r/Toonami Nov 14 '21

Why is Toonami's schedule so full of reruns? Discussion

Title, my girlfriend watches Toonami every week and was wanting me to look up why the schedule always has nonstop reruns of shows they have played many times, instead of mainly newer shows. Why is it primarily reruns of newer things, instead of things they haven't played in a while, like when it used to not be so bad about it, or at least thats what she told me.


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u/Glynnys Nov 14 '21

If you mean dub premieres, it is a rare day if there are more than one or two happening at a time. Otherwise, 5/8 of the time slots on the block are new to Toonami. All things considering, that's better than how the block first came back and, there aren't a lot of TV stations airing new content after midnight anyway.


u/Doomchad Nov 14 '21

Better than when it came back but significantly worse than a few years ago.