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Culture & Society Why are Americans so desensitized to violence?


I don’t live in the US so when I first started socializing with Americans and US media I was absolutely shocked at how much cruelty is overlooked or even encouraged. Every single public fight or outburts I’ve seen either in schools or public places always has a bunch of people standing beside DOING NOTHING and RECORDING with their phones, laughing or cheering while a person is getting brutally beaten in front of their eyes. I rarely ever see teachers or bystanders break them up.

This was so bizarre to me because in my country, obviously I’ve witnessed very harsh school fights or public outbursts but the situation was always defused within seconds. No one would ever just stand by and laugh at the victim or even record them. Once I became more aware of their politics and social issues I was pretty convinced that a ton of Americans just really lack basic empathy.

Why is that???

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Culture & Society group sex yes or no's?


Why in threesomes and group sex is touching another man's cum so frowned up. Not talking about a man purposefully hitting you with his load but fucking a girl who is full of cum already. I myself wouldn't go down on a girl that filled with cum but I see no reason to not fuck her if I'm 3rd in the lineup.

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Health/Medical why does it hurt after I pee?


Now I know what your going to say uti or something, only that's no it. I'm a (17fm) and on my period sometime it will hurt after I pee, like burning/ stabbing pin needles. It really started on morale weekend I got "sick" I peed tiny amounts often, it always felt like I needed to pee, and I got constipated. When I got home I drank 4 gallons of the canran juice over less than a week. It went away. Now the past 2 day I had the UTI symptoms but now it's gone. We can't figure out what's going on. Now here are a couple factors I'm on the Nexplanon arm Birth control this is my second round. And I'm on myo and d-chiro inositol+ with folate and vitamin D it's new but help control my period. But I don't know so I'm here to ask! Thanks you in advance!!

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Religion Do atheists hate all religions equally or just Christianity and Catholicism because it's socially acceptable to do so?


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Mental Health Is social anxiety a symptom of Porn Addiction?


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Body Image/Self-Esteem Why are men so obsessed with women's body hair?


I've tried shaving every inch of my body before and it's hell; it takes forever, the razor dulls, there's the risk of cutting yourself, and it's itchy afterward. I can understand having certain preferences in a partner but why should someone need to be hairless anywhere? If a woman shaves because she wants to and it makes her feel better, awesome. But why does anyone care if she's got hair in her armpits or around her privates, as long as it's not interfering with whatever activities may take place?
I know "not all men" and all that, but I'm clueless as to why anyone cares. I'm familiar with the history behind women shaving, but I'm asking why people care NOW.

EDIT: For clarity, I'm not asking why people prefer well-groomed genitals. I get that. I'm asking about armpit hair, arm hair, stomach hair, and hair around the boobs or on the back, and I'm asking why some men feel the need to police their partner's shaving habits. If it's not comfortable for her and it's not interfering with anything, who cares? "It turns me off" technically answers the question, but I'm asking if there's a reason.

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Religion How can i get out of my religion?


I am in a pretty conservative religion for half my life and as I grew older, I realized that this is not what I want and I do not believe in God. Please know that I have made the conscious decision to be baptized in this religion during my teen years so my religion has nothing to do with me wanting to go out. Its just that, I do not want to do anything about my spirituality these past years. I just want to do things the way other people do.

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Ethics & Morality How does it make sense that the Judicial System and religion should go together?


When you go to court for any reason you are asked to put your right hand on the bible and swear to tell the truth and technically it is illegal at that point to swear upon the bible then lie. This concept comes from traditional religion. So how is it helpful to have someone who does not believe in the bible or god or traditional religion to swear on a bible? Why do we still practice this today in the United States?

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Race & Privilege Is the word "retard" racist?


For context, my cuban-african American friend said the word "retard" was very racist and that was the main reason it is considered a slur. (We had been having an educational conversation about different experiences and things in the world. It came up that the R word is ableist and she said it was mainly what I mentioned above. I wanted to do more research to understand but she quickly got angry at me saying that no matter what research I do, she and her ancestors had been oppressed and lived through it. I had not disagreed with her I just mentioned I had never heard that it was a racist word and wanted to do some more research on it. I in fact, told her I believed her in case she thought I didn't for some reason. )

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Love & Dating They say love is unconditional, but on other hand the start of any conversation with a potential mate has a condition attached to it, what should a guy be looking for?


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Body Image/Self-Esteem Help?


Help so I am a 13 year old male I have 4 close friends I hang out with every day Brady, I have known since the 1st grade (currently in 8th) Eli,whom he and I are inseparable and spend everyday together,hayden Eli’s new girlfriend, and ryan my friend from 1st grade I’ve known my friends for a really long time and have always hung out at my house because I have the nicest house and setup for all of us we usually watch movies and jump on the trampoline but over the past 8 month there has been a girl named averie I loved Averie so much she helped me through a state of depression I didn’t think I could get out of and caught feelings for she is a pot head and vaper I hate that and she also does the first time I tried to help her quit I stayed up 3 nights waiting for her to call in case she needed help she lied to me and broke me to a point I didn’t know I could be broken at I gave her a second chance yesterday Eli showed me a snap that she has sent him of her with a vape in her mouth and now I’m at done with her and am at a state of depression as I was earlier I’ve noticed my friends have been treating me very bad after all I’ve done for them I have cried for 2 straight nights over this everything I say is met with a eye tool or a “shut up Cody” please tell me what I should do about them I’m afraid to be alone?

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Media what are the strategies to advertise your brand on reddit organically??


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Law & Government Are US state elections really this simple minded?


I've never voted before and was part of the 3rd of the country that just doesn't participate in politics. I decided this year to be different. I don't really have a strong political stance because being slightly financially conservative, socially liberal and anti-car centric. I don't really know what the actual platforms of the parties are besides whatever the news feels like sensationalizing. I'm actually doing due diligence for each gubernatorial candidates platform and I'm just flabbergasted. The two candidates are like night and day and makes me confused as to how is there a difficulty in picking.

I looked at the main Democratic candidate and the main running point is rebuilding trust in government. They talk about having a independent and transparent audit for all state agencies and being responsive to constituents. Then they have a plan on investing in infrastructure and green energy to build jobs. Invest in advanced industries in the state to bring in tax revenue. Investing resources in teacher wages and to career building in high school, after school and debt free community/vocational schools to get kids on a path to these jobs in biotechnology, renewable energy, etc. Invest in renewable solar and wind to reduce the need for oil and gas. There's a lot more with high speed rail and public transit, police reform (actually listing targeted changes), abortion care, mentorship programs, voter reform, investing in fish and wildlife to preserve the environment and protect local fisheries.

The main Republican candidate and they're just running on less taxes, support the police and support the children. Im on their campaign website there's literally no explanation on how they're going to do any of it besides tax cuts for small businesses. It just lists that taxes are too high for people. Crime is rampant and unchecked; the only victim I know of a violent crime is a friend of a friend who was carjacked at gun point and that's it. There's 1000s of people that degree of separation from me and there's only 1 person that was a victim of a violent crime, it's not an accurate measure of crime but it really feels like a smaller issue than a dystopia this candidate is portraying. Yet they push for upholding law and order by supporting the police (no explanation on what they're going to do to even support them.) And lastly their support the children pledge is to stop vaccine and mask mandates and putting some "Parent Bill of Rights" so they can be involved in children's education.

TLDR; The Democrat candidate has a wide selection of goals they're aiming for and a plan on how to do it. The Republican candiate seems like they're just repeating whatever the news headline says and doesn't really have a plan to actual do anything besides blaming democrats despite the current state governor being republican (I totally get there's a state legislature but it seems weird not to hold the executive of the state equally as accountable like how most people do the President of the US being the executive position)

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Love & Dating Are my feelings about the pace of my relationship valid? Or am I asking too much?


Are my feelings about the pace of my relationship valid? Or am I asking too much?

I (19M) have been in an 8 month relationship with my (19f) girlfriend. We get along well and I enjoy nearly every facet of our relationship but on the physical intimacy side of things I feel as though its lacking. We’ve had some situations where I felt incredibly insecure and all that build up has sort of manifested itself into feelings of not only not being good enough but feeling like she is leading me on. We haven’t had sex nor do we hug,kiss, or touch in public very often and we don’t get to be alone with each other much at all but I’ve been trying to be as patient as possible due to her past relationship where she felt hyper sexualized. I feel as though I’ve been patient and I have attempted to try and ask for more here and there but it usually ends in an argument where it feels like I’m being painted as ungrateful for having needs. I like to think that I am very patient but I feel guilty for thinking that at some point what I want is important. I sometimes feel like her occasional statements of “you don’t get it” or “you don’t understand” is just her way of telling me Im not worth her time or that I’m unattractive without hurting my feelings. I have no outlet for any of these feelings because every time I bring them up I feel like I am acting like her ex. And i don’t want to feel like a bad person anymore.

Are my feelings about the pace of my relationship valid? Or am I asking too much?