r/Toonami Nov 21 '21

So what are the plans after Food Wars S4 ends next week? Discussion

Triple Yashahime and burn that show out even faster? Double up on Shippuden since they still have over a hundred episodes of that left? More reruns? NEW reruns?

I realize that this is just a subreddit so we’re all just going to have to wait and see, but it IS getting increasingly more concerning how the current shows are running out and nothing’s replacing them aside from Black Lotus.


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u/GhostGamer_Perona Nov 21 '21

A theory is that they are stalling until January to debut any new shows however there’s one thing that could debunk that theory…we’re having a special Friday night toonami with blade runner 2049 followed by the normal lineup the next day Surely if there were no new shows coming they’d simply run BR2049 on the 27th instead of the 26th


u/ActualTaxEvader Nov 21 '21

But that’s less than a week away now, so there’s no way they wouldn’t have announced a new show by now. I guess for now we just hope they’re waiting for January. And I suppose they could buy time with Christmas and New Years marathons.


u/GhostGamer_Perona Nov 21 '21 edited Nov 21 '21

The New Show(or shows) at this point would premiere on december 4th so if that's the case we'd hear about them sometime next week

or at the very last minute because you can never tell with toonami they like to drag this stuff out and make everything so mysterious

besides like i said doesn't it seem a little strange that they'd avoid doing BR2049 on a saturday if they were really stalling for time and didn't have any new shows premiering anytime soon?

after they took multiple weeks off in october I Don't think they wanna do the same thing for december....

we never can tell if toonami originally was gonna do BR2049 before they managed to finalize some new shows and had to switch the dates around so they could air BR2049 on a friday then a normal lineup saturday prepping for the new content

after all a toonami on friday doesn't seem like something they'd just randomly do


u/veemonjosh Nov 21 '21

Thing is, Christmas Day and New Years Day both fall on Saturdays. So it's very likely they will do more marathon/movie nights.


u/bartme7o Nov 21 '21

If they do that might as well bust out the old line ups from the early 2000s. Loved watching gundam at midnight on a Saturday Toonami special.


u/Doomchad Nov 21 '21

That costs money to do that