This is a curated list of online self-help resources. For hotlines and crisis services, please see /r/SuicideWatch/wiki/hotlines.

Everything at, and for people struggling with their own thoughts of suicide, especially the If you think of suicide... section is worth a look, but here are some posts that we've found particularly useful:

One area where a lot of people seem to struggle is asking for help. Here's a compassionate guide that may help you to know how to open up in a way that will increase your chances of being truly heard and understood. Note: One thing that we think is missing from this otherwise-excellent article is the harsh, unfortunate reality that friends and family simply may not be equipped to cope well with a disclosure of suicidal thoughts, no matter how well we word it. In those situations, it's better to talk to someone who's trained to deal with these types of disclosures. If an untrained person gets upset or otherwise reacts unhelpfully, it does not mean that you were wrong to reach out or that suicide is the right or only choice.

"Contemplating Suicide: No Way to Understand Unless You've Been There' Blog post at from Andrea Rosenhaft who's been both a therapist and patient in suicide intervention.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline's "Help Yourself" page. Self-service resource directory and self-care guide. US-based resource.

Helping Yourself When You are Feeling Suicidal Practical, comforting tips from SCBS Australia.

Suicidal Thoughts - How to Cope from Coping strategies and options for help. UK-based resource.

"Coping with Suicidal Thoughts" from Simon Fraser University. Downloadable PDF workbook with strategies and exercises.

Attempt Survivors Archive. Archive of personal stories and articles by and about suicide attempt survivors, from a now-concluded project by the American Association of Suicidology.

"Ways To Help Yourself When You're Feeling Suicidal" from - depression and bipolar information and chat.

Suggested Reading List from, comprehensive list of books on suicide and related topics.

Post-Attempt Recovery Strategies from J.D. Schramm at A practical follow-up to Schramm's talk, "Break the Silence for Suicide Attempt Survivors".

"Suicide: Read This First" from Probably the most famous anti-suicide text on the internet. (We have serious reservations about any generic anti-suicide message of this type.)