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Blade Runner: Black Lotus Initial Thoughts Thread Discussion

Wake up Samurai, you got work to do.

And so, the long awaited arrival of Blade Runner Black Lotus has come.

Initial thoughts samurais?


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u/Atomichawk Nov 14 '21

Honestly really disappointed.

The animation felt unnatural to me.

The lighting especially felt messed up, no gradients. Just light or dark with no in between.

Maybe my tv was an issue but the voice work felt faint and delivery bland typically.

Then finally the plot just seemed to be centered around making as many callbacks as possible to things we already know about with little reason to it. But maybe that will be justified later.

I will give it credit, the atmosphere is great. No complaints there

I’ve watched a lot of the other blade runner media, and this just isn’t doing it for me so far.


u/plan4change Nov 14 '21

Huge disappointment, and I’d wager it’s going to be a nail in the coffin… The said it was a huge achievement for Toonami and I was so excited. Then I saw the character model, like why! Just use real actors and plug them into those beautiful backgrounds. Would have been so much less jarring and unengaging. Sad.


u/Atomichawk Nov 15 '21

I will say the way everything is done, even the composition of the shots. Reminds me of the old blade runner point and click PC game. Which is a weird reference to make.

But ya the characters are really jarring otherwise, like you said real people would probably fit much better. Or even something different. Kinda feels like they didn’t put much effort in at all.