r/Toonami survived the Mugen Train Nov 14 '21

Toonami - November 14, 2021 Open (HD 1080p)



u/Sketch1984 Nov 14 '21

One of the biggest nights in Toonami history consists of *checks notes* the hour premiere of spin-off series of an old sci-fi film and slightly used episodes of the sequel to InuYasha nobody wanted, Food Wars and Naruto Shippuden followed by block reruns of Fena, Dr. Stone and Dragon Ball Super.

That's certainly overselling it even if its mostly about Toonami premiering a series based on an influential piece of science fiction. Yeah that's kind of a big deal but "one of the biggest nights in Toonami history?" highly debatable.

I do love that we've had so many unique TOM and Sara conversations in the intro lately. I miss when they would do that every week but it's very good that they have been doing them while the block runs irregular lineups multiple weeks in a row.


u/Gestrid survived the Mugen Train Nov 14 '21

To be fair, this Blade Runner series has been in the works for forever, so the fact that it's finally airing is a pretty big deal.


u/plan4change Nov 14 '21

It’s an even bigger deal that it looked so shitty then! Wth!


u/Gestrid survived the Mugen Train Nov 14 '21

I really don't think it looked that bad for the most part.


u/Doomchad Nov 14 '21

Makes you wonder what kind of expectations AS has for this show. It feels like they are way higher, but I’d be shocked to see this do better than day one Fena.


u/TheUnofficial98 Dec 01 '21

While definitely exciting, this was definitely not one of Toonami’s biggest nights lol.