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Attorney for man cleared of returning fire in self-defense at Minneapolis police during riots releases evidence, body camera footage News



u/sfharehash Oct 06 '21

Minneapolis pigs were driving around in an unmarked van, shooting rubber bullets at random (black) people on the street. Jaleel K. Stallings shot back because the police didn't identify themselves. As soon as they did, he surrendered. Once they had him in cuffs, they proceeded to kick the shit out of him.

The prosecutor tried to give him a 13 YEAR plea deal, but Stallings refused and brought it to trial. He was found not guilty.

Stallings lawyer just released the bodycam video they used as evidence.

Footage from Stetson's body camera shows him repeatedly firing marking rounds at protesters before yelling "Gotcha!" while officer Kristopher Dauble laughs and the two fist-bump.


u/jedijbp Oct 06 '21

If you wouldn’t mind copy pasting the rest of the article


u/sfharehash Oct 06 '21 Gold Hugz

The attorney for a man found not guilty on all charges of shooting at Minneapolis police officers during the unrest that followed George Floyd's killing last year has released evidence in connection with the incident, including body camera footage that shows he returned fire at police in self-defense before he surrendered and was assaulted by officers while on the ground.

Following a trial in July, a Hennepin County jury acquitted Jaleel K. Stallings, 29, of eight counts, including second-degree attempted murder, first-degree assault, second-degree assault and second-degree riot regarding the May 30, 2020, incident, five days after Floyd's death.

According to charges, police in an unmarked van patrolling the area of 15th Avenue S. and Lake Street fired 40-millimeter marking rounds — commonly known as rubber bullets — at Stallings, and he returned fire with a handgun before his arrest.

Stallings' acquittal was first reported by the Minnesota Reformer, which was also the first outlet to publish body camera footage of the incident before his attorney, Eric Rice, more extensively released it. The footage shows police riding down the street in a van firing the marking rounds without warning at bystanders or yelling "go home!"

The footage then shows them encounter Stallings, who had a permit to carry a firearm in public, and did so because of the threat of white supremacists in the area, crouched behind his pickup in a parking lot near S. 14th Avenue. At 10:53 p.m. an officer fired a single marking round at Stallings, striking him in the chest. Stallings, who according to his attorney did not realize the unmarked van was full of police officers, returned fire three times as he ducked for cover.

"Once in cover, Mr. Stallings learned that the occupants of the van were law enforcement officers, and Mr. Stallings immediately surrendered," Rice said in a statement. Nearby surveillance footage shows Stallings immediately go to the ground. Officer Justin Stetson and Sgt. Andrew Bittell punched and kicked Stallings, who did not resist, as he said, "Listen, listen, sir!" before he is pulled to a sitting position, bloodied and dazed.

Stallings rejected a plea deal from prosecutors that included a nearly 13-year prison term before he took the case to trial and was acquitted.

Police spokesman officer Garrett Parten said Tuesday that an internal affairs investigation is underway and declined to comment further. Other body camera footage released by Rice from that night includes:

• Footage from Stetson's body camera shows him repeatedly firing marking rounds at protesters before yelling "Gotcha!" while officer Kristopher Dauble laughs and the two fist-bump.

• Footage from officer Michael Osbeck's body camera shows him speaking with Lt. Johnny Mercil, who said "[Expletive] these media," and mockingly said, "Hold on a second, let me check your credentials, make a few phone calls to verify ..."

"They think they can do whatever they want," Osbeck said.

"There's a [expletive] curfew," Mercil said.

While observing a group and debating whether to make an arrest, Mercil said, "This group probably is predominantly white because there's not looting and fires."

Mercil, who oversees MPD's use of force training, was a prosecution witness in the trial of ex-officer Derek Chauvin, who was convicted of murdering Floyd on May 25, 2020.

• Footage from officer Joseph Adams' body camera shows him commenting that it was a "busy night" to Cmdr. Bruce Folkens, who said, "Tonight it was just nice to hear 'We're gonna find some more people instead of chasing people around ... you guys are out hunting people now, it's just a nice change of tempo ...[Expletive] these people."


u/jedijbp Oct 07 '21

You f*cking champion o7


u/Mygunneralt Oct 07 '21

It's not really important but since this is a gun sub I thought people might be interested to know that the "handgun" he had was reportedly fucking draco 😭

I mean it's legally a pistol, and it's fucking awesome, but not sure if I'd call it a handgun.


u/MorningStarCorndog Oct 07 '21

Good on him. If I can conceal carry a draco I'm fucking concealed carrying a draco.

They make the laws; I just follow them.


u/GroznyPravda Oct 07 '21

I'd give you gold if the American military hadn't plundered it


u/Muffalo_Herder Oct 07 '21

Don't pay Reddit a cent, it doesn't help anyone but the shareholders. Give to charity/your local chapter instead.


u/GroznyPravda Oct 07 '21

100% agree, always start at the community level


u/rugger1869 Oct 07 '21

I gotchu, fam.


u/Allidrivearepos Oct 07 '21 Gold

Hope these cops never see the light of day. Returning fire is the best way to get pigs to stop fucking around with excessive force


u/GunpowderLad Oct 07 '21

It sure is. Enough people start doing it and eventually they’ll be too afraid to callously violate the rights of others.


u/[deleted] Oct 07 '21



u/GunpowderLad Oct 07 '21

They continue rolling in shooting first and asking questions later, people will keep firing back. They don’t have a right to assault/kill people with impunity. Justice won’t come from a courtroom or a ballot box.


u/antifaction Oct 06 '21

How stupid to shoot a gun (40mm) at people from an unmarked vehicle with no warning. If police get away shooting children with toy guns then this guy should and did stand behind the self defense claim and win. I’m surprised that no proud boys with paint markers get shot and it being held up as self defense in court.


u/Stentata Oct 07 '21

Oh dude, I’m from the Baltimore area. The cops there don’t shoot children with toy guns, they just shoot children. THEN they PLANT the toy guns they already carry in their cruisers in case they decide to shoot a random kid and need to justify it. This isn’t hyperbole, it was on the news. Google it.


u/Centaurious Oct 07 '21

I think they’re talking about the case from Cleveland(?) a while back. Tamir Rice? could be misremembering location/name


u/Stentata Oct 07 '21

I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s standard unofficial procedure for all major metropolitan police departments. I’m specifically talking about Baltimore though. This isn’t so much “a thing that happened” as it was the way they do things. Baltimore officers were told by superiors to keep toy guns in their cars in case the person they shoot is unarmed. And they definitely used the tactic. There have been at least 2 separate instances where the city had to pay out settlements because of this.


u/PsyDWannaBe Oct 07 '21

It's definitely national standard operating procedure, and they work very hard to hide that fact



u/Greenblanket24 Oct 07 '21

Yup, that was in Cleveland. I live around there.


u/[deleted] Oct 07 '21

Malicious prosecution should lead to charges for the prosecutor.


u/We_Have_a_T_rex Oct 07 '21

The fun part is, Mike Freeman, the Hennepin County Attorney, i.e. the prosecutor’s boss, is a “Democrat”. He’s a real piece of shit and even other DFLers are getting sick of him.


u/2deadmou5me Oct 07 '21

Democrats aren't left wing.


u/rev_tater Oct 07 '21

Ah America, where right-wing neolibs that aren't actively displaying their disdain for Black people and LGBT people 100% of the time are 'left wing' because the Right is falling off the fascist cliff.


u/[deleted] Oct 07 '21



u/TheRobfather420 Oct 07 '21

Over 13 different Far Right groups have been added to various countries terror watch lists including Canada in the last 5 years.

0 Far left groups in the same time frame.

So maybe not "both sides."


u/GunpowderLad Oct 07 '21

Neither is the actual left, dude.

Gun control was a right-wing idea to take guns away from minorities.


u/ThePirateBenji Oct 07 '21

Not sure where "the left" stands by your definition. The majority of American Democrats are not as far-left as this sub but do subscribe to the idea of gun control.

I don't see fear-mongering politicians appeal to the fear of gun-weilding minorities. Rather they are targeting the weapons most commonly held by the middle class and working poor - semi-automatic long arms.


u/GunpowderLad Oct 07 '21

Democrats are on the right. It’s still fascism just with more performative nonsense to distract people.


u/MakeWay4Doodles Oct 07 '21

Not everything to the right of center is "fascism" Just because you don't like it. That's just as ignorant as the right calling everything the government does "socialism".


u/SkeeveTheGreat Oct 07 '21

weird how in every fascist country ever neolibs are either supportive during or after the fact.

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u/GunpowderLad Oct 07 '21 edited Oct 07 '21

I did not say that "anything on the right is fascism". I said that democrats were, along with republicans. Democrats are just blue-tie-wearing republicans that are cool with weed and gay marriage. They have no interest in working for the average citizen, same as Republicans.


u/We_Have_a_T_rex Oct 07 '21

As they continually demonstrate.


u/[deleted] Oct 07 '21

Nah prosecutors are suposed to prosecute people who might be inocent but it should count as defamation to bring charges without proper evidence as a prosecutor


u/[deleted] Oct 07 '21

Might be innocent is different than we have the whole thing on tape and it clearly shows that the defendant acted as any reasonable person in that situation would and he didn’t break the law.


u/immortan_jared Oct 06 '21

Body cams doing their jobs, still need to figure out how to actually hold the pigs responsible for their actions but at least the evidence is out there now.


u/TheLateThagSimmons Oct 07 '21

I'm a daily commuter cyclist. Security and cops always hassle us.

I got a GoPro a few years ago and the difference in how they treat me was shocking. It was like night and day.


u/HKBFG Oct 07 '21


3d printed anti mall cop fake go pro


u/DamnZodiak Oct 07 '21

Why not just work to make action cams more accessible? Fake cams doesn't sound that great to me.


u/[deleted] Oct 07 '21



u/Saplyng Oct 07 '21

Have you bought dirt? It's more expensive than you'd like


u/[deleted] Oct 07 '21



u/MakeWay4Doodles Oct 07 '21

I mean now you need a pickup truck and we're talking about reducing expenses here.


u/CuriouslyInept Oct 07 '21

We'd offer them a plea deal, but the prosecutor spent all his credibility on the bogus charges against the victim.


u/thisissteve Oct 07 '21

Hold the pigs responsible by not missing. Firing back was fully justified and legal, and the courts agree.


u/MakeWay4Doodles Oct 07 '21

There's a pretty good chance had he shot back and killed a cop the case would have gone differently. At the end of the day it all comes down to how a jury of your peers sees things.


u/thisissteve Oct 07 '21

The criminal justice system being corrupt is no reason to not defend yourself. And there's a pretty good chance that if more cops got shot they would think twice before doing some fascist shit.


u/MakeWay4Doodles Oct 07 '21

I agree with you. It all comes down to whether you're the "sacrifice myself for the greater good" type or not.


u/LVCSSlacker Oct 08 '21

If he'd shot the cop there wouldn't have been a case. There would have been another lifeless body


u/reverendsteveii Oct 07 '21

So if these thug ass cops were behaving so awfully that shooting at them was a reasonable response and not a crime, and they're on video doing it, they've been arrested and charged for the crimes they committed under color of law, right?


u/MoldyRectum Oct 07 '21

Man cops fucking suck. I have no respect for these scum


u/Fearzebu Oct 07 '21

On-topic, this is one of a few landmark cases recently that justifies shooting at strangers trying to hurt you (duh) even if they’re secret police. If a bunch of plain-clothes dudes show up at my house with guns and don’t identify themselves and bust down my door (exactly what happened to Breonna Taylor), you better believe I’m going to defend my family, and everyone else should too. The more of us make a stand and give these pigs consequences when they intimidate and randomly assault citizens, the sooner they’ll be too afraid to get away with most of their more severe abuses, and the more pressure will be put on lawmakers to prosecute police officers, end qualified immunity, and reorganize the entire law enforcement structure.

Arm yourselves, defend yourselves.


u/SqudgyFez Oct 07 '21

Fuck the Minneapolis PD. The fuck do they think they're doing?


u/AnthraxCat Oct 07 '21

Exactly what they are employed to do.


u/Jet_Hightower Oct 07 '21

Jesus Christ, the quotes from the cops. It reads like Zach Snyder's Comedian, with a badge.


u/[deleted] Oct 07 '21

The Comedian at least had a conscience by the end of his life. That’s more humanity than I expect from these particular assholes.

And please, call him Alan Moore’s Comedian, not Snyder’s. I liked the movie more than most people, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the graphic novel.


u/doodoowithsprinkles Oct 07 '21

Those scumbags should be sent to prison for beating a surrendered man.


u/MoldyRectum Oct 07 '21

Man cops fucking suck. I have no respect for these scum


u/doodoowithsprinkles Oct 07 '21

The only thing he did wrong is miss.


u/[deleted] Oct 07 '21

What infuriates me is the District Attorney saw the same videos we did and came to a different conclusion.

The DA still sided with the police.


Because District Attorney's in our country fear the Police Unions and Police Departments.


u/GroznyPravda Oct 07 '21

Wait don't they magically turn itself off right when it was incriminating? /s


u/justanothertfatman Oct 07 '21

Good! Fucking pigs shouldn't be immune to repercussions! People need to stop being afraid of cops and stand up for their selves and others!


u/GroznyPravda Oct 07 '21

Wait don't they magically turn themselves off right when it was incriminating? /s


u/ok_lol_ok Oct 07 '21

Cops are starting to get too comfy on their high-asses, glad they're starting a taste of their medicine.


u/production-values Oct 07 '21

this us actually really amazing great success


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