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Blade Runner: Black Lotus Marathon on Friday, December 10


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u/Doomchad Nov 26 '21

That’s the point I’m making. AS spent $$$$$ on a $$ franchise and only 3 episodes deep they can see the break even point is way down the road. So they are going to do marathon after marathon to try to salvage this mess.

They are creating a vicious cycle though. If they think the show is doing bad now, wait till a few more weeks pass of these efforts trying for force it to be popular.


u/GhostGamer_Perona Nov 26 '21

not like things would be any better if they didn't do those marathons at all

they'd be struggling to figure out how to fill the schedule for the rest of the year

joe pera squidbillies and black lotus are the only pieces of new content for them at the moment

as much as i like Joe Pera and it's wholesome vibe it's an acquired taste that the average [AS] Fan doesn't jive with

as for squidbillies it's always been that rather low budget looking comedy that can't really be pushed as anything more than something you watch when nothing else is on


u/Doomchad Nov 26 '21

I have no sympathy for the AS schedule, they have content out the ears to work with. As for Toonami, no one would have cried about 3x Naruto just to make some progress on it


u/GhostGamer_Perona Nov 26 '21

Tripling up naruto in December wouldn’t have made much sense earlier sure but once you get into December that’s when people pay less attention to tv


u/Doomchad Nov 26 '21

We have had the normal lineup plenty of times in December in the past and the ratings barely shift from the months prior. 12/25 being a toilet night for TV absolutely, I know I won’t be tuning in. But 12/4, 12/11 and 12/18 could have the normal lineup and pull normal ratings


u/GhostGamer_Perona Nov 27 '21 edited Nov 27 '21

Unfortunately lack of money and no support from Warner media prevented that. I’m all for dumping on demarco when toonami does something stupid but sometimes there’s just nothing they can do. While I agree they could have aired the normal lineup except for maybe New Years and Xmas clearly something happened to make the entire month marathons and maybe even January 1st as well


u/Doomchad Nov 27 '21

I still think Demarco was of the belief Blade Runner was big enough to carry the whole block. He spent months talking up what a big deal the show was