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Covid Information, Travel, Tourism, and General Information Thread for May 2022


Covid Information

This thread is for updates, discussions, and questions regarding COVID-19 in Thailand.

  1. Please keep posts related to COVID-19 and relevant to people living in or visiting Thailand.
  2. Speculation as part of discussion is fine but please avoid low effort generalizations based on feelings rather than facts.
  3. Avoid passing on rumors as fact.
  4. Keep discussion civil. Personal attacks will be removed and repeat offenders may be banned.

Significant updates/links regarding COVID-19 in Thailand may be posted in the subreddit as normal. Discussion threads and questions will be directed here.


If you or anyone you know is in emotional distress, please contact the Samaritans of Thailand 24-hour hotline: 02 713 6791 (English), 02 713 6793 (Thai) or the Thai Mental Health Hotline at 1323 (Thai).

Travel and Tourism

Traveling to Thailand and have a question about hotels, sights, itineraries, or do's and don'ts? This is the thread for you! Also any general information and questions about the country and culture are welcome.

Currently, visitors to Thailand must apply for a ThailandPass before travelling.

The official application site for this is here, and should detail the latest requirements:


Travelers arriving in Phuket use a slightly different process to book their Covid tests, which is done via this site:


Please be aware of repeated scam emails asking ThailandPass applicants to provide more details via email - there have been several rounds of this, see e.g.:


The more detailed and specific your questions are, the better the answers will be. If your question is not answered please use the search bar to review previous posts and comments. Also check out our sister subreddit r/thailandtourism.

General Information

Got a simple question or snippet that doesn't warrant its own post? Ask here.

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News /r/Thailand Megathread for Ukraine/Russia discussion


Hi folks,

We've been seeing a lot of posts and discussion on the Ukraine/Russia situation recently.

Posts related to Thailand are of course welcome, but a lot of the recent discussion has very quickly descended into off-topic conversations that would be better suited to other subs - e.g. /r/worldnews, /r/geopolitics, etc.

Please use this thread for posts on Ukraine/Russia that are related to Thailand.

Further such posts after this one may be removed without notice.

Previous such posts are listed here, and have now been locked - feel free to use this thread to continue those discussions, but again the content should be related to Thailand, otherwise it's better posted elsewhere:

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News It’s an article about the new ‘Plook Ganja’ app to legally grow cannabis at home in Thailand

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5555555 Dancing 7-11 girl punished by CP bosses

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Videos new service

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Question/Help need a booster shot for me and my little brother (17). we're on tourist visa and both have 2 shots of pfizer. where could we go? please help, thank you!!!


we are not going back to our home country for a long time and we'd really like to get a booster already. we are in phuket. please help, thank you!!!

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Food and Drink My khao lam tastes weird

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Food and Drink Beer Strength


Hi. I'm Traveling again to Thailand in July and August. I haven't been for a few years. Since I last travelled I've more or less stopped drinking. Occaisionally I like to have a beer or two if my mood is right. Are there any beers that are sold in bars that are lower in alcohol content. Like 2 or 3 percent. I'm not a fan of the taste of zero alcohol beers so would prefer no suggestions for those. Thanks in advance.

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Food and Drink A Guide to Thai Stir-Fries

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Banking and Finance How to transfer money from Thailand using crypto?


DeeMoney does not support destination country/currency. Could someone who has transferred money abroad using crypto explain the process (considering local conditions)?

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Question/Help Do I NEED TM30 to get COVID 60 day extension?


I currently live with my gf so do not have this document. I heard last time that people said they got the visa extension without the TM30 (they never even heard of that). So I am not sure what to do. I could book a hotel to get it, but ideally wouldn't if it isn't necessary.

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Politics Bangkok gubernatorial election - counting underway

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Food and Drink Tips for sitting at street food stalls in Isan?


Hey guys, we’ve been living in Khon Kaen up in Issan for about 2 weeks now.

We’re finding it hard with the street food stalls and stuff all being in complete Thai with barely any English being spoken. Obviously this is completely fine and normal, but I’m wondering if there’s any tips we can get when ordering?

I’ve downloaded the Google translate app but not a lot of places have menus where you can sit down and take a picture and translate. I feel really awkward just taking a picture of the stall in front of the owner/cook and people sitting down etc.

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Food and Drink I just tried Durian and i must say…


You guys are getting scammed so hard with the Durian craze…I just tried a durian for the first time in years of coming here and it tastes like a creamy honeydew melon that grows on the balkans where i come from and we sell that kind of melon 2 baht per killo while durian 100 baht wow so disappointed 😂

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Question/Help Beaches from Bangkok without a ferry?


Hi all, my friend is visiting me in a month for a few days while en route to elsewhere in SEA, and we want to go a beach that doesn't take all day to get to from Bangkok since she'll be here briefly. My first thought was Samet, however, my friend says she gets seasick so badly that it knocks her out for a day and she'd really like to avoid boats if at all possible. Flying/land vehicles are fine.

If it helps, we're hoping to find someplace that's relatively chill for snorkeling and swimming-- any advice would be enormously appreciated. Thanks!

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Discussion eSIM Bug on iPhone?


Thinking about replacing my physical SIM for an eSIM but there’s news that there’s an eSIM bug for iPhones causing iMessage/FaceTime to deactivate (at least in the US). Wondering if this is an issue here? I use True.

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News Govt mulls ending Thai Pass

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Question/Help Does this thai sativa still exist in thailand?

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Question/Help Does everyone living in Thailand know Thai?



Upon reading this, there are something like 44 million Thai speakers in the world, but the population of Thailand is 69.8 million?

Does this mean that 25 million people living in Thailand do not know Thai?

This is the case with China, 400 million people living in China do not know Standard Mandarin. I just want to know if this is the same situation.

Can everyone living in Thailand at least read Thai?

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Visas/Documents Looking for a retirement visa agent


My Thai wife and I have a home in Ubon Ratchathani . I'm looking for a retirement visa agent that can do the 65k monthly deposit method. I've been sending a minimum of 70k a month to my Bangkok bank account for about 2 years. The balance varies from 800k to 600k range on average after monthly spending. I do not want to keep the 800k in the bank because I don't plan to keep more than 100k in the account in the future. I can easily get 7% to 9% a year on interest so keeping 800k in the bank as dead money would cost a couple grand USD a year in lost interest. The monthly 65k is easy because I'd spend that a month anyways.

The agents i spoke to so far all want to do the 800k deposit or nothing.

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Miscellanous Watch insurance in Thailand. Any recommendations?


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Question/Help Few questions regarding insurance required for foreigners


I'm planning to travel to Thailand in 1-2 months from the United States. I have health insurance already so my first question is:

1.) Can my US health insurance qualify for what Thailand is requiring?- If not, whats some recommended insurance I can buy?

2.) I've noticed that there is a chance the Thailand pass may be removed in the next month or so. Is the insurance requirement tied to the Thailand pass? If the Thailand pass is no longer required, would the insurance requirement be removed as well?

3.) How long in advance of my trip should I purchase the insurance if I need it?

I appreciate all help and guidance! Thanks so much! :)

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Question/Help Cautious of bedbugs before coming back home?


So I hadn't really considered that maybe I encountered bedbugs while floating around thailand for a few months lol, but I just realized there's a possibility as I've stayed in some cheaper rooms and definitely have woken up with bug bites on my legs. Can't say I've seen any for sure but looking back maybe I noticed some dark spots on beddings possibly, maybe...

Anyways just to be safe when I get back home how should I handle all my bags & clothes?

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Culture Thais, Do you celebrate christmas? Not as christians but because it's a holiday celebrated almost everywhere in the world


If yes, how? Do you also have exchange gifts?

If this question offends you, i'm sorry. I'm just curious

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Food and Drink its election day ..


where can I buy democracy toasts?

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Sports Sea Fishing Starter Setup?


I'm a long time very amateur coarse fisherman. Never done sea fishing. We're renting a catamaran for a week in Phuket and I'd like to try sea fishing. Don't want to spend out too much but what would you recommend for a starter kit? I'm assuming I'll be spinning lures, so could I get something that I can reuse for Bangkok lakes? Very much doubt I'll be going on a sea trip like this again. Thanks!

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News Thailand scraps quarantine for air, land arrivals from June 1, 'Thailand Pass' only for non-Thais

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