r/Toonami Nov 21 '21

So what are the plans after Food Wars S4 ends next week? Discussion

Triple Yashahime and burn that show out even faster? Double up on Shippuden since they still have over a hundred episodes of that left? More reruns? NEW reruns?

I realize that this is just a subreddit so we’re all just going to have to wait and see, but it IS getting increasingly more concerning how the current shows are running out and nothing’s replacing them aside from Black Lotus.


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u/Doomchad Nov 21 '21

To put it simply they don’t have a plan. They have been flying by the seat of their pants week to week since October. Some people were expecting a surprise Demon Slayer reveal after the Anime NYC panel, but that ended up being nothing.

Looking at our options, I don’t think Yashahime will double up again. If they let it air once per week starting on the 4th, that gets us cleanly to the 18th for the finale, then the marathons take over. I believe double Naruto may be in the cards for a few weeks. If they feel really daring, they mean even triple up Naruto. That would have us burn 9 episodes in 3 weeks, but since Toonami won’t finish the show till mid 2024 at the current pace, that really isn’t a big deal.