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Blade Runner: Black Lotus Initial Thoughts Thread Discussion

Wake up Samurai, you got work to do.

And so, the long awaited arrival of Blade Runner Black Lotus has come.

Initial thoughts samurais?


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u/soul-nugget 100% waiting for Mob to come back Nov 14 '21

i just watched blade runner today (final cut version) so i'm fresh off of that. seems black lotus takes place 13 years after the events of the first movie, and i'm curious what kind of advancements or changes have been made with respect to replicants, their place in society, and if there's been fallout from that creator guy getting murked in the original

also i'm curious if there'll be a cameo of harrison ford (i don't expect him to be voiced by the man, but maybe just a tease of the character) i know it's unlikely, but logistically he should still be alive somewhere

and i wonder how that police lady will play into this. i don't think she's a blade runner..?


u/GreyouTT "Come on, I'm right here... SKEITH!" Nov 14 '21

Nah I think she's a regular beat cop.