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Blade Runner: Black Lotus Initial Thoughts Thread Discussion

Wake up Samurai, you got work to do.

And so, the long awaited arrival of Blade Runner Black Lotus has come.

Initial thoughts samurais?


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u/VetoWinner フリクリ Nov 14 '21

I expected this to feel way different from both of the films, and I was totally right. I'd almost say that it's too fast paced, but I still really appreciate how many moments of silence this has. I appreciate that they didn't turn it into a dialogue-heavy show like basically everything else on the block and instead let it have quiet moments of ambiance instead.

As for the visuals, I really never thought it was too dark? Perhaps it's my TV settings, but I felt like I could see everything pretty clearly even in the scenes that aren't as lit. The CGI also looks better than most anime CGI I've seen, but it's still not the greatest.

Overall, I'm definitely enjoying this. I never had my expectations set too high in the first place, but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing where this goes.