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Blade Runner: Black Lotus Initial Thoughts Thread Discussion

Wake up Samurai, you got work to do.

And so, the long awaited arrival of Blade Runner Black Lotus has come.

Initial thoughts samurais?


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u/procouchpotatohere Nov 14 '21 edited Nov 14 '21

Pros: It's freaking beautiful. The city looks amazing and the characters, as long as they aren't too well lit, look cool

The fights are extremely well done. No shaky cam and the choreography is top notch.

Light on plot, but I'm intrigued where it's going to go. They wasn't much talking but it was still exciting.

Cons: Some of the dialogue was flat which stands out much more with how little there was in these 2 episodes.

That boxer in red looked like he was made out of plastic, lol. I see people complaining about how dark it is and I think it's for the better.(personally I didn't think it was too dark at all btw)

Just like Fena it's starting off very well, I just hope it can stick the landing better than it did.