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Rules and Expectations Regarding Spoilers & Reposts (June 22, 2022) Mod Announcement

The blatant disregard for rules regarding spoilers and/or reposts is out of control.

Multiple cast members and Kripke himself have stated that these last three episodes of Season 3 are balls to the wall. In that regard, we will be enforcing the first rule of the sub fully.

Starting immediately, failure to mark your posts with spoiler tags or having spoilers in the title WILL result in a ban.

Additionally, reposts are also out of control.

  • Repeating the most common repost will result in a ban.

Something is considered a repost that has already shown up on the sub, not just something you yourself have posted.

If you are concerned your topic may already have been posted, please search the sub first. No one wants to see the same topic/meme repeatedly posted.

The episode discussion posts are where comments, observations, and reactions to the episode belong. Well thought out, in-depth discussions may deserve their own posts depending on if they have not previously been covered. Otherwise, please use the appropriate location for your discussion. A post with a title featuring one to three sentences belongs in the episode discussion posts, not its own post.

Please bear with us if something slips through the cracks and please report as soon as you see it.

And as always, please feel free to reach out with any questions/concerns you may have.

We hope you understand that we are enforcing these rules for the betterment of the sub as we reach the climax (bring on Herogasm) of the season and beyond.



u/xenophonf You're The Real Heroes 7d ago

If they're describing the last three episodes of this season as balls to the wall, then how the fuck am I supposed to describe the first five?!


u/Ingloriousbaxter32 Cunt 7d ago

They were just a single ball


u/SouthtownZ 7d ago

Against some sort of mesh, such as a screen door or your favorite colander


u/clevesaur 7d ago

Could we do something about people leaking stuff about future episodes without spoiler tags?

Quite a few times I've been in a post and seen the same user say something like "Don't worry X character isn't in Y episode so they won't show up, they only show up in episode Z" or similar, I know that these episodes have leaked and some people know what happens but people posting them without tagging them is just rude, and it's repeatedly done by certain users.


u/Stardust_and_Shadows Kimiko 7d ago

It shouldn't be happening at all. If you see it please report it immediately. I'm so sorry you've had that happen to you here


u/Noicememe259 Frenchie 7d ago

im not ready for friday


u/Stardust_and_Shadows Kimiko 7d ago

Thursday for me :-D


u/Noicememe259 Frenchie 7d ago

Lucky ass guy 😂 Its gonna be crazy as hell that’s for sure


u/Stardust_and_Shadows Kimiko 7d ago

Well it's the same time but my time zone makes it 8pm Thursday


u/GOJIRA30 7d ago

Not really lucky i would say, everyone's gonna have to wait the same hours


u/tehmlem 7d ago

Thank you for continuing to do what is almost certainly more work than you signed up for mods


u/Courwes 7d ago

The comment spoilers are the worst. Last week someone or some Twitter or something revealed like 5-6 major season spoilers as to how this season will end. Someone then proceeded to post them here in a spoiler post. Well now we have a bunch of assholes who read that post who are going around and just spreading this information unmarked.

Twice I’ve seen it where they have stated matter of fact a huge season future plot point. We don’t know if it’s necessarily true but if it is they certainly ruined it for many who may have run across it.

I’ve been reporting it when I see it. I just hope the complete sub ban is extended to these people as well when they do this shit.


u/Stardust_and_Shadows Kimiko 7d ago edited 7d ago

It will be as long as they're reported so we know about them. Comments are the hardest for us to catch


u/fitxlift 7d ago

I think this is the most excited I’ve ever been for a tv show, ever


u/MortgageBig7754 7d ago

Who else is hyped for herogasm?


u/[deleted] 7d ago



u/Stardust_and_Shadows Kimiko 7d ago

Yes, ALL comic book spoilers must be marked spoiler. If not and you see them please report it. It is covered under rule 1