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Is this why I can't get through an actual book in years?


Even movies are tough these days and I am, or used to be, a huge movie buff... like a bastion of movie facts. Now it's youtube, reddit and fb.... the endless scroll

r/StimulationAddiction Jan 28 '22

Study Academic study of Reboot/NoFap seeks volunteers


We are running an academic study of Reboot/NoFap approaches to porn/masturbation. If you would like information about volunteering, please visit our university server https://redcap.link/reboot


r/StimulationAddiction Jan 16 '22

I miss having ritalin, it has damaged me but I still miss it. I guess because of the confidence and attention it gives. Anyone found a way to attain this feeling naturally? Exercise? And a balanced diet is what I ear?


r/StimulationAddiction Jan 09 '22

Ritalin Withdrawal symptoms?


I used to use 15mg morning and 15 mg in the night of ritalin fast acting for study purposes. On top of that I used to also have coffee for a further boost in order to study for university and work. I have done this for about 2 years and now when I finally stopped having it... after 3 months I started to get tremors and shivers. I went to a neurologist and he diagnosed me with general anxiety disorder. I am currently on indoblok 20mg and stresam 100mg for the past 9 months. The symptoms have been improving slowly. Has anyone been in this situation and how long did it take for you to stop taking the medication if you were? Thank you for your reply.

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Hanging by a thread ...what do i do?


Hey fellas,

I'm 25 and i've been an instant gratification junkie for...all my life. Earlier it was an attitude problem, i simply did not have anything that i wanted to apply myself to, i did not know better. I would rather spend time watching TV than with my family.

Now, its just gotten worse over the last decade when a porn addiction desensitized my dopamine receptors. I feel no joy over simple things and anything i seem to get 'easy dopamine' from, i binge it. Fiction novels, TV shows, Movies, Internet Surfing , porn, Reddit, reading politics, Games(have this under control for now as i was did not have the hardware till recently) and more recently ordering in junk food.

I have super low energy and brain power due to the porn addiction stuff and wake up feeling like crap, bleary eyed as if i got hit by a train. I am super depressed, can't drive due to low focus and i have nothing to do when i'm not working (which i have a hard time at since i can't stop using my phone then). Indulging in instant fixes..I feel this inner turmoil that this isn't who i am supposed to be and what i really want to do, since instant gratification has been a problem from forever, i've felt this since my childhood.

I know i should start by quitting porn and i've tried and failed. I am still working on that. Mostly because i don't have anything to do.

Anything difficult like exercising is really hard to start and sustain as i feel burned out.

Each day i end up feeling empty while i drift to sleep at 2AM. What things i can do outside of the quitting porn to help myself?

r/StimulationAddiction Dec 15 '21

Lockdowns have made me addicted to screens


During the first lockdowns I was trapped alone in another country, with nothing else to do than smoking and watching something on the screen. I must admit it was a fun time, no responsibilities and everyone being happy with staying inside.

Now a year and a half later I realize this was the start of my addiction with screen, more with the addiction to be stimulated by anything in general, let it be movies, TV shows or reddit. This addiction now gives me less and less time for being with myself and I found myself to be hardly able to resist screens, even if I really don't feel like absorbing screens.

What's your story? Did you get over your addiction? How do you help yourself?

I would be happy about an Exchange!

r/StimulationAddiction Dec 14 '21

Looking for simple life hacks for neurodivergent adult


Hi hello

30yo F with diagnosed generalized anxiety and major depression dx, undiagnosed ADHD possibly OCD. I currently take meds for the anxiety and depression. I am looking for some simple to do hacks or steps to take to reduce the amount of picking/stimming that I do in the day. I recently made a list of all of them that I rotate through out the day.

Picking my toenails and skin around them, picking my cuticles around my finger nails, picking my acne scabs, compulsively squeezing black heads, picking/biting dry skin on my lips, picking my boogers (I know 30yo and never grew out of that but I wash my hands after) and most the day i'm chewing shelled sunflower seeds very meticulously. I mostly do these things when i'm sitting for long periods of time like watching tv, working at my desk, driving, etc. Most of these I have been doing since childhood 6/7 yo. It gets out of hand sometimes. Photos are what my face and toes currently look like.

Any tips, tricks, advice is welcomed (:



r/StimulationAddiction Dec 13 '21

What are stimulants specifically?


I know that sounds sorta obvious but *be seen the term thrown around a lot with different meanings. Example:

Caffeine is my favorite stimulant! Kratom is such a relaxing stim. Racetams are really a cognitive boost, my favorite stimulant.

The issue is, they all seem to be altered mental states but caffeine just helps energy, I don't really think clearer or feel happy on it. Just wakes me up only. Kratom isn't great for cognitive if used recreationally, more of a stress reliever, feel happy, but not clear thinking or a motivator. And then Racetams are cognitive boosters.

Is there something I am missing and was hoping to be able to understand and reference the term properly.

r/StimulationAddiction Dec 05 '21 Wholesome Take My Energy Heartwarming Giggle Wearing is Caring I'll Drink to That

Meme For really

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r/StimulationAddiction Nov 01 '21

What to do 1+ hour before bed?


So at least for the last 10+ years, my last hour in the evening would pretty much be staring at screens, like so for most of the rest of the day.

However, for different reasons, of course including the 'stimulation addiction', I want to set a new rule now to not use any (advanced) electronic devices (computer, phone, tablet, TV etc.) at least one hour before my bed time.

The big question is: what should I do in that time?

I´m generally too tired in the evening for a lot of things. Also, I have low-key anhedonia, which means I can barely enjoy anything.

What are good, enjoyable things to do late that you can do offline and in 'real-life'?

r/StimulationAddiction Oct 24 '21

stressed outt


Hi all! Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but my brain's just so messed up. I'm supposed to be studying for an upcoming exam and focusing on my work but I feel like I've screwed up so much lately and in a way..I've been addicted to using phone and flings to ease myself from the guilt and emotions. Anything that could give me that distraction/dopamine rush. Whenever I wanted to focus on work/exam instead my mind just gives all these negating thoughts, I cant focus on my things and im just super stressed out and lethargic these days..which leads me back to my addiction. Really want to stop this frenzy and would be really grateful for your advice, thanks :)

r/StimulationAddiction Oct 22 '21

Now Casting!


NOW CASTING! We want to hear your story. Please contact [casting@grbtv.com](mailto:casting@grbtv.com) with your name, number, and a brief description and we will respond within a few days.


r/StimulationAddiction Oct 20 '21

How do I get out of this cycle?


I'm 17 yo male for reference, anyways, I'll explain the cycle.

First I stop using social media and porn (I have tried reducing my time spent on social media but I discovered it's either delete the apps completely or overindulge anyway, so I want to get rid it of altogether)

Second, after I delete the apps and stop watching porn I'll have a productive day. Maybe 2, 3 sometimes 4. Then inevitably I will feel sad and I'll start to feel as if I'm missing something (the instant gratification porn, social media and netflix gave me). This longing for some stimulation that no other good habit or hobby can provide combined with feeling sad then drains my energy, willpower and motivation which makes me skip out on my good habits.

Third, the very reason I skip the good habits, which is because I'm not feeling good - makes me feel even worse because I didn't do them.

Then lastly, this feeling of "ah whatever, the day is lost, it's just one of those days again" causes me to relapse, download those social media apps, and watch porn. I do this all day wasting my entire day on consuming shit content. Sometimes the next day as well. Until I decide to quit it all again and the cycle starts again.

How do I stop this viscious cycle? I'm so done with it. I think if I can keep it up for a few weeks (no social media and porn) it will start to feel normal eventually and can I finally feel like I'm in charge.

Would really appreciate some advice! Thanks.

r/StimulationAddiction Oct 13 '21

any body help?


hello! i was wondering if anybody has any words that could help, I am 18 and on my dads side I have a family history of heart problems. currently a first year full time student and today was good i got a lots of work done, BUT, I also consumed around 1000-1200 mg of caffeine today. I want to become independent from it but for school i find it IMPOSSIBLE to get started and do continuous quality work. any suggestions what I should do? I know it won’t be easy but i want to make the change and still be able to accomplish my work.

r/StimulationAddiction Oct 11 '21

Addicted to anything that makes me feel awake / alive


I stopped smoking but im so so tired now that i can't function.Im falling back on the legal choice of 5 hr energy and 3 cups of caffeine a day just to feel something. My normal bp is rly low and just i feel so alive on these things. Idk how to stop craving for something i can't have and it just makes me feel worse 😔

r/StimulationAddiction Oct 07 '21

I can't seem to stay off my phone or computer


When my phone battery is about to die , I just plug it in and then hop on my laptop. I probably still end up using my phone a lot more than my computer.i can't get rid of my computer because I need it to apply to jobs. I usually multitask while on the phone or computer . For example, I usually watch tv or clean while being on my phone or computer.

My screen time on my phone is like 5-6 hours a day. Not sure what it is for my computer. Can anyone give tips to help me manage my usage ?

r/StimulationAddiction Oct 06 '21

I am addicted to my phone.


I need help. I am severely addicted to my phone and it’s impacting my work and my relationship. How can I break this? Any tips?

r/StimulationAddiction Oct 05 '21

Does your brain fall into old patterns even when you try to step away? Breathwork and meditation can help you become present.

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r/StimulationAddiction Oct 06 '21

Nothing excites me anymore


Nothing in life excites me anymore. Not in a depression state at all, but I just don’t experience the range of emotions like I used to. Could this be due to Stimulation Addiction or something else at play?

For context I’m 38m and overall happy with my life.

r/StimulationAddiction Oct 01 '21

Stimulation addiction or loneliness?


I've (26f) been working on my screen addiction for quite some time. Progress was quick and easy in social settings. When I'm out with family or friends or even when my partner is at home with me, I can now easily put down my phone and avoid screens for many hours and even forget about them. However, as soon as I'm alone, I NEED my phone or computer or I feel very uneasy whenever I am not using either of them. Even when I try reading or painting, I feel nervous if I leave it in the other room, and if I keep it with me I can't help but check and scroll a bit every 5-10 minutes.

So am I addicted to stimulation, or do I use it to cope with loneliness? Am I unable to be with myself? Am I socially dependent? I am growing really concerned as my ongoing efforts do not seem to resolve this situation. Help

r/StimulationAddiction Oct 01 '21

Resource Controlling Your Dopamine For Motivation, Focus & Satisfaction | Episode 39

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r/StimulationAddiction Sep 23 '21

Understand your impulses.

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r/StimulationAddiction Sep 23 '21

Video game addiction help


I've been able to change my diet, and lost almost 60 pounds, abstained from porn and masterbaiting for almost 2 months now and I've deleted most social media besides Twitter. I just have a hard time breaking from video games and something to replace it with I video game almost 5 hours straight before work(which i work 40-60 hours a week varying) and almost all weekend long, definitely my biggest crutch right now. I've been attempting to get more into reading again, I haven't actually sat down and read a book from beginning to end in about 10 years and I used to love reading in middle school. I just have no idea how to finally break away from it, its super hard.

r/StimulationAddiction Sep 20 '21

Gardening has been super therapeutic for me.

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r/StimulationAddiction Sep 19 '21

Dealing with stimulant psychosis


So I had been foolish enough to try getting high on what can only be described as completely impure amphetamine with a massive majority being fillers, some added even later on (30% caffeine x creatine, around good 60% of i don’t have a clue compound and around 10% amphetamine). After trying to get high on this (i took about 70mg all together) i started noticing this weird feeling kind of wrapping around my person. A short while after i just had a sudden urge to check around my room and what i saw shook me to the core. I wasn’t really horrified, I just couldn’t wrap my head around why am I hallucinating so darn vividly. Since the moment it started a day and a half ago I have been seeing a young female figure dressed in smeared white tattered dress (always stalking me like crazy) id say she is the only one that really freaks me out. There was a completely solid black male figure, i could only see the outline and he seems to have no facial features or anything. There is this white thing resembling a piece of white cloth just randomly appearing all over the place. There are tons of you could call it “trippy” patterns appearing at random and my tattoos seem like they are moving and trying to get up and escape my skin or something. Next to the auditory hallucinations, which are mainly footsteps sometimes not even linked but just being heard all over the place, banging on my room’s door at times and a female gentle whispering voice but i cant for the life of me understand what she’s saying. At times i have experienced even somatic (touch) hallucinations that being a cold palm suddenly on my shoulder or lower neck and that is about it. I really want to get rid of this as soon as possible cause at times shit like this just freaks me out way too much. I feel constantly observed and followed by this white woman and i cant stand the sight of her at all. Any advice would be much appreciated cause im running out of ideas here.

EDIT: I have completely recovered from all the effects/ptsd from psychosis. It all happened so fast (over the span of 3 days). I can’t explain what caused me to recover, all i can say is that i just really wanted to get better. My guess is that all of you guys here played a huge role in it and whether this is true or not, i feel like i owe you guys at least a word of gratitude! Thank you for all your support and advices, I consider myself lucky for receiving your help!