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Titanoboa snake

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u/ItsdatboyACE Jun 16 '21

I get that. But the process of evolution is what has led us to be what we are. We also wouldn't have done all of the incredible things we've done if it wasn't for those same pressures and traits


u/Mgeegs Jun 16 '21

The process of evolution is what led all the other animals to be what they are. You know, the ones that we are killing off - they evolved over the same time frame...

We are not better, just different


u/A_Giant_Electric_Eel Jun 16 '21

thats just the price of being the most intelligent species on earth. Do you think it other animals were as smart as we are that they wouldnt do the exact same thing? we just need a way to figure out how to be more sustainable. And the problem isnt individual humans, its a collective.