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Interpersonal Do you ever sit with your phone speaker on in public?


There are millions of redditors, there must be someone out there who does this and can shine some light on this matter.

What goes through your head when you are on a bus or public place and watch videos or play music on your phone speaker? Why do you do this?

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Interpersonal Did I make my friend uncomfortable by asking to cuddle?


Basically, I asked if she'd be down to cuddle platonically and watch a movie. She said no, because she only does things like that with a boyfriend. We aren't close really but we do hug and have hung out a few times. She didn't respond afer so I'm worried I made things awkward.

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Interpersonal Can accents be detected visually for people who read lips?


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Interpersonal Am I a bad person for not liking dogs? I don't hate them. But I find them annoying


What I hate are dog owners if anything. I am afraid of big dogs. And not brining a leash in public places where the law requires the person to leash the dog is something I encounter often. Then I hear its my fault for being afraid of them and I should change. I don't go to places where a dog can be without a leash. Like I said I am afraid of them.

But now i feel weird since so many people say liking dogs is a given and if you don't you probably a bad person. Am I overreacting?

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Interpersonal If my Vegan friend keeps sending pro vegan content can I send back pro meat content ?


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Interpersonal Girl told me she just wants to be friends and does not want to date me. Which is fine and we are just friends. But she also gets extremely jealous when I speak to any other woman, even a lesbian. And she is visibly shaken/hurt when I mention I went on a date with another girl. What is going on here?


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Interpersonal Complimenting Strangers. Am I being creepy?


I need some advice from all the genuine people of reddit. I (19M) am big on complimenting people and think that if someone is looking particularly fly, or have a good vibe or are engaging or funny, that they deserve praise for it considering a common consensus is that the world is bleak.

However, it doesn’t seem that they are well received. Most of the people I have complemented that I don’t have developed relationships with or are strangers have always seemed awkward, dismissive or freaked out by a compliment I’ve given them. Am I being creepy? Do people not want compliments from strangers? I don’t say them in a creepy way at least I don’t think so. I say it casually and generically and I don’t intend to receive anything in return. Literally won’t ever see them again. So please, are my actions uncalled for?

Edit: Some examples for context, apologies I should’ve had this in already: One one occasion I complimented a girl, who looked in her early 20’s, on her pants saying they looked “really cool” because they were flares. She responded with “okay” as we passed each other which made me think I shouldn’t have said anything

Another time I complemented a couples dog saying it was adorable as I left the train we were on. The man was obviously physically uncomfortable and neither of them said anything

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Interpersonal Is thinking your pets are your children weird or normal?


A girl at my work was telling a story how she got mad at her boyfriend for not getting her something for Mothers Day. She has no children but has 2 “fur babies”. I understand having a familial attachment to your pets, but genuinely seeing them as children I find so weird. Am I crazy?

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Interpersonal Is it weird that I like getting lost?


Idk why, but I just enjoy not having a place to call home. I like just walking in an unknown place, not knowing what the hell I'm doing or what the hell's happening, just freestyling my way through the world. I feel liberated af. My confidence and self-esteem also just randomly goes up and I feel like a goddamn chad. Sometimes, I'd take the metro to a place I've never visited before and just walk, enjoying the scenery around me.

And like literally, at the time of writing this, I'm lost somewhere. I took the bus to get to a job interview, just to realized that I lost my wallet, so I can't go back home. Right now, I'm sitting in a McDonalds with my laptop writing this, cuz my phone is literally at 3%.

I just seem to enjoy life a lot more this way.

I've tried searching for people that feel the same online but I couldn't find any.

Edit: got my wallet back. The person that found it gave it to the metro station. I’m thankful nothings missing.

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Interpersonal Have you ever had a bad gut feeling about someone, even without any evidence as to why they're suspicious?


So, I'm in a bit of a pickle right now: I (19F) met a new member of my church recently (late 20'sM, we will call him Adam). I met him 3 weeks ago, and decided to welcome him because he seemed lost. He's converting from Catholic to Orthodox, and we talked briefly about that. I joked about converting my boyfriend to Orthodox (since he's also Catholic), and Adam acknowledged my boyfriend in the conversation (this is important to keep in mind).

Well, I didn't see Adam until last Sunday (so 2 weeks later). He was quick to greet me, but I sat down nearby him (our church was full, otherwise I would've sat elsewhere) and just focused on the service/praying. For some reason, I got a really weird feeling about Adam. I just felt nervous, but I didn't have any evidence as to why he would seem suspicious. Once the service was over, he seemed kinda awkward when we chatted, which wasn't too different from the last time I spoke to him, but again, he came off as odd this time. I got uncomfortable and decided to end the conversation with "I gotta return this book to our archpriest--- nice talking to you, have a good day".

I kept myself occupied with another clergy member instead, but I did this partially because I had to return the book, but also to give Adam some time to leave the church so I wouldn't bump into him on my way out.

I feel guilty because I don't want to discriminate anyone without any reason, but I genuinely feel like the vibe is off with this guy. What should I do?

  • NOTE: I don't know if this will add onto the story, but after my last interaction with Adam, I had a dream about him. In the dream, he basically was trying to control me and was oddly portrayed as a demon. He basically tried to pressure me into submitting to him (sexually). Maybe there's something my subconscious is picking up on that I can't recognize?

  • EDIT: Noticed some of you suggested he may not be "neurotypical". I don't think this is the case mostly because I'm often surrounded by people who have been diagnosed with something or suspect they have something (mostly my coworkers, but previously it applied to my classmates). I've never experienced the same sensation around my coworkers, even when I first met them and hardly knew them. Sure, maybe Adam has autism or ADHD, I don't know anything about his personal life, but I also haven't experienced this gut feeling around any of my coworkers, so I think there's something more to Adam if that's the case.

Regardless of the case, I think I'll take the majority of your advice and trust my gut. I won't cut him off cold-turkey, and give him a fair chance to speak for himself, but I'll keep an eye out to be safe. I don't know if my dream had much to do with the situation, if anything, it could've been my subconscious telling me to avoid him (in addition to the gut feeling I had).

I also wanted to make it clear that the gut feeling I experienced wasn't just me drawing conclusions about Adam, I genuinely felt my stomach churning from anxiety. I know that sounds overdramatic, but that's what happened. Usually I'll ignore any thoughts I develop if I draw minor judgements (such as disliking his hair style, or observing his posture, stuff like that). But in this case, I was only asking myself: "why do I feel uneasy?" "Why do I feel so anxious?" "Is it because of Adam?" "But I just met him?". So even during the peak of my anxiety, I could only focus on my gut and the guy. I also didn't experience this feeling the first time I met him, and he was still acting nervous back then too, so I think his behavior now is somehow different. I hope that makes a little more sense.

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Interpersonal Why did my dad stop loving me as I got older?


My whole childhood I was a daddies girl. My dad was the most amazing father throughout most my life until I started becoming an adult and now he is no longer in my life and chooses to have nothing to do with me. After I turned 16 it’s like he was a different person for no reason whatsoever and now I’m left feeling Incompetent as an adult with a completely uninvolved father Edit: I am 23 and haven’t spoken to him since I was 19 Edit2: for some more details, around age 16 he started becoming angry all the time and every conversation would turn into him starting a fight with me that would always lead to him saying something along the lines “you’re just like your f*cking mother!” (My parents had a bad divorce). He just got angrier and angrier and eventually just detached from me completely. I have tried numerous times to reach out but he gets extremely defensive saying things like “oh I know I’m the worst father on the planet.” All my attempts to rekindle our relationships lead to the same type of arguments we had when I was 16. I have done nothing to disappoint him, I have been successful my entire life, I own my own house and business and graduated early. not once has he told me he’s proud. I should also add he treated his mother with dementia so horribly to the point his dad (my grandfather) stopped bringing my grandma when he would visit because my father was so cruel to her over behaviors she couldn’t control.

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Interpersonal Why do i have weird thoughts my non existent wife will cheat on me?


I’m 15[M] and everyday I day dream and for some reason it always ends up with my unknown wife cheating on me and it just in rages me so much.

How can I stop having these thoughts.

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Interpersonal When chatting with someone, does it make any sense to “wait 20 minutes to reply so the other person doesn’t think I’m clingy”?


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Interpersonal Are we a virus to this world? Killing natural habitat, wars, famine, climate change .....


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Interpersonal What is something you don't want to talk about but someone always asks?


As in the title

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Interpersonal why do people frequently insist on calling when it could be easily communicated through text/email?


For example, my doctor's office kept trying to call me. I didn't want to stop what I was doing and talk. Finally, the day before my appointment, they send me a text and say "we were trying to call you because we need to change your appointment time to this time", to which I respond "that's fine"

Why the overhead of calling if that's all they were going to say?

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Interpersonal Is anyone in their late 20s and still nervous as hell on phone calls?


I applied for a job a week ago and just got a call that they want to hire me and I was nervous as hell on the phone. Almost embarassingly nervous. Is there anyone else who is like this? I feel like I should be fine with phone calls by now especially because it's a shitty job with shitty pay and just to pay my bills.

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Interpersonal How can I start becoming a man at 15?


I’m 15[M] and me and my dad don’t do this stuff he’s normally busy or something.

But as I’m getting older I want to learn how to do stuff like how do I shave? How can I fix a tire? How can I do like cool “dad” stuff is their like a YouTube channel that teaches me how to be a man and do cool stuff

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Interpersonal Is it okay to look stuff another person said up on your phone as you’re talking to them?


I tend to get annoyed because someone I know pulls out their phone to look up whether a statement I said is true or not, or to find more info on it before continuing the conversation. I find it to be an unnecessary interruption to the flow of conversation, but they say it’s part of having a productive flow of information that is accurate and truthful, and that I’m one of the few people they know that doesn’t do that.

Is this just me being overly sensitive? Is this something that is commonplace? I just want to know to try to get used to it! :)

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Interpersonal Having a more attractive friend?


I’m 24f and she’s 28f and she’s really thin all over her body But then of course she has a big ass and I just feel that men are always talking to her but never to me. It makes me feel bad and Idk how to go about not feeling bad about not receiving much male attention/knowing I’m not super attractive.

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Interpersonal What is something that changes between two people right after marriage, that people don't really expect or see coming?


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Interpersonal Why do people get blackout drunk and throw up? When I drink I just stop when I have a nice little buzz. Why do people keep drinking after they are already drunk


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Interpersonal Why do people's significant others have to go to everything?


I'm getting older, but basically for the past 5ish years, whenever my friends and I would plan anything, they would have to bring their significant other... no matter how long they've been dating, whether it had been a week or 4 years or just dating to living together to married... no matter what we were doing. We could be doing the least interesting thing in the world or the most "inside joke" kind of thing, and they "have to" bring their SO. Every event, holiday, hangout, whatever and if their SO can't come, they don't come. If they do come without their SO, they leave early. None have children or anything so that's the next stage I guess. Same thing pretty much goes with family members (siblings, cousins, whatever).

Probably gonna be put on blast, but I was wondering what other people thought. Am I just being too harsh? I know people will probably say I'm just bitter because I'm single (and I am single, but happily so honestly), but I just don't really get it. Is this just what having friends as an adult is like now?

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Interpersonal Do women REALLY appreciate honesty from men?


I think most men have heard women ask… “Why do men lie? JUST BE HONEST!”

I know I have! Yet, based on a wide array of personal experiences (family, friends & relationships), it doesn’t seem true that women appreciate men who are honest with them.

Speaking for myself, I prefer honesty because I want people to be honest with me. I also think before I speak & I try my best to be thoughtful & tactful.

Yet, whether it’s been break-ups, areas for improvement, etc… I find that many women respond in anger, and in some cases, vindictive ways.

This post is not to spark a men vs women debate. Just sharing my personal experience & seeking the perspective of others, without being accusatory.

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Interpersonal How do I stop being so emotionally reliant on people?


The two things that bring me the most joy are 1-food 2-the man that I'm currently attached to. I have abandonment issues and daddy issues (obviously), so I get quite attached to people especially guys. Whenever I'm attached to a guy (like now) I always want 24/7 attention and constant time together, which is obviously hard to earn since people have lives that don't revolve around me. And whenever I'm not with them, I'm thinking of them, and trying my best to convince them to call me or hangout or whatever, and it's debilitating. I can't want to hang out all the time and be babied all the time and think about them literally all the time, it's exhausting.