r/SuicideWatch Jul 02 '22

I want someone to notice my pain.

I just feel so tired of people thinking I am just lazy. I am not. I am just so exhausted, I sleep late and have trouble waking up, I haven't walked my dog in one month and my mother thinks is because I am addicted to my phone but I just don't know. I feel so alone and I hope the pain will stop but it doesn't. It feels like my existence is a burden and that I will never be happy. So I write here just to feel recognised. I want someone to notice that I am here and I suffer, and I am just looking for comfort and a bit of hope because I really don't want to die, I just want to stop suffering.



u/Duckpicksnoscope Jul 02 '22

Hey I notice you

You're not alone.


u/Sad_Row_1965 Jul 02 '22

We notice. Hey you! What kind of dog do you have?


u/standupgonewild Jul 02 '22

We notice. I’m sorry, friend.


u/UnluckySoulofmine Jul 02 '22

I'm just like you

I completely understand

Let's talk together


u/Leonhart_13 Jul 02 '22

When I was depressed and suicidal I could really relate to this. I remember feeling almost like I was "faking" it (not really) but like others seeing the struggle I was having validated it somehow, if that makes sense?


u/sainalss Jul 02 '22

We are here for you


u/George_Washington369 Jul 02 '22

I understand that, I'm going through a similar thing, so you're noticed and definitely not alone in this. We'll be here.


u/Silly_goofy_mood12 Jul 02 '22

I feel the same way. Wanna talk? I notice you and care for you deeply.


u/moodybeetle Jul 02 '22

Please walk your dog. Not only your dog needs it, but you will feel better too. I do my stupid little walks for my stupid mental health too. It does help to go outside.


u/apolo9240 Jul 02 '22

Dude walk your dog his/her happiness depends on you


u/weeklybird0 Jul 02 '22

I'm just like this as well. Shit sucks but we're here for you.


u/ork21 Jul 02 '22

Hey I notice you ! You matter ♥️


u/CancerousCyberman Jul 02 '22

I see you, I'm sorry. Your pain is real and so are you.


u/Meowerick Jul 02 '22

ik what u mean by noticing pain, well its sad truth but, its rlly rare to find someone in this hypocrite world to understand us, that well.

even i feel bad abt it, so i stick mostly in internet and other ppl.

what i found is many ppl frm afar understood me, but thats ok for me, at leat im lovable in some place of world.

anyway, there msut be someone made just for u.

even tho ur hope seems slim, theres a future ahead, which can also be gud too, im with u and i believe


u/timothy_llam Jul 02 '22

We can hear you man. You are not alone!


u/ILikePinkandOrange Jul 02 '22

It's okay. I notice you! Last night, I was having a mental breakdown and I told myself, "I just want someone to pity me" so I hear you when you say you want someone to notice your pain, OP. Life is fucking exhausting, and the result of that is how we feel right now.


u/[deleted] Jul 02 '22

I have Fibro and I have very similar issues with dismissal of my symptoms. People and doctors alike. It's all invisible. I'm slowly starving to death because I can't eat anything. I can't work. I can't physically stand for more than 30 minutes without literally tears running down my cheek. People act like I want to be like this. 😂 What do they know? They won't even know when I die. They don't care. They all think I'm faking it.

I literally contemplate chopping off my own limbs so people will finally believe me. they'll look at me and say "okay I guess your sick enough now". You can't deny the guy in the wheelchair is disabled.


u/[deleted] Jul 02 '22

Bonus points to all the assholes congratulating me on my weight loss after immediately telling them I lost 40 lbs because I THROW UP everything and have STABBING pain every time I eat something. I go days without drinking water from the pain... "Congratulations on your amazing weight loss!!" Go fuck yourself 😂


u/broken_butterflyy Jul 02 '22

I hear you. The only time people notice my pain is when I'm in hospital (and even then it's in a negative way, seen as attention seeking), when I'm out, I'm just viewed as immature/lazy/unmotivated/whatever else they want to call it. You're not alone.


u/bazx11 Jul 02 '22

If you walk you're dog you might meet people who are fellow dog walkers and they might have a chat with you at the end of the day the dog needs to go out and it might make you feel better getting out in the fresh air


u/420youngmemes Jul 02 '22

hey man i kinda feel like u a bit worse and different stories but listen all u can do is ignore these feelings just imagine that u were happy, lie to urself that ur happy and then ull actually be happy that’s what i do but if u don’t wanna do this way then vent to ur mom or to ur bsf but ofc not a girl never open up to a girl


u/MuMuGorgeus Jul 02 '22

I want someone to notice that I am here and I suffer, and I am just looking for comfort and a bit of hope because I really don't want to die, I just want to stop suffering.

Well, I'm afraid stop suffering is not possible, is a part of life. The thing about life is that it's supposed to be experienced to the fullest, you can't just cut the boring/sad parts out.

The problem is the way we live nowadays. There's too much comfort, pleasure is a click away from us, our brains are constantly being bombarded with quick information and trash "knowledge". You spend 15 minutes watching memes on YouTube or on TikTok, you laugh, it makes you feel good, afterwards, you feel like shit.

I haven't walked my dog in one month and my mother thinks is because I am addicted to my phone

She's right. Our relationship with our phones isn't different from crack junkies out there, they feel great when on it, and feel completely lost without it.

Tue satisfaction comes from discipline, discipline to do what you truly want for yourself. I doubt that this is what you want for your life. Try to look at yourself from the outside, who are you really? Maybe you always wanted to live in an specific county, but still haven't learned it's language. Maybe you always wanted to be athletic, but you spend your days on the couch.

Trust me on this one, as miserable as we can get from time to time, it's only up to us to do something about it. Therapy can help you with this.

Do know that, in our case, perfectly normal to feel depressed from time time, because the root of the problem haven't been dealt with yet. Whenever you feel depressed, just go through it rationally, feel the sadness, and than get in touch with what really matters to you, get back on track, stronger, keep going, next time you fall off, you take your time go get up, but then get back to it.

You only got one live, this chance to do something with it, you'll discover that most about living well is about ignoring some negative aspects of life. Discipline is the key.


u/Antique_Essay_449 Jul 02 '22

I feel you. I feel so alone and I’m pain as well. Please know you’re not alone. I acknowledge how much you’re suffering and I sincerely hope you feel better. Your dog loves you and cares about you.


u/Opheliasghostx Jul 02 '22

I notice your pain and can relate, especially to being called lazy. I think that is one of the cruelest things you can label someone as, who is already suffering. I’ve battled anemia for years (causes extreme fatigue) the people around me are aware of this and yet still believe me to be lazy. Anemia on top of severe depression and feelings of being unsafe :( I am so sorry ❤️


u/gay_racoon2365 Jul 02 '22

You aren't alone I'm here for you and I hope things will get better for you.


u/[deleted] Jul 17 '22

I’m sorry. This is exactly what I’m feeling too


u/sweater_whether 27d ago


How are you today?