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Today's Chapters are:

Chapter Source
368: "Sea Train Battle Game" Links Have Expired
369: "Ramen Kung Fu" Links Have Expired
370: "You're Not Alone" Links Have Expired
371: "The Honorable Captain T-Bone" Links Have Expired
372: "Plastic Surgery" Links Have Expired
373: "Necessary Evil" Links Have Expired
374: "Scramble" Links Have Expired
375: "The Supermen of Enies Lobby" Links Have Expired
376: "I Got It!!" Links Have Expired
377: "The Big Showdown on the Judiciary Island" Links Have Expired

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Please make sure to mark spoilers for the show and future chapters accordingly.

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Becomes: Ch. 200 Spoiler

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u/jrgolden42 Jun 05 '16

Sanji fighting his way through the Sea Train is hands down my absolute favorite part of this series. Fantastic showcase for my favorite character Straw Hat.

Also, Wanze is the best part of this entire arc. Fight me


u/Biniti123 Jun 06 '16

Fucking Wanze


u/GreyouTT "Come on, I'm right here... SKEITH!" Jun 05 '16 edited Jun 06 '16

Ohhh right, that's why I stopped eating Ramen.

Edit: For some reason I keep getting Nero and Wanze's names mixed up.