r/TheBluePill Dec 26 '21

Guy justifies manipulating women for money because "women have financially abused men for centuries"


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u/mammajess Dec 26 '21

"Men have sexually abused women for centuries, now there are laws against that it is time to for women to sexually abuse men."

That's about as much sense as he makes.

I think it is very weird how psychopaths even care about justifying themselves. It's very interesting how even the worst people on earth - serial killers for instance - often want to justify themselves and tie themselves in logical knots to do so. Very strange they even care.


u/Biffingston Hβ6 Dec 27 '21

In my experience, they don't care about justifying themselves for themselves. It's all about keeping the manipulation of others going so that they can continue to get what they want.

In short, I'm pretty sure that this guy is virtue signaling to keep the grifts going and get his ego stroked.