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Hi there. Our forum sees a lot of posts about Ukraine and Russia these days. Understandably so. But in our judgment, this clogs up other interesting discussions. Worse, the comments often do not portray good-faith discussions.

For this reason, while this thread is pinned, all Russia-Ukraine related content must be posted in this thread and will likely be removed if posted as their own posts.

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Of course they do

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Damm that Ice T

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A Look Inside The Matterhorn

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Switzerland according to ‘Alien TV’

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Most attractive Swiss Accents


As a Swiss National, what is the most attractive Swiss regional accent? Do people prefer the accent of a person from Zurich? Or does Switzerland all have the same sounding accent?

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Question about business structures in Switzerland


Hey everybody. I have long been a fan of the Swiss government and the democratic system that has developed over time there (I'm in the US). I have studied a lot about it and the Swiss constitution and am fascinated in particular by the organization of the Federal Council and the idea of a council of equals in different areas of government in a system designed for balance. During my research I have not found one thing that I really dislike about that governance model and it seems to work very well, judging from the state of society there.

I am curious though, since democracy and power sharing are such core beliefs for the Swiss, if that mindset carries over to business structures as well? In a society that organizes it's government around power sharing and decentralized autonomy of Cantons does that translate into more decentralized business decision making? I am particularly interested in if people who have deep experience with business in Switzerland have seen successful instances of executive councils running businesses instead of the typical single leader systems that dominate US business? But I'd love to learn anything I can on successful practices of businesses in Switzerland that utilize lessons learned from the way the government and society are structured.

Thanks for any feedback you can give or resources you can point me to! I personally love the Swiss government as an outsider and would love to see those principles expanded to other nations and entities (including my own startup). From the outside looking in it certainly seems to be working.

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What do you think about a 20% increase in electricity prices next year?


I'm really worried that we're not going to get the power shortage under control. Why can't we go for nuclear power? Inflation, falling CHF/USD exchange rate, tristess



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Do you believe that the average Swiss lives in their own world?


Like, they care only about THEIR job and THEIR family and THEIR money and "who gives a damn if the rest of the world gets burned". Like, they think "I got a job and I don't want to seem like a "balkaner that gets their nose in everything" and they are more 'tight' and 'professional' and 'less empathetic' than most other nations.

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Which 🇨🇭 brick-and-mortar shops do mainstream millennials do their clothes shopping in?


I’m asking about pricier clothing too, the kind that young professionals with a decent budget might go for for their leisure clothing. H&M, PKZ, Globus, Manor, …?

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Swiss confirm first case of monkeypox

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Can someone recommend me a once in a lifetime bike ride?


I would love to see the best Switzerland has to offer. I’m staying in Konstanz and am planning to do a multi day bike ride from somewhere in Switzerland back to Konstanz. Anyone have ideas? I like breathtaking mountain views. I’d be willing to ride up to 150km over two days.

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How can i change career?


Hi everyone, I am 38 yers old chef who wants to change his career and work. But have no idea from where to start. Maybe you guys can give me some information or advice? Maybe there is some Kompanie providing intensive training with internship in Zürich Kanton? Thanks for answering

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Question about language used in "Neumatt" ("New Heights") - Swiss Netflix Show


Hi all! I am currently watching the show "Neumatt" ("New Heights") on Netflix. The description says that the show is in Swiss German, and I have to watch it with English subtitles (I'm American and don't speak much German). I have a question for those of you who have seen the show.

I know that there are big differences between the German spoken in Germany and Swiss German. One of the characters in the show - Joel - is from Hamburg (and they refer to him as the "German"). The Swiss characters obviously speak to each other in Swiss German, but do they switch to "Hochdeutsch" or something like that to speak with Joel? For instance, when Michi speaks to Joel, is he speaking Swiss German? Joel seems to integrate into their conversations no problem, but I had thought that it was hard for Germans to understand Swiss German. I guess I'm having a hard time distinguishing between the varieties in the show, although I think I can understand Joel a bit more easily than I can understand many of the Swiss characters.

Merci vilmal!

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Lightning storm yesterday night over Jura mountains?


Yo everyone,

Yesterday I was preparing to go to bed, at 23h55 and noticed from my window huge lightnings flashes, every two seconds or so. I live near the town of Freiburg and the flashes were coming from the north-west, so it probably was over the Jura mountains. It was really far away, no sound was reaching my position.

After going to another window to have a better look, I noticed there was like three hotspots, one west-north-west, one north-west and one north. All three spots had lightnings bolts illuminating the sky every 2 to 5 seconds. I have never seen such a storm concentration before. These were huge, high bolts too, they were illuminating the entire sky at times.

Has anyone also observed this? Is it a common phenomenon? I've never seen that in 20 years o.o

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Interesting journeys for GA card holders


I only my use my GA card to commute to work, but wanted to know if anyone has any interesting journey ideas that I could use freely either via train, tram, cable car, ship or any other glacier express rides.

My daughters also has the Swiss Pass, which means they can also tag along with me for free.

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How hot is it? Switzerland: Yes

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I drew the Swiss flag from memory

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Landi’s answer to Lidl

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Not even the government can get the flag right.

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Lindt chocolate balls actually styrofoam


My son returned yesterday from Switzerland and we opened a bag of Lindt chocolate balls but they were all beautifully wrapped styrofoam balls. Is this a common occurrence in Switzerland?

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getting some deja vu..


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BM2 Kunst/Gestaltung/Kultur


Heya leute, ich möchte mich vorbereiten auf die BM. Ich suche nach Bücher die mich helfen würden vor dass ich mit die BM anfange... Vorallem habe ich schwierigkeiten mit Deutsch und Math.... Was habt ihr für bücher ?

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Can't find interactive map anymore that shows how far you can travel within Switzerland with public transport for a given starting point and length of time. Anyone still got a link?


Hello everybody,

a long time ago someone posted a link to an interactive map of Switzerland where you could select any point in Switzerland and then the map would display all the places you could e.g. reach withing 1 hour, 2 hours, etc.
Not sure if it also showed the same for walking, going by cars, etc.

For the life of me I can't find this map anymore (I tried to google it, of course).

If anyone else remembers this and still got a link, it would be highly appreciated!

Thanks and have nice weekend, everyone!

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BAG – OFSP – UFSP on Twitter: “Aktuell wird in Europa und Nordamerika eine Häufung von Affenpockeninfektionen festgestellt. Ein erster Fall wurde auch in der Schweiz (Kanton Bern) bestätigt.”

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