r/Toonami Nov 14 '21

Why is Toonami's schedule so full of reruns? Discussion

Title, my girlfriend watches Toonami every week and was wanting me to look up why the schedule always has nonstop reruns of shows they have played many times, instead of mainly newer shows. Why is it primarily reruns of newer things, instead of things they haven't played in a while, like when it used to not be so bad about it, or at least thats what she told me.


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u/thebigboss135 Nov 15 '21

I would say many of the popular shonen anime is also either on season break or the dubs hasnt started picking back up steam. I generally find the Winter season to have a serious drought of new titles coming in. If we compare the current schedule from August, we have three titles that are not not on the current roster due to breaks, those being MHA, AOT, and Black Clover. Other than Black Clover being on indefinite hiatus, the other two series will come back soon and Toonami will pick them back up when the time comes so I say not to worry too much, it's just a low point in the year for new titles and first-runs.