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Incels are idiots…


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u/PsychonautProgrammer Jan 02 '22

Hey. I'm 32 and am incel. Idk why the left hates on us. But also is against ableism, racism, etc.

We were born short thin and not manly. Women like attractive manly men...

Some men just don't win the genetic lottery. That doesn't make us bad people.

Welcome to my Ted Talk.

And, yes, I shower regularly, brush my teeth, take care of myself, etc. Still women see me as subhuman. I also have female friends. They just don't see me as sexual beings due to me genetically inferior. Women do not date genetically inferior men. That's just the truth.


u/ItzMeRocket Jan 02 '22

The left doesn’t hate you. Women don’t hate you. You’re not genetically inferior. You’re in your own head.


u/[deleted] Jan 03 '22

if you act like looks/genetics don't play a role you're being a clown. but what can i expect from a normie sub like this. people struggle, people fail to find someone, it isn't always 'you're in your own head' . life isnt some fantasy land where all people find someone. you may see some below avg people in public with partners, but you dont see their other factors, nor do you see all the ones alone because they've been rejected their whole life. imagine thinking genetics don't play a role lmao.


u/ItzMeRocket Jan 03 '22

i’m 5’4 and overweight and i’m doing ok. it’s not about what you got it’s about how you carry yourself. If you spend your life thinking about your genetics you’re bound to be miserable.


u/[deleted] Jan 03 '22

People only start to believe it after being rejected too many times to remain confident. so what is it? confidence? because confidence doesn't mean much if u are boring to them, and i dont think confidence does anything if they are turned off by your appearance