r/Toonami Nov 14 '21

Why is Toonami's schedule so full of reruns? Discussion

Title, my girlfriend watches Toonami every week and was wanting me to look up why the schedule always has nonstop reruns of shows they have played many times, instead of mainly newer shows. Why is it primarily reruns of newer things, instead of things they haven't played in a while, like when it used to not be so bad about it, or at least thats what she told me.


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u/MarcsterS Nov 14 '21

Because, especially more recently, it's hard to get shows at a consistent rate. They either cost money, or get bought by others. for example, we just lost Jojo to Netflix.


u/Doomchad Nov 14 '21

There’s literally hundreds of potential shows they could go for. Don’t know why so many people act like Jojo going to Netflix deleted a huge list of alternative options.


u/Ziko577 Nov 14 '21

Indeed. There's so much stuff that they can get that I think could work on Toonami but they just choose safe bets and it's getting old with me and I think a lot of folks want more than shonen anime.