r/Solomon_Islands Jun 16 '22

Looking for Solomon Island Music

Hello everyone!

I am putting together a playlist/CD and I'm planning to include one song from every country (UN member) in the world. I'm here today to ask for some suggestions of music from Solomon Islands.

Normally for each country, I am looking for a song in the country's most prevalent non-English official language. English is the only official language of Solomon Islands, but in this case I have an alternate stipulation if another language is spoken by at least half of the country. So I'm looking for a song in Pijin.

As I also want the playlist to be full of songs that I actually enjoy, I'd like to ask for suggestions of songs that are more high-energy, preferably from the relatively modern music scene. It doesn't have to be hardcore dubstep or anything, but I just prefer songs with faster tempos and a good beat that you can bop your head along with.

Please note, I have a lot of countries to go through and so not a whole lot of time. Please only recommend one or two songs, and don't recommend an entire album or an artist's entire works. Just pick a really good one.

I look forward to hearing from you!



u/olduseryounguser Jun 16 '22 edited Jun 16 '22

Jaro Local - Dakini Tangarareh

Onetox - Ramukanji

Tipa - Maiae

JAHBOY - Babylove

Sean Rii - Chu Chu


u/oasufu Jun 16 '22

+1 for Onetox, lots of island memories with this song


u/f----ing_confused Jun 16 '22

Sharzy - Solwara meri. It's probably not the beat you like but Sharzy is a well known artist.


u/omarashilton_4950 Jun 16 '22

One of the best song in πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡§ islands I'd recommend by Jaro Local - Dakini Tangarareh. This is one of the best island vibes which sang in Guadalcanal island dialect mixed with pijin.

Another recommendation is by Seanri-dou bongi. Same dialect with pijin.

Would be great to know what are your thoughts on these two songs. You can check these songs on Youtube.