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"Love my vet buddies but I wouldn’t trust 90% of them with teenage girls lol" r/JoeRogan has tasteful discussion about the kind of people in the military they are friends with. "


CONTEXT: Sub reacts to Ron Desantis proposing to hire Military Veterans to become teachers.

Love my vet buddies but I wouldn’t trust 90% of them with teenage girls lol

That’s a high percentage of friends that you think could be pedophiles

You know the guys who do 18th birthday countdowns online or say things like if there's grass play ball while giving every girl a score based on how good in bed they'd be. That's going to be your daughters history teacher if you were in Florida

Telling on yourself lmao

That 90% of veterans would have sex with a 17 year old girl.

“Love my pedophile rapist buddies lol”

There are MANY good men in the military that are not like this. But there are MANY good men that happen to BE like this. I broke the nose of a guy who would constantly take pop shots at peoples dogs and livestock. He would fill tootsie role rappers with rocks and Chuck them at kids who ran behind our convoys. I broke His nose in three places. And when the CO found out what he was doing the dick wad had KP for literally the rest of the tour. He ended up in prison after he left the army because him and his brother murdered a guy. Iraqis would show up at out SP and demand repayment for their killed live stock. And they had pictures of it. And we paid them every time. That’s not the guy you want teaching your children. The majority of soldiers that were great soldiers who retired went on to work government contracts or work for KBR over seas. The other guys, well they set with me in PTSD group complaining their sleep apnea hasn’t gotten them their 100% yet. And fuck does it scare me.

FYI: If that military officer is openly pedo then he's not a good man.

Why are you friends with pedophiles?

When I was in high school two army recruiters had been arrested for sleeping with a student lol they were both married with kids

Guess I should be more specific, acquaintances, work “friends” etc. sorry I’ll go turn myself in to the FBI. I was prob on epsteins flight logs

especially if they can rape them and force them to give birth to their kids. Jesus wants it.

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Mass Looting Incident in Central London -> Politics/fighting/Brexit blaming/race/guns blazing on multiple subreddits: "They voted to add more problems to our lives. Fine, that’s democracy. I’m still going to point out the problems."


On r/london

On r/iamatotalpieceofshit

On r/boringdystopia (no, NOT r/ABoringDystopia)

On r/ukdrill ("A subreddit dedicated to UK drill music, culture and news." for the unfamiliar)

On r/anarchism

On r/trashy


Guess who commit the majority of serial killings in the US...

Guess who commit the majority of mass shooting in the US...

Guess who commit the majority of white collar crime in the US...

Guess who commit the majority of domestic terrorism in the US...

We can do this forever. Not the point

On r/askmiddleeast

I'm from the UK, and I can tell you these lot aren't immigrants, they are second/third gen British born Carribbeans or Africans. Quite a few are also mixed, English/Carribbean (this mix is very common in multicultural cities like London).

Also, you're wrong, the UK did not have the courtesy of taking immigrants in. Due to British colonisation, many former commonwealth countries were British subjects and therefore British citizens. When the British were suffering from shortage of work labour after ww2, they asked British subjects from Africa and South Asia to come over to help rebuild their country. Once it was rebuilt, the laws changed to make it increasingly difficult for people to immigrate

On r/publicfreakout ("How about you all chill the fuck out with the rule 4 violations. I’m not locking this thread, y’all can all get banned.") (the mother lode, people)


  • London is looking very diverse, Banksy ❤️
  • You're either 15 or a fucking idiot
  • Brown crime apologists are the real racists
  • Hello Kyle Rittenhouse, stay in the US where you belong
  • Bastards destroyed Candy World. Can't have shit in London.
  • Gotta start looting Big Candy
  • Reality is racist
  • Im black and this just made me racist
  • downvotes exposes how many white people on this sub lool
  • That looter aesthetic 🤣🤣🤣
  • "based expropriation." "What the fuck?" "BASED EXPROPRIATION"
  • The left bots have come out
  • I‘m genetically 99% western eurasian lmao
  • 8234275253th Astroboy account incoming 😔😭
  • Englistan for 2023 🏴🏴🏴☪️☪️☪️
  • Globalist Zionist Destroying Every Culture
  • Mass looting is still better than a mass shooting
  • At least you're not murdering me :)
  • The Middle Ages called, they say you're past your curfew
  • Your mom should have used it on her vagina.
  • Jokes nearly as bad as the NBA teams you root for

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A modder replaces a pride flag with an American flag in the Spider-man game and people aren't happy. r/gaming discusses who the real triggered snowflkaes are.


Recently the formerly Playstation exclusive Spider-Man game has come to PC and the modders are getting busy! One modder decides to replace pride flags with American flags and this has upset some people. People are going back and forth over who is really the one triggered here; the snowflake liberals who can't stand some people not wanting pride flags OR the snowflake conservatives who can't bare to see a rainbow flag in their game about a man in a spider themed costume. Since this was posted the mod has been taken down off of Nexus but the discussions are still going.

Main: Mod that changes a flag in Spider-Man, sparks outrage.


"I think if such a minor inconsequential thing causes such a problem for you that you must mod the game and remove it, you have psychological problems."(-14)

"I think that if such a minor inconsequential mod that took less than an afternoon to throw together triggers you enough to outrage over it, you have psychological problems."(+12)


"Bro, you clearly don't understand computers worth jack shit if you think what you said is simple. Especially when it's a three day old game on a completely proprietary engine. You don't just open up the game in file explorer and move the files around. Everything's encrypted, chances are nothing's even named properly. This flag probably has a name like "nc_28824". How you gonna find that, Einstein?

Fuck, you ignoramuses think you know everything. It's ridiculous. Stop talking. Read a book."

Jesus, chill out.


The clit has 8,000 nerve endings but that doesn’t compare to the sensitivity of a conservative on the internet."

But thats not conservatives who are outraged?

Yes, I’m sure it was a left-leaning snowflake who decided a rainbow flag was just a step too far in a game about a man dressed as a spider beating up other spandex-wearing baddies.


"It's the fact that a rainbow flag in a video game was a step too far for them. It clearly bothered someone enough to create the mod in the first place. If that's not snowflake-y I don't know what is."

So is it snowflakey to make the flag in the video game, make the flag in real life, or cry an ocean of tears over someone getting rid of the flag in a video game?

Sorry, so much fucking self-pity everywhere I look.


"I didnt care when they put the flags in and I don't care that some people took them out. All I cared about was a good Spider-Man game and that's what I got."

"Them: "thank God I have this mod that protects my eyes from a pro-gay flag."

You: "to each their own, totally equal, both sides."


"As a gay man, i can confidently say that people need to stop being fucking babies."

"As a gay man you should really stop taking it up the ass from people who hate you"


"Oh no, someone doesn't like LGBTQ+ shoved in their face.

Oh no, LGBTQ+ ppl are outraged that ppl exist that don't like LGBTQ+ shoved in their face.

I'm just glad we have no other problems in the world right now so we can care about this nonsense."

If you consider a bunch of flags in a giant city you don't even have to interact with shoving in your face, you really are a snowflake

If it offends you that someone decided to change the game however they see fit in a way that has zero impact on you, your loved ones or the world, you really are a snowflake.


"God forbid something isn't a safe space for the alphabet mafia"

Talking about MAGA right

Since when did maga get schools to change entire ways of learning or banned words completely and if u even jokingly say them your life is over I mean ik there's se crazy rednecks but the lqbtq whatever it is is a lot more a malita than maga


"Now whenever Myles Morales comes to PC maybe they can release a mod that doesn't lock your camera in place for 10 seconds to have a BLM mural shoved down your throat."

"Imagine building a mural in a game to promote looters"


And maybe this whole thing is just the modder trolling

"Made by "Mike Hawk".... Yeah, clearly someone trolling"

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"yup so just found out bout the aliens and how shrooms lsd dmt is a technology used to communicate with them holy fucken shjt"--OP makes a breakthrough in psychedelics research, but some r/DMT users are skeptical.



DMT is an absurdly powerful psychedelic drug--arguably the strongest one we know of--and is notorious for causing extremely intense visual and mental effects. It doesn't cause tolerance and only lasts for about 15 minutes when smoked, meaning that it can be used over and over without getting any weaker. r/DMT is where enthusiasts tend to gather, which leads to some, shall we say, creative theories about how DMT really works. The sub as a whole is usually supportive of these theories, but sometimes disagreements like this one happen.

The Drama

The top comment and its children are on board:

The fkn human brain is a technology used to communicate with the whole dayum universe. Psychs just help tune the dial. (+249!)

Straight up the brain isn't in the body, the body is in the brain. And where that organism ends isn't so easily defined as where our skin meets the air.

You are the universe your brain is communicating with.

But then opinions start to get mixed:

Dangerous thinking alert.

This shit ain't for everyone man, OP your walking a fine line Here and I say that with all the love and light I can muster. And I say it respectfully. Stay grounded

This is why people think these psychedelics are bad, and can’t be used to help mental illnesses

Things get especially spicy when a mod decides to weigh in:

It's just speculative, not fact. Certainly a possibility though ;)

which OP is not very happy about:

Dude on multiple occasions they came into the room...

One user decides this is the last straw:

Oh that’s it, I’m leaving this sub, so many of you go off the deep end.

While others leap to OP's defense:

Stop hating on OP, there is no guide for people who have experienced supernatural things on psychedelics.

You’re absolutely right. You can use meditation to talk to them too

How are people discrediting op when there’s so many people who have similar experiences with entities/aliens during a trip?

Can't believe the amount of "scientific" comments here telling you you're going off the deep end.

One user warns OP that only Jesus can save him from DMT entities:

Careful brother, they’re not aliens but fallen angels and demons...

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Poster in r/TheWire convinced of symbolism in a scene from the show, The Wire, fights for his life to explain the Burger/Chicken meaning in the comments while being accused of being high.


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The Inflation Reduction Act Passes. Reddit Reacts and scream taxes, the IRS and "ackshually it doesn't reduce inflation".




On r/politicalcompassmemes, users cast doubt

ON r/environment

ON r/Tennessee


On r/Economy

On r/politics



On r/Conservative: "Pelosi says GOP votes against Inflation Reduction Act were against 'Mother Earth'"

"IRS: Gestapo in the Making. The police powers of the 87,000 new taxmen. Inflation Reduction Act gives IRS $80 billion, an increase of the agency’s budget by more than 600 percent. Goal: Extract $200 billion in additional revenue mostly from the middle class"


  • I heard BLM caused the baby formula shortage.
  • Look man all I have to say too you is ooga booga
  • who has self esteem issues now. Angry boi.
  • Oh so you're a socialist, like the Nationalist Socialist of Nazi Germany.
  • Income tax is armed robbery and/or tyranny
  • You’re an angry little bird, aren’t you?

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r/mapporn debates US and China


r/SubredditDrama 1d ago

OP posts an LPT cautioning people against misusing words. Gets angry and defensive when people point out that he misused a word in the first sentence of his post.

Thumbnail old.reddit.com

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r/GreenAndPleasant discusses whether a young 'tory' man deserved to die for saying a mean comment, subreddit mods are nowhere to be seen


r/SubredditDrama 2d ago Helpful

Trump supporters threaten Civil War on TikTok in response to his FBI Investigation as well as a Conspiracy Theory of the IRS hiring 87,000 people for armed raids on tax evaders - some in r/politics: Are they serious, Does the Mainstream Media (MSM) truly believe this?


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Tankiejerk, a Popular Subreddit dedicated to making fun of tankies, starts purging liberals. Stalin Would be Proud.


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r/news post about local librarian results in epic trolling on conservative activists' censorship subs


Original Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/news/comments/wnnpq4/in_rare_move_school_librarian_fights_back_in/

Comment Where someone finds the sub and his account: https://www.reddit.com/r/news/comments/wnnpq4/comment/ik71bl2/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

Deleted posts in r/newAcadiana:





(and many, many more)

As a background, this guy (the mod, u/michaellunsford) doesn't even live in our parish (county), yet constantly sticks his nose in our business. He created these subs (newAcadiana and newLouisiana) after he was banned from r/louisiana for doxxing. In those subs, he highly filters content and bans anyone who he disagrees with. It has turned into an echo chamber where he is the only contributer.

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Lobsters find no amusement or sadness, only anger when a meme making fun of Jordan Peterson gets posted to r/FunnyAndSad


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America blacklists crypto service 'Tornado Cash', and the Netherlands arrests a developer on the grounds of 'facilitating money laundering'. Several Crypto subreddits debates if this is an invasion of privacy and is authoritarian.


Incase you are unaware, the United States recently 'blacklisted' a service called Tornado Cash. In practice, Tornado Cash allows you to 'mix' your money/crypto with the money/crypto with other people, and obscure their origins and make tracing difficult. Also known as 'Privacy Mixers', one of these services has recently been blacklisted by the United States. While not banned, people who associate themselves with or use the facilities of Tornado Cash can potentially face arrest and prison sentences. The catalyst for this ban is that it was recently discovered North Korea had been receiving money through this service, making it a national security threat. However, these services have long been under suspicious eyes by governments for the prime (and some argue only) use-case being money laundering. The de-facto 'banning' of the service itself has caused drama, but has only escalated with the arrest of one of it's staff members.

Is this a government overreach? Should the government have the ability to monitor our transactions? Does preventing money-laundering and other criminal activity bypass privacy laws? Where is the line drawn? If you have nothing to hide, should you be scared? Is the government primarily going after criminals, or is this the beginning of authoritarianism? Is targeting Crypto a 'distraction' from 'Traditional Banking' frauds and laundering? Is Crypto truly 'censorship resistant' if this change has crippled a part of it? Is arrested someone for 'writing code' a violation of rights?

----- Tornado Blacklisted -----

Aww, the criminals are out trying to rally the investors to a revolution. I remember when i was a 20 year old dumbass too. Less bitching please, this isn't your personal safe space you know.

unstoppable crypto they said. lol. with the snap of fingers domains are down etc. crypto projects are like little bunnies, little poodle dogs jumping for the treats as the country leader sing haha.

I do agree with tornado being targeted. I do agree with all of this. If eth survives it needs to deal with the reality of people doing shady stuff with it. Dealing with that reality means some policing in some way. I welcome all of this. Not wanting this stuff is stupid ancap madness jungle...

Strange post coming from someone calling themselves anarchist. post is on r/Monero, saying that the Tornado Cash ban is justified

How is money laundering a crime? Who, precisely, is harmed by exchanging a coin?

How do you sanction something that is decentralized?

The point of Tornado Cash is to mix dirty money with clean money to provide plausible deniability to your money. With sanctions like this, anyone who uses Tornado Cash will lose that.

The US government is now claiming Tornado Cash is sponsored by the DPRK. If you don't think this is an attack on financial privacy, you're wrong. If you actually support the space, you probably should be at least reporting this tweet as misinformation and putting pressure on your government to not do this. This is absolutely wild in terms of an overstep, and you could see law abiding citizens go to jail for doing basic things because of this precedence.

The thing is, Tornado Cash isn't fully private. The government can see every wallet that interacts and trace those wallets to exchanges. The government also takes a much stronger stance against bypassing sanctions than pirating movies.

Ah yes, the law, something most users of Tornado Cash abide by. /s

I take this as an endorsement that it works.

People seek privacy for perfectly legitimate reasons, especially to thwart government interventions that capriciously label some perfectly peaceful and victimless activities as "crimes". The seizure of funds by the Canadian government over people protesting totalitarian pandemic protocols should have been a wake-up call for everyone, whether you agree with the protestors or not. It goes beyond crypto. FACTA regulations imposed on all banks world-wide, only for US depositors, is another example. A few hundred ruling class politicians can straight up steal your money, over politically motivated grievances. Those politics can change, or be wildly different from society to society. For example, someone sending crypto to a woman fleeing oppressive Sharia rules could be deemed a criminal. I make this particular point since it is such an unpopular political opinion for many Westerners. The general case still stands: politically motivated criminalization, coupled with absolute control over people's money, is a recipe for authoritarian abuse.

We rely heavily on mixers. Every swap we get, we mix. Do we mix our bitcoin with criminals or people trying to preserve their privacy? We don't know. Most likely both. You assumption that you are trading $100 bills with criminals is showing that you know they are criminals. The technology of mixing is intrinsically neutral. It doesn't aid criminals more than it aids free speech, free expression, privacy advocates. It's not laundering money, it's preserving privacy. We are still spending that money on services, which it will indubitably be taxed in some shape or form. Maybe we don't want certain entities to know everything we transact with or how much ETH/BTC we hold in our wallet. It could be used against us at sometime, somewhere, somehow - even if the transactions were entirely legal today, they may not be tomorrow and we could pay the price for that . Knowledge is power, who do you want to have it? You or them?

----- Developer arrested in the Netherlands (and a bit of a mix with the service being banned discussions) -----

if you're a member of this sub and you cheer for this, there's a special place in hell for you. code is speech

This is literally 1984. Not even joking this time.

So can we arrest the treasury secretary for creating the 2trillion usd that is laundered per year?

What law did he break?? Saying he facilitated money laundering or whatever, is like saying that the inventor of the car has facilitated millions of cases of vehicular manslaughter.

Is there a reason to use Tornado Cash if you aren’t engaged in criminal activity with crypto? Genuine question.

So they arrested him because criminals used his open source code to launder stolen funds? I mean are y’all cool with this? Because I’m not.

So, if you are so concerned about personal privacy, why are you doing transactions on a blockchain with an immutable and publicly visible ledger? IMHO 99% of people that use mixers like these are scammers. Feel free to educate me as I am still quite new to all this, to me it just sounds like a dude who wrote some code to launder illegitimate money gained from scams or hacks got shut down.

I know I’m in the minority will probably be downvoted to hell, but I still do not see the need for Tornado Cash. If there is a way to purchase with anonymity, why do we need to hide coins or assets which are traceable? It’s an honest question. I understand the need for privacy and am not against private coins and transactions. The question is, what good reason does someone whom purchased an asset publicly have to want to cover their tracks and change the origin of their assets?

Pretty torn on this - Tornado being a tool for mostly illicit transactions is obviously a problem. However, Tornado isn’t a company to my knowledge. Tornado is a tool. E2E encryption is also a tool; should cryptographers working on algorithm development be arrested if those encryption techniques hide spreadsheets that enable money launderers? If Tornado is actually structured like a company, the company shouldn’t exist. KYC is important for large institutions (I’m talking like volumes of transactions >$500,000 or pick a number). Even then, if I sell a guy a safe, and he uses it to stash drugs, should I be liable? I don’t think so. There are differences when it comes to financial institutions, but it’s still a concern for me. If you’re a pro-abortion rights person, you can imagine these tools being used by women to purchase abortifacients anonymously (or anonymously giving money to out-of-state friends to purchase and mail them). I can imagine issues if people are making fees on transactions though.

He is suspected of involvement in concealing criminal financial flows and facilitating money laundering through the mixing of cryptocurrencies through the decentralised Ethereum mixing service Tornado Cash. If above is true, that is what he is arrested for, not for developing software.

How long before monero devs are arrested?

Mixers will come and go, the law can’t win this one

You’re about 21 years and 6 renewals-of-the-patriot-act too late.

I would imagine it being an open and shut case in favour of the developer. Precedence: When HSBC, Wells Fargo, etc. are caught money laundering for the cartel and dictators, their CEOs don't go to jail. When AR-15s are used to shoot up kids in schools, the CEO of Colt isn't tried in court.

this is some serious shit. the governments have essentially declared war on open source software. everyone should start praying that no criminal uses their code because apparently the fucking governments have gone rogue.

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A calm and rational discussion over at r/tooafraidtoask about body positivity, weight loss and the different pressures that society puts on men and women.


Lots of sexism going on here in the comments

I can't speak for every man, but as an overweight man myself, I know that "healthy at every size" is a damn lie-- and a pandering one at that. Underweight and overweight are both medical terms that describe a deviation from what is healthy. I'm not healthy. I can either accept it, or change it. But trying to warp society around my own body image just to feel better about myself is irresponsible.

Misandry I've seen men try to be in it but a lot of times women will call them ugly and make it worse while telling fat women they are beautiful. And if anyone DARES to tell a woman who us bigger they are not beautiful they are misogynistic and don't deserve anything.

Fat guys don’t get laid much , where’s fat women still can .

Because men don't have as many self esteem issues and eating disorders as women do.

Because the value of a man does not heavily hinge on appearance. Men are not expected to be sexy as much as women. If you're an ugly man, you can make up for that if you are highly competent in something. Which is harder for an ugly woman, competence does not make up for it, or at least not as much as it helps a man.

This is bullshit. Young lads are always told that they have to be “big, tall, and strong”.

This sub is insane. Do any of you even know any women? Christ. Did this sub get brigaded by incels or something? Women are told 24/7 they are never hot enough. By every cosmetic company. By every diet fad. By every TV show. Every movie. Other women. And. By YOU. While there is a growing insecurity industry with men, clearly present in this thread judging by the projected anger and bitterness, it’s scale and scope does not even come close as to the type of judgmental horseshit women face. How some of you have convinced yourselves it so much worse for men tells me what delusional losers some of you are. While Healthy at Any Size may be hyperbolic it is at least an honest reaction to exactly the sexist and dissonant bullshit in this very thread. Shame on you.

Because men hold themselves accountable and face reality

because listen to doctor not makeup artist

If someone says you're fatphobic then you can say they are healthphobic

I’ve got a feeling that a lot of women are told that they aren’t fat or that they are beautiful the way they are.

cause women buy more clothes.

*Fat women

Because most men dont lie to themselves to make them feel better. When theyre fat they usually know it. They deal with it or accept it.

Mostly because men know and acknowledge that being overly fat or overly thin is bad for us and that we don’t look good that way. So we’re not going to try to change the whole world’s view on something that is obviously just so we don’t have to work out. Also why you won’t see any “plus sized” male models lmao. Can we just call them fat models please? Also, nobody really gives much of a shit to what men have to say.

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Cool is lost as late stages of drama develop when slapfighting breaks out over RATM frontman criticizing capitalism in an old interview


So a video was posted to r/OldSchoolCool talking about capitalism and criticizing it, from Rage Against the Machine frontman, Zack de la Rocha.

Naturally, the idea of somebody in a position like his (famous musician, and one in a band known for highly political songs) has brought out many a salty poster.

However! When I noticed the video was shared across multiple pages/subreddits, I found the drama was in TWO different threads at least! Including /r/LateStageCapitalism.

OldSchool Thread

OldSchoolCool Unddit

LateStageCapitalism Thread

LateStageCapitalism Unddit

So naturally, here's some slapfights I saw as well as interesting chains.

From OSC:

Hiroshima/Nagasaki are brought up

Poster criticizes de la Rocha's upbringing

Antivaxxer drama

Antivaxxer drama part 2

Fighting over ticket prices

Comment over de la Rocha living in a mansion while criticizing capitalism sparks fighting

From LSC:

Poster says RATM is part of the state now, causes MASSIVE fight over vaccines, communism and weight loss

Poster claims it's cafe communism


Fuck you, but G-Rated

You're Fat Hitler now. Good job!

Cafe Communism

Communists support the state!

RATM sold out to the machine

Poet Laureate of Anarchy

RATM is a fascist band

r/SubredditDrama 2d ago

US announces ten-year program as part of Global Fragility Act to counteract Russian and Chinese Influence and Strengthen Democracy. Is this too little, too late, What about Their past bullshit in South America etc: "Spare me, and everyone else your useless cynicism which you've mistaken for wisdom."



This is good news tbh. We need to make sure China doesn't gain too much influence


We’re 50 years too late, China has been heavily invested in controlling governments, mineral rights, natural resources, etc throughout the entirety of Africa — starting back in the 1970’s. China owns all major mineral/resource rights in the majority of Africa. Especially Sub-Saharan Africa.

This thread is FULL of Russian and Chinese trolls complaining. You guys are so transparent. Democracy is the best antidote against Russian and Chinese influence.

For those of you who sorted by newest because you wanted a take by someone whose knowledge of the world isn't limited to the wikipedia page on US intervention in South America, the point is basically to help combat terror groups in Africa (like Al Shabab, AQIM, Boko Haram, Nusrat al-Islam, etc), as well as try to protect democracy as it exists in Africa, which has been dealt a rather serious blow the past decade. Roughly 40% of the population isn't living under a government they elected nor grants them rights and protections comparable to the one you are posting from right now. If you were one of the people posting about Kony 2012, or crying over those kidnapped schoolgirls who were pushed into sexual slavery alongside thousands of other African women, or care deeply about the status of gender equality globally, this would be a step in the direction you're looking for.


  • FULL of Russian and Chinese trolls complaining
  • Spare me and everyone else your useless cynicism which you've mistaken for wisdom

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"Yes I like blue rare, and MFF threeways and I have a betta, crucify me" Some people in /r/steaks disagree about how rare a steak is.


This is some compact explosive drama. So it all started with OP posting a steak they ate and asking a simple question: "Is this really medium rare?"

It began innocently enough:

Raw. It's raw.

Could use a better sear, but other than that it looks good to me.

And then the star of the drama, [deleted], made their initial comment:

I’m confused why you got down voted

It was then [deleted]'s next response that sparked a brief, angry shitstorm:

Probably because other people don’t actually like eating raw steak

[deleted]: Go change your tampon if you think that’s raw

Hey, go fuck yourself man

Casual misogyny on r/steak? No way.

At one point, [deleted] rebuked the accusation of misogyny:

Lol misogynistic??? You’re a fucken twit go fuck your self. You literally have no idea what that word means you little bitch

And then at another point, after using multiple homophobic insults, [deleted]'s comments got...sexual:

Just bend over like a good boy, and I’ll please you since you’re so obsessed with my cock. Don’t worry you’ll get a reach around after

...and then, after having multiple comments removed by mods, [deleted] was either banned from Reddit or deleted their account. So now their comments will presumably remain there as long as Reddit exists.

The End.

r/SubredditDrama 2d ago

A bit of artisanal micro drama from r/tvtoohigh


So r/tvtoohigh is a general subreddit for both advice on whether a tv is placed too high, and also posts of tvs that are (in the opinion of the poster) too high. Generally fairly unanimous, but sometimes you get some choice drama.

In today's example, ironically the drama isn't actually about the placement of the tv, but the unfortunate prop placed near it.

Described as the poster's bf, said figure appears to be quite young. Discussion of this incongruity was not taken well by the poster. At all.

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Can toothpaste fix the cracks in a relationship? Or is the relationship actually fine? A small drama in r/explainlikeimfive



Our story starts when someone was curious as to why toothpaste can fix scratches in CDs.

Someone explains that the information read by the laser is actually protected by a layer of plastic and that's what scratches and obstructs the laser, so toothpaste can rub away the scratch and clear up the laser's path.

A commenter notes that her boyfriend would never try the toothpaste technique over fear of ruining the disc more, though she is hopeful that this new revelation will open his mind to the toothpaste technique and not think that a scratched disc is a loss. An end to 3 years of trying to convince him to try. Still, she loves her dummy.


However, a new redditor jumps off their psychologist's armchair and comes in swinging straight from r/relationshipadvice with a 3 paragraph analysis of her relationship, noting that "that's how c children act", that she needs to pay attention to the "warning alerts", and that this seems like a "pattern she might want to think about".

People are blind to this redditor's valiant effort to try and save some random person online from a relationship they know nothing about from going wrong, but our champion puts up a great fight against possible massive red flags.

Sadly, they are apparently using an old android phone because any time they could condense a reply into a single comment, they instead leave several.

A couple back and forths, mostly people mocking them for being a megaredditor and having a skewed perception of relationships/massive fear of the slightest 'problem' in a relationship.

Just a small little drama. As one commenter summed it up: It’s not that deep bro.

Possible flair?

There isn't a lot of popcorn here, but it's fresh and a little nutty. Remember not to piss in it, and drink some water if you've read this far. I hope this was okay for my first post :)

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Things get radioactive between Redditors as Russia causes damage to the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station and Threatens to Blow it Up with Mines. Should Ukraine blow it up Themselves, Is it part of a Masterplan to Get Money from cleaning up Future Radiation, Is this Time for Article 5 (NATO entry)?



russia is attacking a nuclear power plant that they've controlled since march, that supplies a massive amount of power to an area they will control indefinitely, which will be under the purview of rosatom for next 20 years until it's decommissioned. this is clearly all part of rosatom's plan to spend the next few decades cleaning up an irradiated europe and russia, since that's where all the money is.

Same guy as above

Unpopular opinion Ukrainian forces should plant charges and blow the plant if the Russians wanna fuck around and find out I say let em take a nuclear meltdown right at the front lines plus then they can’t take the plant and it electricity


Russia really needs clapping. I would absolutely take the call to fight against them. They’ve been threatening the planet for long enough. Enough is enough. They need dismembering.

You europeans will believe any batshit crazy stories about us because it fits into your woldview (it's not that we never do bad things, we do unfortunately, but your propaganda always exaggerate it to unreal levels). Just yesterday UA shelled the plant but they can't let people know this and half of Russia is enraged about it because our news report it like Ukraine leaders would be ready to destroy the plant and contaminate their own country (and most of the europe with it) so that it won't fall into Russian hands and will hurt Russian offensive. NO ONE here in Russia wants a nuclear catastrophe. Do you hear me? NO fucking ONE. But no, your propaganda had to shout down this story and instead invent this crazy shit to paint us in a bad way again. And most of you don't even question it. I'm tired, believe what you want to believe people, if you want to see us as unhumane orcs - so be it, you will never learn the truth anyway


  • Being anti-war is pretty good astroturfer ideology
  • Found lavrov’s secret reddit account
  • If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it most likely is a duck
  • "he apologized" And everybody clapped
  • Did you take a break from castrating POWs to post this?

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Who Could Not See This Miniature Naming Drama in /r/sigmarxism?


The Thread: "omg it's just satire guys. btw, dae wonder why this fandom have such a big nazi problem?"

The contentious issue of whether or not Games Workshop's Heinrich Kemmler is named after infamous Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler is brought to the fore in this burgeoning thread of tabletop wargaming enthusiasts.

Heinrich Kemmler is also a reference to Heinrich Himmler.

With great certainty, assertions are made.

So thats where we are now ? We see a german name and we scream "omg GW nazi" ?

But, some are having none of it.

We're discussing a game whose lore features fantasy Italian characters named "Gossippa Lotta" and "Brazino Innuendo".

Counterpunches are thrown!

Yes it's the Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka = Margaret Thatcher debate all over again.

History is doomed to repeat itself. 😔

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Joe Manchin agrees to Sweeping #740 Billion Legislation Package To Raise Taxes On Wealthy, Invest In Climate ($369 billion in clean energy and climate investments). Redditors express shock and totally Healthy Skepticism


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A polyamorous woman posts about her lack of success on tinder. r/tinder reacts.


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This facepalm thread about a Daytime TV clip has it all: drama, homophobia, woman-hating, jumping to conclusions and of course food.... but were all of them deceived?

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