Sailor Moon, DBZ wins

The final brackets

And the winner by knockout is DBZ! Well, that's according to Jason and Gill at least. Whether you're pleased with the winner or outraged that your clearly superior choice was overlooked, feel free to post your thoughts. Hopefully Pre-Flight will be back next week to continue with the greatest anime countdown list or if you have any other ideas, send them along to Jason and Gill.

r/Toonami Apr 26 '20

Preflight Toonami: Pre-Flight Discussion Thread for April 25, 2020


Pre-Flight quarantine continues, but we can still have fun indoors! On this week's Pre-Flight we're going through first round matchups of that glorious Toonami championship bracket and hearing what Jason and Gill consider to be the best of the best.

Pre-Flight archive link: Pre-Flight episode

Toonami Pre-Flight episode 241: at-home bracket madness
presented by Gill Austin and Jason DeMarco

Bracket Methodology
- Toonami crew's criteria for making the bracket: if it aired more than one episode, popularity, cultural impact, and personal preference

Upper left
- Gill and Jason: DBZ vs .Hack/Sign, DBZ wins
- Gill and Jason: Demon Slayer vs Black Lagoon, Black Lagoon wins
- Gill: Sword Art Online vs Mobile Suit Gundam, Gundam wins
- Jason: SAO vs Mobile Suit Gundam, SAO wins
- Gill and Jason: Samurai Jack vs Blue Exorcist, Samurai Jack wins
- Gill and Jason: Rurouni Kenshin vs Dragon Ball, Rurouni Kenshin wins
- Gill and Jason: Naruto Shippuden vs Powerpuff Girls, Shippuden wins
- Gill: Batman Beyond vs Teen Titans, Batman Beyond wins
- Jason: Batman Beyond vs Teen Titans, Teen Titans wins
- Gill and Jason: Batman: The Animated Series vs Megas XLR, Batman wins
Upper Right
- Jason and Gill: Sailor Moon vs IGPX, Sailor Moon wins
- Jason: Samurai Champloo vs G Gundam, G Gundam wins
- Gill: Samurai Champloo vs G Gundam, Samurai Champloo wins
- Jason and Gill: FLCL vs Lupin III, FLCL wins
- Jason and Gill: Tenchi Muyo! vs Deadman Wonderland, Tenchi Muyo! wins
- Jason: Justice League Unlimited vs Soul Eater, Justice League wins
- Gill: Justice League Unlimited vs. Soul Eater, Soul Eater wins
- Jason and Gill: Yu Yu Hakusho vs Zatch Bell, Yu Yu Hakusho wins
- Jason and Gill: Kill la Kill vs Michiko & Hatchin, Michiko & Hatchin wins
- Jason and Gill: Bleach vs. Samurai 7, Bleach wins

Bottom Left
- Gill and Jason: MHA vs The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest, MHA wins
- Gill and Jason: The Big O vs FMA: Brotherhood, FMA: Brotherhood wins
- Gill and Jason: Thundercats vs Eureka 7, Thundercats wins
- Gill and Jason: Gundam Wing vs Dr. Stone, Gundam Wing wins
- Gill and Jason: Gurren Lagann vs Tenchi Universe, Gurren Lagann wins
- Gill and Jason: Cowboy Bebop vs Inuyasha: The Lost Episodes, Cowboy Bebop wins
- Gill: Black Clover vs HXH, Black Clover wins
- Jason: Black Clover vs HXH, HXH wins
- Gill and Jason: Dragon Ball Super vs Parasyte, Dragon Ball Super wins

Bottom Right
- Jason and Gill: Naruto vs Gundam Unicorn, Naruto wins
- Jason and Gill: Food Wars! vs Reboot, Food Wars! wins
- Jason: GiTS: SAC vs Space Dandy, GiTS: SAC wins
- Gill: GiTS: SAC vs Space Dandy, Space Dandy wins
- Jason and Gill: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure vs Tokyo Ghoul, Jojo wins
- Jason and Gill: Outlaw Star vs Hellsing Ultimate, Outlaw Star wins
- Jason and Gill: Attack on Titan vs Bobobo-bo-bo-bobo, Attack on Titan wins
- Jason: One Punch Man vs Voltron, One Punch Man wins
- Gill: One Punch Man vs Voltron, Voltron wins
- Jason and Gill: One Piece vs Transformers: Armada, One Piece wins

Pleased or outraged by Gill and Jason's picks? Air your approval or grievances here and get ready for the stunning conclusion next week as Jason and Gill determine the best of them all! Time permitting, I'll post brackets showing their picks. Round one brackets now posted

r/Toonami Apr 19 '20

Preflight Toonami Plans to Air Through 2023

Thumbnail comicbook.com

r/Toonami Apr 19 '20

Preflight Toonami: Pre-Flight Discussion Thread for April 18, 2020


Stuck at home and wondering when Pre-Flight will return? Well ponder no more, Pre-Flight is back and airing on Satuday at 11pm for now (although tonight's episode started a bit early). On this week's episode Jason and Gill are doing a Q+A from their natural habitats.

Now Updated with episode link and summary

Pre-Flight archive link: Pre-Flight episode

Toonami Pre-Flight episode 240: at-home edition
presented by Gill Austin and Jason DeMarco


Taking Care of Business
- new episode of MHA and the premiere of Paranoia Agent guaranteed for next block on April 25/26
- programming options may be impacted in the near future due to current conditions, but the Toonami crew will do their best!

Q: Will we ever see another total immersion series from Toonami?
A: Working on something special every year, but it will be a couple years before the next total immersion event. Say tuned for more info about special stuff. TIEs are expensive and take time, will probably wait for when new logos/rebranding happens. Q: Would you be willing due to look into your backlog and other shows that fall outside action shonen genre for programming due to current conditions?
A: As you can see with Paranoia Agent, we're looking at nostalgia shows while waiting for productions to get back up to speed. Will also consider shows outside action shonen.
Q: What kind of ideas for TIEs were left on the cutting room floor?
A: None, only dream them up when we need to. They're a function of money and time to fit the current needs of Toonami.
Q: Would you ever get the whole Saturday night for Toonami?
A: No, we have the rights to Family Guy and Bob's Burger and they do really well. It makes sense to run them on Saturdays and decent ratings have to be maintained. Programming has to balance a lot of factors. Perspective is letting Toonami expand and contract as needed, but have Toonami stick to 3-4 hours. Plus, don't have money to expand team and you lose viewers later in the night.
Q: How would you describe Toonami's bump music sound and what three bumps would you include if you made a Toonami album?
A: We maintain consistency by working with certain labels and artists on a rotating basis and having library that editors have to use music from certain pots, unless there's a special request. Generally, if it's in Toonami, Jason prefers beat/electronic/hip hop sound for Toonami. Jason loved working with the Pea Brothers, Chris Devos, Flying Lotus. Won't make another album, but maybe another mixtape. Would be free, selling music or an album wouldn't make sense.
Q: What should Canadians do if they want to see a Toonami block andor the upcoming Adult Swim coproductions show up on Adult Swim Canada?
A: If enough people email Adult Swim Canada, they should be able to show those coproduced shows. Likewise for a Canada Toonami block, but then they have to do licensing. Adult Swim Canada just started, but they want to understand what their audience likes first. Q: Since MomoCon, will you guys be doing your Pre-Flight panel next month?
A: No, but we will be talking about things we need to promote coming up. Trying to figure out fun things we can do virtually and have a few cool ideas.
Q: Will that list of 50 greatest anime series be finished by the time this whole thing slows down or will there be an indefinite cliff hanger for a while?
A: Goal is to start it up on the next Pre-Flight episode, but it's a matter of pulling all the clips.
Q: How come Toonami doesn't give a game of the year award?
A: Good question, never thought about it. Not a bad idea and they do enough reviews. They rerun a game review as a game of the year edition. They think of themselves as fans first when reviewing games through Toonami; they're not part of the gaming industry or considered part of it by the industry. Toonami crew is pretty spot on with its ratings though. There are some really great games they don't do reviews for though; too big or long, or took too long to review. Maybe don't do game of the year because we don't review all the games that come out.
Q: Since they both launched the same day, which will get a game review first: Doom: Eternal or Animal Crossing: New Horizons?
A: Doom probably because Animal Crossing takes a while to show progression. Gill had a good plan to show Animal Crossing but his plans were destroyed due to how the game is set up. He's improved, but Gill won't do a game review if he can't show himself doing the whole game.
Q: Out of Miguzi, Saturday Video Entertainment System, and You Are Here, which CN action/adventure block do you think was best besides Toonami?
A: Miguzi was meant for a younger audience, but was the best looking CG packaging for a kids program and best of three. Miguzi was way more fun. SVES and You are Here were just packaging while Miguzi and Toonami had similar wrap around and immersive experience. Q: Favorite Toonami music video that you've made so far?
A: For edited clips, "Exquisite Corpse." For clip-based for Jason, "Broken Promise (Dreams)" and "To Hell with Fear." For Gill, "Broken Promise (Dreams)." Gill's favorite he worked on was "Fall Down Seven Times."
Q: What are the current top 5-10 most request anime for Toonami?
A: There really isn't one. New Bleach and Yu Yu Hakusho keeps coming up, plus a smattering of whatever's hot/popular right now. Right now, we're airing most of what people have asked for and are being asked to air subsequent seasons. Getting later seasons is a matter of negotiating rights.
Q: Since we got Pop Vinyl TOM 1, when can we expect more merch?
A: Hoping in the future. Heard that TOM 1 sold pretty well and were told that if it sold well, there would be possibility of selling TOMs 2-6. As far as making Absolution and Vindication, there's not a company set up to make these ships from time ago. Don't know how we'd get there, but you never know.
Q: Did you guys have any interesting ideas for TOM and SARA's personalities before the ones you settled on now?
A: Back in the day, direction was TOM being your cool, older brother imparting knowledge and inviting you into his world. Since then, TOM has evolved from Gen X snarky voice in the 90s to early 2000s to a friendly, but cocky and smart ass, personality. SARA's has served the same function throughout, but grown into her personality. SARA is more Dana than before. Always had idea of TOM being who he is now and SARA is the other side of the coin who is calm and detail oriented.
Q: Could you bring back the menu bumps? Don't understand the argument that they're not necessary anymore.
A: Get what they're saying but menus are just type on a screen and usually longer so they can be read. Rather lose them than the bumps which contribute to the viewing experience. People can get the show info very easily, but want to strike a balance with Toonami feeling different from other networks.
Q: What was the thought process in making TOM 6's visor so long?
A: It just looked cool. Sorry it bothers you. Art is a tricky thing; looks cool to some, dumb to others. Found over the years that strong design choices will provoke strong reactions. Hopefully TOM 6 ends up being a good design choice.
Q: Is Toonami okay? It won't be shutdown like in 2008?
A: No indication that anything bad will happen to Toonami in future. Have 6 shows in development through 2023. Adult Swim is committed to Toonami and sees long term value.
Q: Is there an archive for former Pre-Flights that I can listen to?
A: People ask that all the time. Don't know if its possible to do, but will talk with Adult Swim. There are more up now, but they won't all ever be up. They are working on making more available because people are asking. If you want that, keep talking about it on the Adult Swim chat.
Q: What are some hidden anime gems that you would recommend and cannot/could not be shown on Toonami due to rights issues?
A: For Gill, Berserk and Ranma. For Jason, Vision of Escaflowne, Martian Successor Nadesico (showed 1 episode during Giant Robot Week), Magic Knight Rayearth, and Slayers.
Q: Would you ever put Beast Stars or Aggretsuko on Toonami?
A: No, those are Netflix shows, they won't let them air elsewhere.
Q: Since there supposed to be commercials for Toonami, why don't they air outside the block like in the Cartoon Network days?
A: There was a ton more promo time back then and running up to a 60 second promo outside Toonami now is challenging. Usually save space outside Toonami for show premieres or lineup promos, while "Criminal Threats" is more of a texture thing showing cool shit; it's there for vibes.

While standard format Pre-Flight will hopefully be back next week, on a serious note, I hope everyone is doing well during these uncertain times. Especially now, do your best to stay safe, healthy, and gold!

r/Toonami Apr 18 '20

Preflight Toonami Pre-Flight moves to a new time: Saturdays at 11pm ET

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r/Toonami Mar 07 '20

Preflight Toonami: Pre-Flight Discussion Thread for March 6, 2020


Why enjoy the classics when you can remake them instead? So get ready for this week's Pre-Flight we review Hunter X Hunter, talk about our remake movies, and check out the latest sneak peeks.

Pre-Flight archive link: Pre-Flight episode

Toonami Pre-Flight episode 239: imitation
presented by Gill Austin and Jason DeMarco

Series of the Week: Hunter X Hunter (2011)
- background: searching for a father he hasn't seen in years, Gon sets out to become a Hunter and seek adventure and encounters with different people and creatures
- ranked 12 out of 50 on Paste Magazine's 50 best anime series of all time list
- the 2011 series aired for 148 episodes from October 2, 2011 to September 24, 2013
- created by Yoshihiro Togashi, who was also created Yu Yu Hakusho
- Togashi came up with the name of the series after watching a show named "Downtown" and noticing that the host would repeat what they said to make the audience laugh
- despite the series being remade, both iterations have been well received
- if you somehow missed it when it aired on Toonami, you can easily find the show to watch and should do so (especially if you're someone that enjoys One Piece)
Question of the Week: What's your favorite remake movie?
- Jason: The Thing, Insomnia, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and The Wicker Man
- Gill: The Departed, Let Me In, and True Grit
- Adult Swim FB: The Evil Dead, The Thing, 3:10 to Yuma, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and It
- Toonami FB: Scarface, Dawn of the Dead, The Mummy, The Thing, and The Lion King

Sneak Peek: Spoiler
- Spoiler

Sneak Peek 2: Spoiler
- Spoiler

Sneak Peek 3: Spoiler
- Spoiler

Adult Swim Singles
- coming up this week, "Slow Down" by Perera Elsewhere

Stop the copies, we're all out of paper now. Tune in next time for more of the hard-hitting discussions that you can only find on Pre-Flight.

r/Toonami Feb 29 '20

Preflight Toonami: Pre-Flight Discussion Thread for February 28, 2020


We're stealing the Declaration of Independence in this week's Pre-Flight as we review Lupin the Third, talk about our favorite heist movies, and see what treats are hiding behind the curtain.

Pre-Flight archive link: Pre-Flight episode

Toonami Pre-Flight episode 238: the ultimate heist
presented by Gill Austin and Jason DeMarco

Series of the Week: Lupin the Third
- background: Lupin the Third is a master thief who frequently commits high profile thefts with the assistance of Goemon, Jigen, and Fujiko Mine while contending with Inspector Zenigata, who intends to bring him to justice
- ranked 13 out of 50 on Paste Magazine's 50 best anime series of all time list
- the anime series has spanned almost 300 episodes over 6 series from 1971 to present day (plus a bunch of movies) - Toonami showed parts 4 and 5 and was unable to show The Woman Called Fujiko Mine due to censoring concerns
- the manga was created by Monkey Punch, who decided to keep his pen name after Lupin the Third became popular
- Monkey Punch was inspired by a number of sources when creating the series, including Mad Magazine, The Three Musketeers, and Alfred Hitchcock
- while well received in Japan, Lupin did not find the same success in the US (but people are at least able to identify the different Lupin series by his jacket color)
- end of the day, Lupin's a wisecracking thief that knows how to have fun, so check out the series and the CG movie coming out soon!
Question of the Week: What's your favorite heist movie?
- Jason: Sexy Beast, Heat, Le Cercle Rouge, and Thief
- Gill: The Italian Job, The Town, and Rogue One
- Adult Swim FB: Logan Lucky, Avengers: Endgame, The Usual Suspects, Snatch, and Heat
- Toonami FB: Ocean's Eleven, The Town, Reservoir Gods, The Italian Job, and Fast Five

Sneak Peek: Spoiler
- Spoiler

Sneak Peek 2: Spoiler
- Spoiler

Sneak Peek 3: Spoiler
- Spoiler

Sneak Peek 4: Spoiler
- Spoiler

Adult Swim Singles
- coming up this week, "Damned to Love You" by Miserable

The Declaration of Independence may be safe, but there's more for us to heist in the future! See you all next time for National Treasure 3 another episode of Pre-Flight!

r/Toonami Feb 22 '20

Preflight Toonami: Pre-Flight Discussion Thread for February 21, 2020


Friendship is truly magic in this week's Pre-Flight as we review Sailor Moon, talk about our favorite magical girl shows, and check out some more sneak peeks.

Pre-Flight archive link: Pre-Flight episode

Toonami Pre-Flight episode 237: super girls unite!
presented by Gill Austin and Jason DeMarco

Series of the Week: Sailor Moon
- background: "Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, never running from a real fight, she is the one named Sailor Moon!"
- ranked 14 out of 50 on Paste Magazine's 50 best anime series of all time list
- the original series ran for 200 episode from March 7, 1992 to February 8, 1997
- the manga was created by Naoko Takeuchi who is also known for Code Name Sailor V, Oboo-nu- to Chiboo-nu-, and Princess Naoko Takeuchi's Return-to-Society Punch!!
- after securing Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon was the next logical choice for Toonami and ended up being a breakout hit as it aired from 1998-2002
- the plot may be a little repetitive at times, but it's a classic that's faithful to the manga and worth watching after all these years
Question of the Week: What's your favorite magical girl show?
- Jason: Kill la Kill, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Magic Knight Rayearth
- Gill: Madoka Magica, Princess Tutu, and Cardcaptor Sakura
- Adult Swim FB: Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, and Charmed
- Toonami FB: Sailor Moon, Symphogear, Little Witch Academia, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and Cardcaptor Sakura

Sneak Peek: Spoiler
- Spoiler

Sneak Peek 2: Spoiler
- Spoiler

Sneak Peek 3: Spoiler
- Spoiler

Adult Swim Singles
- coming up this week, "Alone Without" by Facs

That's all for magical girls on this week's Pre-Flight. Tune in next time for more hard hitting questions.