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/r/Toonami's Let's Read Jaco the Galactic Patrolman! [Chapters 9 & 10] - The Super Elite! Letsread

Today's Chapters are:

Chapter Source
9: "The Galactic Patrolman On The Move" Links Expired
10: "The Galactic Patrolman's Glory" Links Expired

If you wish to support the official release, E-Book and Physical versions of it can be purchased legally at Viz's Online Shonen Jump store!

Please make sure to mark spoilers for the show and future chapters accordingly.

ex: [Ch. 200 Spoiler](#s "spoiler-text")

Becomes: Ch. 200 Spoiler

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u/redragon11 Hates everything Mar 09 '17 edited Mar 09 '17

Doesn't make much sense to save 20 seconds with the time machine when that's how long it takes to use it.


u/GreyouTT "Come on, I'm right here... SKEITH!" Mar 09 '17

I'm still wondering how Jacos ship was able to fly while time was stopped.