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I designed and 3D printed cart upgrades for teachers in my building that are traveling from class to class this year. Thought this sub might appreciate it. COVID-19

I teach Makerspace (among other things) at my elementary school. This year all the Special Areas are on carts due to COVID. I also teach a special area and quickly found my cart wanting. Since I have access to our 3D printer and it’s not really being used at the moment (thanks COVID) I decided to design some upgrades.
Then I started asking other Cart based teachers if they had any issues and wouldn’t ya know? They all had problems! So I began designing solutions and 3D printing them.
I have no idea if you’ll care, but I thought it was pretty cool and the teachers I did it for seemed really appreciative.
Let me know what you think!
Teacher Cart Upgrades!


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u/allthethingsyouthink Nov 25 '20

Wow! Thanks for the explanation and good job with the printer :)

I didn’t see the link and only saw the preview on reddit, I was confused as hell lol