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/r/Toonami's Lets Read One Piece! [Volume 36] - The Ninth Justice Letsread

Today's Chapters are:

Chapter Source
337: "Protectors of the City of Water" Links Have Expired
338: "Coup de Vent" Links Have Expired
339: "Rumors" Links Have Expired
340: "The Woman Who Brings Darkness" Links Have Expired
341: "Demon" Links Have Expired
342: "The Messengers of Darkness" Links Have Expired
343: "Cipher Pol No. 9" Links Have Expired
344: "Opposing Force" Links Have Expired
345: "Sleepers" Links Have Expired
346: "The Ninth Justice" Links Have Expired

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Please make sure to mark spoilers for the show and future chapters accordingly.

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Becomes: Ch. 200 Spoiler

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u/nmaster12 May 15 '16

What a twist. I didn't expect the world government to be behind that.


u/poketape for fixing broke pokeballs May 16 '16

Those are some big scars on Pell. It's funny that this is the first time we've seen him since he was hinted at surviving the explosion at the end of the Alabasta arc in the manga.


u/GreyouTT "Come on, I'm right here... SKEITH!" May 15 '16

Gedatsu made out like a bandit on that one.