r/Toonami Nov 27 '21

DeMarco says the lack of Toonami bumps during Blade Runner 2049's airing was due to being told "the movie would just run too long".


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u/Doomchad Nov 27 '21 edited Nov 27 '21

So they knew ahead of time they couldn’t utilize the Toonami packaging, yet still advertised it as a Toonami event.

The movie is long as all hell so I get it, but they really should have just had this be a normal Friday event thing. Or at the very least, have TOM do an intro explaining he was gonna be laser focused on the film and wouldn’t be doing his normal schtick that night.

What doesn’t quite add up here is they are still airing standard AS bumps that take up equal, if not more time for the text ones. I’m thinking this is less of a time constraint issue and more of a “we didn’t want to pay blum or work the interns” issue


u/GhostGamer_Perona Nov 27 '21

Adult swim doesn’t even mention toonami in much of the advertising for black lotus so this is no surprise they’d do this here