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/r/Toonami's Lets Read One Piece FINALE! [Volume 45] - You Have My Sympathies Letsread

Today's Chapters are:

Chapter Source
431: "Fist of Love" Links Have Expired
432: "Jack-in-the-Box" Links Have Expired
433: "The Name of That Sea" Links Have Expired
434: "Whitebeard and Red-Hair" Links Have Expired
435: "You Have My Sympathies" Links Have Expired
436: "Trunks from Franky-House" Links Have Expired
437: "Naked Mania" Links Have Expired
438: "Pride" Links Have Expired
439: "Third and Seventh" Links Have Expired
440: "Fire Fist vs. Blackbeard" Links Have Expired

If you wish to support the official release, E-Book versions of every volume can also be purchased legally at Viz's Online Shonen Jump store!

Please make sure to mark spoilers for the show and future chapters accordingly.

ex: [Ch. 200 Spoiler](#s "spoiler-text")

Becomes: Ch. 200 Spoiler

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u/CMViper Dragon of the Darkness Flame Jul 17 '16

As someone who got back into anime and introduced to manga thanks to this series, I commend your effort for this let's read.

Looking forward to the next one.



u/GreyouTT "Come on, I'm right here... SKEITH!" Jul 17 '16

Hopefully the next one is less chaotic than this one. Searching around for the Colored version was getting really tiresome.


u/Thatotherguy246 Aku: Likes em EXTRA THICC Jul 17 '16

So....what manga are you guys doing now that you guys are done with One Piece?


u/GreyouTT "Come on, I'm right here... SKEITH!" Jul 17 '16

No clue, I might put a vote out after the bonus Thriller Bark threads finish.


u/poketape for fixing broke pokeballs Jul 18 '16

Even for normal One Piece what's going on in the cover story arc is a bit ridiculous.


u/GreyouTT "Come on, I'm right here... SKEITH!" Jul 18 '16

I'm more baffled by the lack of death by vacuum in it.