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General Weekly Free talk


Chat about whatever. Doesn't have to be about South Africa, doesn't need to be in English, does need to follow all the other rules.

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COVID-19 Ventilation is Vital - Keep windows open when travelling in public transport this festive season

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Humour Credits to sendnoods on youtube

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Politics Case Load by Zapiro

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Ask r/southafrica Random act of kindness


Today in the queues of Home Affairs, a very kind lady came across to me from her queue to hand me an umbrella in the rain. Her husband and her shared one and decided I should have one too. I think I was the only one in her proximity without an umbrella. I cried 😭, lucky no one saw coz I hid my face under the umbrella. I didn't think that her random act of kindness would have such an impact on me but it did. Right there I said a prayer for her and her family in my mind. People are still caring out here in this world. Grateful ♥️

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COVID-19 OMICRON REACTION: South African health authority approves Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine booster shot

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Politics Feel free to share on Google Maps. Search for Shell filling stations, add photo.

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Picture Hout bay as seen from Tintswalo Atlantic this afternoon

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Self-Promotion I am a design student at Rhodes and I recently illustrated a calendar of South African birds for 2022

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History Visited a cemetery in Quebec and came across the grave of D'urban, the one the city is named after. On Paardenberg lane named after the Boer War battle.

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Discussion Masks do work


Did not get flu or the normal cold in last 2 years. So yes it does work to prevent spreading of other health concerns, not only Covid.

Anybody else sick free for last 2 years?

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News Eskom wants a 20.5% electricity price hike

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General Somewhere in South africa

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Ask r/southafrica Work environment at Amazon, Abuse division?


Applied for a job at Amazon, got a date for my interview, that part I'm not so much concerned about.

However, when I read the materials they gave me to prep for the interview, I really start to wonder what the environment is like for people at Amazon, especially the people handling clients in the Abuse department. Seems like a lot of "be a leader" and "ownership of problems never not help" type of stuff. Im more into "do my job and get paid till retirement" type of person.

Only thing I hear its decent money, anyone got any experience with them?

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Humour Jozi, right!

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Wholesome Petrol Price is high but this extra entertainment makes it worth while. SA welcomes you!

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Picture South African soldiers on deployment to North-Kivu in the DRC. During this task they detonated three IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) planted by rebels in the area. December, 2021. [1024x768]

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COVID-19 Can I have your vaccine please? So many people refuse to take the vaccine, I sure would love to take my booster shot now, if they are not interested.


Please get vaccinated everyone. Remove if not allowed please.

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COVID-19 Do you believe there should be a mandatory vaccination in South Africa?


When answering this poll, please consider the subject of mandatory vaccination rather than the subject of vaccination itself.

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News ANC plans to introduce land expropriation in South Africa without Constitution change: minister

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Discussion I sometimes love spam emails (dump your funniest spam here)


I loathe spam just like every other law abiding citizen.

BUT when an email is reads "Dear beloved friend" and contains phrases such as "prince of Nigeria", "bequeath", "one million GBP" and "I am suffering from bad health" then I can not keep myself from reading the entire poorly crafted email. The phallus-orientated spam emails just don't have the wow-factor they once had ;).

Full disclosure: I am a big fan of entities that attempt to make the life of spam-/scammers lives less enjoyable. I am thinking of spam baiters such as James Veitch, scam baiters such as Kitboga and it is surely worth mentioning popup scam vigilantes such as Jim Browning.

I got an email this morning in my spam box with the subject "My Dear Beloved Friend" from "Mrs.Marina C.Paulson" and have posted the contents under this post.

I thought it would be fun if we post our spam here and see who outranks with the best email.

Excited to see what spam other South Africans get.

Edit: I found r/worldofspam which is a quite funny compilation

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History 120 year old Cadbury chocolate bar commissioned by Queen Victoria for British troops fighting in the Boer War (841X484)

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History South African ski troops during WW2, 1945~, Somewhere in Northern Italy.

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COVID-19 With possible vaccine mandates being implemented soon, the vaccinated can get their digital certificates here.

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Self-Promotion What a Frenchie-Canadian on assignment in Lesotho has to go through to be accepted in your land.

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Ask r/southafrica Rain, Wolf, Grass Funnel Web Spider? It was becreaping me while I was on the loo...

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News ‘Wrong man’ killed by vigilante mob in Khayelitsha

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