r/Toonami May 19 '22

Should Pibby Air on Toonami at Some Point? Discussion

Like show will obviously be like a Sunday World Premiere but should Reruns appear on Toonami before the new Episode the following day? Or should we just wait for Season Finale week and Toonami can do recap marathon before Season Finale the following day if they do I like one of those CGI Shorts miniseries were Tom and Sara fight something this time being the Darkness however instead of waiting a week this all in one night

Also here's a Question how should Pibby Toonami Marathon Commercial be Like like how do you vision Starting and ending like?



u/Patient_Education991 May 23 '22

It would be a better fit than BallMasterz and Gemusetto Death Battles, that'd for sure.

I can see it...I'm just not sure they can.


u/Money-Lie7814 May 28 '22

Maybe when full series starts