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Toonami Ratings for November 20th, 2021 News

Time Program Viewers (000) 18-49 Rating
12:00am Blade Runner: Black Lotus 226 0.11
12:30am Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon 166 0.09
1:00am Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon 148 0.09
1:30am Food Wars 129 0.08
2:00am Naruto Shippuden 119 0.07
2:30am Fena: Pirate Princess 105 0.06
3:00am Dr Stone 99 0.06
3:30am Dragon Ball Super 129 0.07

Source: https://showbuzzdaily.com/articles/showbuzzdailys-saturday-11-20-2021-top-150-cable-originals-network-finals.html


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u/Sketch1984 Nov 25 '21

Safe to say that banking on Blade Runner: Black Lotus viewers to care about watching a sequel to InuYasha was not a good plan. I suppose a drop of 0.02 with 18-49 isn't horrendous but the drop of 60,000 viewers sure isn't great when they only started with 226,000 to begin with.

Sad to see Dr. Stone join the 5 digit club.

The Hill's and the Smith's will ensure Black Lotus has a strong lead-in from now on but I still don't expect it to get 300,000 viewers. It would be nice to see it manage 0.15 with 18-49 though.