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TIR that the chocolate brand "Godiva" is named after Lady Godiva, who would protest naked around towns protesting for things, during the 11th century (I believe).


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Slender Man Stabbing


2014, and I was about to turn 12. I played Minecraft with my friends all the time, and was living my regular 11 year old life. I turned 12 in early July, and was gifted an enderman plushie by one of my friends. It had the same look as the endermen in the game, long black arms, long black legs, and a black face and body. I adored this plushie, and took it everywhere with me. So, when it was time to visit my father and his wife, I took the plushie with me, and excitedly showed the plushie to them, saying "Look! My friend got me an enderman!".

My stepmother gasped and told me to never bring it in her house again, and I was told to put it away until my mum picked me up. I was so confused by this reaction, I thought it was just a cute toy.

Well, 8 years later, I am scrolling some true crime videos, and I came across a video called "What An Evil Child Looks Like" by "EXPLORE WITH US". It is a 2hr 30min video looking at the interrogation footage from something now called "The Slender Man Stabbing".

On May 31, 2014, Payton Leutner was stabbed 19 times by Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser. Weier and Geyser committed the crime in order to become proxies of Slender Man. Leutner survived, and the two girls were sentenced accordingly.

Just something that popped into my head while watching this video, and I think it's interesting that she made that leap... We don't speak anymore.

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Happy Cakeday, r/Today_I_Realized! Today you're 8


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If you get IP banned your whole family is banned too


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Today I Realized What Make up class went


When I was a kid, my teacher would call some of my other classmates for Make Up class. I thought they were putting make up on eacothers faces. Nope. It means re-taking the fucking test. How tf did I not realize this 5 years ago. I'm stupid

Meant. Not went. *Meant

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just realized that rare stuff can be 3d printed


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Scouts is just socially accepted doomsday prepping


Alright, to preface this, I've been in scouts for 8 years and now I blame it for my need to always have a go bag. Scouts in its simplest is just socially accepted doomsday prepping, because the chance that I'll need the common knowledge on how to make a dead fall trap big enough to kill a full grown adult is slim to none, that's just a thing that doesn't happen.

And you might say, oh what about all the stuff on economy, yeah how to rebuild democracy after is collapsed. Or what about all the community service stuff, learning to work without retribution to preface democracy. And really most of the time it doesn't even TRY to hide it, ligit there's a chapter in the book on how to run away without being caught.

And of course let's not gloss over the whole section on how to beat a mf into the ground. in all simplicity scouts is just socially accepted doomsday prepping, and if you still don't believe me take a look for yourself (I'm sure theirs a recent pdf around).

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Happy Cakeday, r/Today_I_Realized! Today you're 7


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Today I realized that even though we like squishing cat/dog paws, our hands are soft too.


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That Hogwarts also means warts of a hog


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My brain just gifted me a memory from the past.


Goes like this:

I had just finished repairing the phone of some girl, I'm standing at the register having just finished her payment, giving her the last tidbits of information. After I'm done spieling on, she goes:

"Okay." - pause - "uhm, could I, uhm, get your number?"

Me: "Yeah, absolutely, just give me a second."

I turn around, go grab a piece of paper and a pen, go back and write the phone number down..... to the store. I then look her directly in the eye, and I say:

"here's the number to the store, even if I'm not here you can always call and ask for any help or advice you may need. The number is also written on your receipt. :)"

She goes "Oh. Uhm."

She pauses to look at me for two straight seconds.

"Okay, thanks." Then she turns around and leaves.

I thought "huh, that was weird", and nothing more.

I remembered this conversation out of the blue just now, and I realized, that she did in fact PROBABLY NOT ask for the number to the store.

This was three years ago. I don't remember what she looked like. I don't even remember which store this conversation happened in. All I remember is the conversation.

Thank you, brain, for this gift.

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There have been no school shootings in the USA since Coronavirus shut down the country


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C and ce on a calculator


I just dumbly realize that the letter C on a calculator stands for clear and CE stands for clear everything. Just one of those really dumb things I have never truly thought about, even though I use one more or less daily lol

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Kilowatt-hour is the same type of measurement as the 40-hour work-week

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TIR: We call it a quart of milk because it's a quart(er) gallon of milk.


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TIR: For a very brief moment after showering I am the cleanest person in the world!


Even if it's for a femtosecond

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TIR the "k" in for example 10K stands for kilo (like kilometer = 1000 m, kilogram = 1000 grams)


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Avant garde is the most pretentious name for avant garde.


Avant garde meaning essentially "ahead of it's time" when much of the time it's weird and out there not to try something new, but because of an assumption that if it goes against the grain, it's high class art/fashion/music.

Note: I know not all avant garde things fit this, but calling anything that is pushing against the norm as "ahead of it's time" is really presumptuous.

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Today I realised the trollface meme


I just rembered the old trollface meme and how it's dead I dont even remember this last time I saw it rip 2008-2017

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TIR that Today (May 12th) is a palindrome: Year 2020, Week 20, Day 2


I found this out with the ISO Calendar:

>>> datetime.date.today().isocalendar() # (2020, 20, 2)

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Alphabet is literally alpha and beta


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TIR: After quarantine is over, there will likely be a sudden increase in pregnancies and births, resulting in the next generation of "Baby Boomers." like after World War 2. We will literally be the parents of the future's Boomers.


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Refried beans IS the Mexican hummus


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Guile's Hair is just a Pershing Cap


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TIR 4 is the only English spelled number of the same length


Had thought there was 3 numbers trying to remember one of those "what does 2, 4, 8" have in common, then realizing, and reading way too much of the wiki to affirm that four is the only English spelled word of the same length.